Sunday, December 17, 2017

Part 2 Making Powdered Sugar and Brown Sugar

i was writing about makin powdered sugar in the last writing,,i mean you really need a blender for that,,And also add about a forth cup of flour to that in your blender or corn starch,,And it will grinde up pretty good,,but sometimes not to a powder but close enuf,,Also to make a brown sugar,,when ya run out? Just put reg white sugar in your blender and add a few tbs or more of molasses to it and blend it up,,And this is all brown sugar is anyway,,Also if i had a bunch of oatmeal and no one was eating it in the summertime? I wud blend this up in my blender and made an oat flour out of it to use in muffins or bread,,or whatever,,But to me my blender is the most important tool in my kitchen,,i had a food processor but never used it,,If i wear out one blender i just go to a Garage sale and get another one,,i use a lil hand mixer for cookies and cakes and never have wanted a big all in one mixer,,i am just happy as a lark with my lil hand mixer and my blender,i remember my mom useing an old fashioned egg beater when i was a lil girl,,But ya know Jim and i never had alot of money to spend on the we made our holidays ourselves,,As a young mom i just thot “Well i dont have any money but i can make things”.And as it turns out it was all a blessing,,I made childhood memories that the kids never forgot,,OH it made for plenty of stains on the carpet..The kids spilled frosting and the dog wud run thru it,,Our dog was very selective on what she ate off the floor,She wud never eat an obvious mess that i needed help with,,It was alot of work for me as Mother of 6 children,,But i dont regret it,,i wish i cud do it again,,And i may do it again,,who knows,,love connieh

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