Sunday, December 17, 2017

Part 3 A Oven Meal

Trisha when you were talkin about doing your baked potatoes to have ready in 4 hrs when you got home,,,i kept thinking of my oven meal i used to make when the kids were home,,i have told this before but i dont think you were on the email then..i wud take a big roaster i had and put a meal in it,,The roaster wud hold a 25 pound turkey,,So at one end i wud cut up a whole cabbage in chunks or wedges,,Then i wud have a pile of potatoes and a pile of carrots and onions,,Anyway i wud heap vegetables in the pan,,Then i wud fry up a pound of hamburgar and put in a can or 2 of tomatoe soup in the meat and pour this over the vegetables,, Then i wud bake this all nite on about 200 degrees,,But like you needed it all done in 4 hrs so this meal wud work for what you needed it for,,Then just before we wud eat this meal i wud take it out of the oven and put it on the stove top,,And i made baking powder biscuits ..i cud make them real fast as i was used to making them without a recipe,,The quicker you can make biscuits the better they turn out,,And a hot oven is the key to a nice riseing,,Do you make bread pudding Tricia,? from leftover bread? i made some last nite to take to the neighbors for supper,,love connieh

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