Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Part 2 Frugal Living

Also back when we had the family all home we had these special light bulbs that turned off in half an hr..They lasted a long time as they were never left on,,We had these esp for the kitchen light,,The kids wud go in the kitchen after i went to bed and they wud accidently leave the kitchen light on all nite,,Now they quit making these light bulbs,,i dont know why,,Does anyone else remember these?i thot they were a wonderful invention,,We got ours at Memards..All of my lights now are low watt,,Also Tricia when i wud make up a big batch of pancake batter in the morninge for breakfast,,And the batter i had left i wud use as a bread starter,,just add warm water and put in the yeast and go from there,,I wud use any lil dab of this or that in my bread,,Like if there was a Tbs or so of jam or peanut butter left in a jar that no one was eating i wud throw it in my bread,,Also when a jar a peanut butter had just the scrappings left in it,,i wud sometimes put hot water in it and add instant milk and Dan wud drink it as peanut butter milk..He loved it,,i think i added honey to it too i cant remember now,,When Johnny was little he liked Honey milk for breakfast,,i wud just run hot water from the tap and put it in a cup with honey in it and instant milk,,Now that wud simmer my children down if they were crabby..Sometimes i fixed it for the children in the afternoon,,That and a cracker made them happy,,And ya know dear Mothers keepin a big family fed in these times takes some real rockin and rollin in the kitchen,,When my kids were all home i started cookin early in the mornings,,If you plan to make all of your bread you have to start it early in the day,,You cant keep up if you start at supper time to make bread,,i didnt go anywhere when my kids were little,,i stayed home,,,i was commited to raiseing my children,,it took alot of commitment because we didnt have money to eat out or to buy junk food,,When i went to the store i wud pray to myself the whole time i was there,,It was serious buisness with me..We went thru like 5 gallons of milk a week..And then i used instant milk for cooking..We didnt eat much meat..We ate some in casseroles and soups,,But i wud use like a pound of hamburgar for the whole family meal,,One meal that was really cheap and good was this,,i wud take a can of tuna and mix it with bread crumbs and eggs,,Sometimes i wud use 2 cans of tuna,,But anyway mix the tuna with the bread crumbs and a few eggs,,like a meat loaf,,Then i wud make patties and put them in an oiled baking dish and bake them in the oven for about a half hr,,Then take a can of cream of chicken soup and dilute it with a half can of water,,And pour this over the tuna patties,,and bake until it bubbles,,Sometimes i added peas or green beans to this dish too..And around here cream of chicken soup used to be cheap and also mushroom soup..and tomatoe,,And yes you cud make a white sauce from scratch,,But i used the crm of chicken soup because we used so little meat i needed a meat flavor..and the soup helped,,i mean on the holidays we wud have meat..But the day to day was not much meat..losts of vegetables,, And Mothers just pray over everthing you fix for the family,,Pray about it at the store and also when you are cooking it and say a blessing over it at the table,,My kids are all healthy ,,well for the most part,,And they arent picky ,,i had made green tomatoe pickles last summer,,And when Dan came to visit he ate all of them in the frig,,Well thats Dan for ya,,love connieh

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