Sunday, December 17, 2017

Part 2 Hound Dogs of Heaven

Tho a righteous man or woman fall 7 times she shall not be untterly cast down,,If you have fallen in your faith,,get back up,,None of us who walk by faith do it right,,Part of the walk of faith is condemnation, ,We live with it,,all of us do..Its a plague we never get rid of..But we wiggle out of it,,and we get back up even tho we aint perfect and we will prolly do it again,,whatever it was,,We wish we wudnt but we will fall again in our faith,,and make confessions we wish we hadnt,,The life of faith that wins the battle is a life of a believer who is just not gonna give in ,,They may lean in the evil direction but slowly they return to that place of faith,,What is stronger in them then anything else is LOVE..They care enuf for a family member either husband or children that they wont give up..Folks tell them all the right things and they shake their head yes,,But they wont give up and everyone knows it,,They aint given up..not on your life,,But its love and not faith that keeps them goin and chasein a loved one ,,Some of us are hound dogs of heaven,,God sends us out to tree the sinner,,And we wont let loose once we catch their scent..We will chase them outa Hell if we have to..Folks tell a hound dog to lay her burdens down,,and she says "What burden? ,,i laid it down"And when Mother is alone she prays to God as if the weight of the world was on her heart..She prays in secret in agreement with herself and God that the captive will be set free..And God sees this Mother as one who will not be reckoned with,,And she is the wheel that squeeks the loudest and the neighbor who wont let God sleep as she wants the heavenly bread,,And she is the widow who comes before the judge and wont let go,,She is the Shepard who leaves the 99 sheep and looks for the one lost in the forest,,And she dont let go,,Not because she thinks she is right or blessed or favored..She dont care if she is rich or poor or the head and not the tail,,She is just plain in love with her husband or her children,,And satan can stand there and tell her she is the worst of the worst of Gods children,,And she aint gonna get anything from God anyway,,And still she Stands as she wont sit down,,And yeah she knows to lay down her Issac,,And she will for a while,,but not for long,.She isnt perfect and seems forever cursed of the devil,,But in her is a love that wont let her go,,So no it isnt the perfect Christian that gets their prayers answered,,Its the wife and mother who knows they aint perfect and carrys a sword in their hearts of condemnation, ,But love spurs them on,,They have a love that wont let them go,,love connieh

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