Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Part 2 Back To The Land

a know the more i hear about what they are doin to our food supply the more i dont eat meat..i mean if they are gonna goof something up i wudnt want it to be meat..i eat very little of it now,,i can get my protien from beans and peanut butter if the peanuts dont kill me that is,,,My brother Scott has an acerage,,But he hasnt had chickens in yrs,,But he says he plans to get some if the economy dont get batter..He said he wud get a few hogs too,,Folks in the old days even in town wud raise a hog to butcher in the fall..My other brother is always out hunting like our Dad was,,Last Christmas he gave me deer meat,,i atleast know it is clean meat,,Chrissy used to be a vegetarian,, i made this one soup she really liked,,i basically cooked the different dried beans and added fresh tomatoes and onions and green peppers,,i prolly added tomatoe sauce too,,i think i added taco seasoning too,,no meat at all,,It was very good tho..Another time i made this soup like this and i got some of the soft shell tacos and i cut them up like noodles..You can just use kitchen shears to slice them up..Put them in towards the end when the soup is mostly done,,i think i just cooked them about 15 minutes,,You cud add some salsa to this bean soup too for some extra zip.i used to add some salsa to my vegetable soups too..i remember Emily as a lil girl eating my soup like that,,And Dixie said “Emily will you eat my vegetable soup with salsa in it like Connie made hers?” And Em shook her head yes as she ate,,She was the cutest lil thing with blond hair and big blue eyes,,She was so ornry and her Dad wudnt spank her,,And Dixie waited until Bill went to work to give Emily a spankin,,One time Bill spanked her but he felt so bad about it he apoligized,, Em and i laugh when she tells that story..I want her to write a book about her mom and dad and their little farm..Emily helped her Mother garden and i kmow Em cud have her own garden and it wud be a good one,,i know she has knowlege packed away in her heart that she prolly dont know is there,But i will tell ya one thing if Dixie was alive right now she wud be havin a hay day..She loved gardening ..and this economy wud push her harder to garden and can her food,,She wud till up her whole yard and plant vegetables ..not just her garden area,,She wud go totally back to the land..Like Em says “Thank God for Dad because Mom wudnt have used electricity at all”..Dixie figured if the Amish didnt need it she didnt either,,She hated tv with a passion,,She loved makin do with what she had,,Em got a job when she got out of highschool ..And so while she was in town she wud pick up groceries for the house,,Dixie wud remain on the farm for weeks without leaveing,,She hated to go to the store and loved just being on the farm with her chickens and her dogs and cats and rabbits,,She was content to be a homemaker,,She was so close to the Lord,,To be in her presence was like bein with the Lord,,No matter what sickness you had she cud pray it off of you,,She was healed many times herself,,She had such a heart for our friend Rose,,And so often Rose wud need Dixie and Dixie wud venture off the farm to go see Rose and pray for her,,love connieh

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