Monday, December 18, 2017

Part 2 FAITH

We have to walk by faith and not by sight,,Nothing is more important then our path of faith,,We have to cast down vain imaginations and strongholds and all the lies that exalt themselves above the knowlege of God..Vain imaginations are imaginings that say that we are right and God is wrong,,So we see things going wrong in our lives even tho God has promised to provide for us and to take us thru We have control over our imaginations just as we have control of any of our body,,Our imaginations were given to us to see things in the Spirit and to produce Gods will by our prayers .Also by yielding our flesh to the godly imaginations, ,Satan puts thots in our minds and we begin to give up our dreams and hopes,Satan is the prince of the power of the air,But God is more powerful and the earth is the Lords and the power there of,,Depression is only satans lies of hopelessness, ,And then he gets you to see the lies in your mind,,And that is vain imaginations, ,That is pride and it says “God wont answer your prayers this time” or “Satan is stronger then God”..But greater is He in us then he that is in the world,,{satan} ,,But our prideful minds tell us that WE KNOW God isnt listening to us and our lives are hopeless..Well who are we to set ourselves up above God?..When we think we know more then God then this is rebellion and that is witch craft,,So as we curse God by our imaginations we are creating an atmosphere for satan to walk in,Satan loves the air of sickness and fear ..doubt and condemnation, ,We are masters of our own ships,,If we are in muddy waters of depression.. we can turn our ships around and sail into the sunshine and joy,,We need to take the time in meditation and prayer and seek peace and ensue it,,We need to pick up our Bibles of Truth and read it and study it until victory shines again,,Jen i have noticed such a big difference in your writings..i think you are really being healed,,i think your miracles are right around the corner,,And Kelly and Kim yours too,,dont give up midstream for you will see His glory,,Ladies God is answering our prayers..Dont ruin His plans with your unbelief,,stay [possitive and full of faith,,Your prayers are like sticks banging against satans bee hive,,You are whoppin the devil good and he is tryin to sting ya,,but dont pay no attention to him,,love connieh

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