Saturday, February 24, 2018

Part 2 My Journey

The really super cool part is that Barbara has the sight set up for blogs..i mean alot of em Barbara right? i mean if it gets too many then take mine off and to make room for the ladies blogs..Because my writing will go out anyway,,Ladies you have a FREE SOAP BOX to say what ya want to the world,,GET OUT There and say it,,!!!I can see Annie is tryin to get out there on the blog,,Her 3rd atttempt i think she made it,,i can just see her standin there kickin the door down and not tryin the door knob,,But she will get in even if she has to jump thru the window,,And when she does i am gonna hide,,But oh i am itchin to see this sight explode one of these soon days..i mean it is set up to explode,,ConnieJ i hope you will continue to write,,you have alot to say and i think its time to say it,,This lil ministry i have of the older Titus 2 mother has come so slow ,,and with so many interuptions, ,In this past 13 yrs i had 2 house fires,,My husband Jim died of a heart attack, And our grandchild died,,MAry got on drugs,,My mother and Dad died,,And finally i almost died in the past yr,,My health had gone down the road,,it was that i gave up on life,,And the devil told me i had Parkinsons,, But one day i just decided to live again,,My Chiropractor has give me hope,,,And he says i have a pinched nerve,,or a hyperactive nerve? The excercises have helped,its not Parkinsons,, thank the Lord,,But i do think a person can will themselves to die,,They just lay down and dont get back up,,And i had done that,,just waiting to die,,But one day i said "Connie Hultquist you have more to do on this earth,,its not Gods time for you to go"..And i am much better,,Every day i get a little better,,i still have to lay down alot but i am slowly recovering,, Its been grief,,,i thank God for my kids who told me again and again,,"Mom you will outlive all of us..All those home remedies you use..And you never go to a Dr" ..And i am always tellin the nurses and DR,,"I have no pain anywhere",,and i dont,,i am very limber ..But its been my nerves,,But God is healing me..i didnt know i cud actually come back to life like this,,"Hello its me back from the dead"AGAIN ?..So now this summer i am rebuilding,, My house is getting finally a new roof and sideing,,And new front porch,,i have a closed in front porch now..But i am havin it opened up..And i see me and my kids sittin out there in the summertime,, playin rock and roll..All come back kids each thrumbin their noses at everyone who drives by singin "We are the come back kids." And i will put a sign out front "No weapon formed against us will prosper"..i hope we can do shows out there in the summertime.. love connieh

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