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Times Have Changed

And ya know some people you pray like hound dogs and nothing happens,,Its like howlin at the moon,,nothing works,,And at that point if its been yrs you gotta think ,,”Somethin aint workin here “i think this is when ya gotta suspect demon possession and strong holds of satan,,But dont think it is God holding you in this torment,,It isnt that the loved one is impossible its just and only the devil..He dont wanna let go but he has to..He has no right to lord it over you,,YOU AINT HIS PROPERTY,,NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER..The Word says that your ememies will come at you one way but God will get them back 7 ways,,We as prayer warriors have to learn to rest in God,,We need patience,,We have to deal with problems as they come,,We cant borrow trouble,,and let our vain imaginations dictate to us how life is gonna be for us,,God is the one in charge of our lives,,We must learn to trust in Him..And our children will make mistakes,,some big ones sometimes,,i know i knew some Gays in highschool.. And one of them as a joke called my mother and told her i was Gay,,She believed them and accused me for many yrs of being Gay..Lord have mercy,,talk about a curse over my head..Then a Dr wanted to take my womb out after i gave birth to Mary,,And my poor mother thot it was because i had cancer,,i told her i didnt,,but she wudnt believe me,,i had a blood transfusion in 1985 right after Mary was born,,The blood had never been checked for Aids..My mother thot for yrs i was dying of Aids,.My brother thot i had lock jaw for yrs because i got a nail in my foot and just pulled it out and threw it away,,i never had a tetnus shot ,,i scared my relatives to pieces because i wud never go to a Dr..But my mother accused me of everything you cud think of,,And it was a hard burden to bare for me,,She thot i had all the kids to get more food stamps,,Well i am not going to go thru all of the pain of childbirth for 50 bucks more food stamps a month,,Me and Aunt Toot were never left alone to have a baby,,Someone was always accuseing us of something,,We cudnt afford to even get up in the morning or die,Toot worried all the time as a young mom about her funeral and that she didnt have any life ins,,i had bigger fish to fry and figured i wudnt die as i was too poor..Toot said yesterday about Mary bringin folks in for me to pray for,,”Cant ya see what our moms wud have done if we had done that? “..My mom wud have said “Who are these people and get em outta here”..But well girlfriends times have changed,,love connieh

As Daughters of God

Ya know i have been a believer for 42 yrs now,,And i am not a novice as far as prayer goes,,But lately more then ever i am tellin ya there are demonic forces out there to be reckoned with,,i am not out in the world,,i stay home most of the time and i mind my own buisness,,i try to stay in the Holy Spirit,,and in the Word of God,,And God does keep me in His care,,But i am well aware that i am a sinner as well as anyone,,And as i walk with my Daughter thru her Valleys of the Shadows,,See God is Holy and He needs us to deal in the world with those who have gone astray,,We have the Holy Spirit and we also know the ways of the world My house is a temple for the Lord,,And i pray it broadcasts the Word of God..i am the keeper of this home,,But as sinner on earth i can reach out to my Daughter as i am like her and also like Jesus,,He lives in me,,Jesus had the worst of sinners following Him but He remained the same and He reverenced His Father,,God wants us to go fishin,,Fishin for the biggest sinners of all,,And we know the sinners as we live in the flesh right now,,We arent in Heaven yet,,When we disconnect from this world then we go to Heaven,,But on earth the Lord wants us to tell the Good News to the lost and dying,,As sinners they invite us into their circle and as daughters of a living Lord God we bring Jesus and His miracles with us..WE must walk with our kids who have gone astray.Sometimes their minds are so muttled they cant even remember what we taught them as children,,Ya know Jim was demon oppressed ..prolly possessed,,, Ya know he was in prison for so long,,And there is every kind of demon in there,,People who get broken down will go for about anything,,They dont mean to but they get broken hearted and without God they are open to demons,,And if they are real open then satan comes in with strongholds and possesses the souls of Gods creations,,Alot of times a really spiritual child will who is very open to the Spirit of God will in a time of crisis open themselves to demons,,They understand spiritual things,,i was like this when i was young,,And when i met Jesus at 19 ..i ran into His arms..i knew He was real as i know the devil well and i knew he was real for sure,,But in all of my yrs as a young girl i never knew that Jesus was the Son of God,,i went to church but they didnt tell us about being saved by the blood ,,When i found out that Jesus was my Savior i ran for Him and received Him and i was miraculously saved,,Number one ,,God hasnt made any man or woman in His image that is fuel for Hell,,If they were fuel for Hell then they wud have been created as a demon,,It is not Gods will that any perish in Hell,,But some how we as children of God must introduce those who are bound in darkness to the One who can set them free,,Jesus Christ,,And its thru communication with them,,Thru love and prayers and long suffering,,We are called to win souls for the Lord and sometimes these souls are our own children,,love connieh

Part 3 Personal Revolution

i think its time for many of us to do what we wish we had a long time ago,,Our dreams are to be a keeper at home,,But some think they can always do it next yr..or whenever,,i hear you say “And with the economy the way it is,,heck i am glad to have a job”..Well some women have to work i know,,But the game is not how much money can we accumulate.. the game is are we obeying God in our place that God has called us? It is the TRUTH in God that will bring our country back to civilization, ,YOu cant legislate morality..We each have to live it out and be sparks of light that will get a fire goin,,Each of us after we have been to the feet of Jesus will come out of the place of holiness with a message to share and to bring revival to those around us,,Not by taking authority over our husbands or the men around us,,And not by old religious ideas or ideas that our country has killed along time ago,,But we need a fresh word from the Holy Spirit,,As we live in obediance to God..and we dont give up? God is honor bound to deliver us in ways we cud never understand outside of our trials..He gives us ideas and plans as an answer to our prayers,,As we push on heaven and smack satans plans out of the way with His anointing He is able to lead us into new places ..We dont dream up new plans,,We find them as we seek to do His will and not give we battle for our place of Truth and to live honorably before God..we find the secret place of the most high God…i have peace because i know i am walking in obedience to God…i aint much but i know He will reward those who dilegently seek Him,,In this hell i walk thru i want to be found faithful to God,,As i walk in my furnace of affliction will the world see the Son of God walking with me? Isnt that what it is always all about?To show the world the Savior ? To show them His presence,,The churches in our country have pretty much maxed out..well for the most part,,And in these dark times we mothers can be faithful to shine as the stars in the night..We shine more brightly in the hardest of times.

love connieh

Part 2 A Personal Revolution

Ya know we want our children to have good minds and to be creative..But we expect them in our homes to obey us..Well this is the same as submissive wives are,,We have our own minds and we have alot to offer and to bring to the table as Christians.. We have submissive hearts and we want to please our husbands,,to honor them,,But we can feel free to pray and to to have our own secrets in God,,The Lord made us like that,,And if you start making a god of your husband then the Lord will cause him to fail in order to bring you back to Jesus as Lord of your life,,We have ideas as keepers at home that are important..? We can come up with ideas that no one has ever thot of? We are valuable in our homes..This is our ministry and God will speak to you concerning your homes,,But ya know we are lving in dangerous times,,And many of our leaders are waggin back and forth from pillar to post..Obviously they dont know anymore about what is goin on then we do,,So its time to take a “time out”?And think about what YOU really believe and who are you listening to and are they right?God can tell you,,Ya know i have read articles speaking big companies that will pay some people to stay home and think of ideas,,Ideas to make a company run better..If you are so busy all the time,,And if you make yourself go from one Bible study or prayer meeting after another ..Always avoiding a time to be alone then whats goin to happen to you when trouble comes?Ya know i get a kick out of Medical Drs,,They make you think they will always be there to care for you,,But when you get old ..and they get sick of ya.. you go to the nurseing home whether ya wanna or not,,And in there most people aint gonna feel sorry for ya.And especially if you have no ins or money to pay the piper..Esp in this time of hard times,,But i think we do have to take some personal responsibility for our health..i mean this health care system on our country stinks..i mean dont we know it,..i mean dont look now but ya better be takin care of your own health and living a more close to the earth life while you can,,This summer i have a married couple that will help me with my garden,We will make it twice as big as usual..Now i dont need to do that for my own needs,,But i long to be an example to my children,,i am not worried for myself and the Nation,,Heck i will make it,,as i always have,,But i want o leave a memory of gutsy-ness that my children will remember,,Last nite Mary called and ask me to pray for her friend,,She put me on the speaker phone,,”Mom pray in tongues for this lady” i did ..and i heard the lady tell Mary,,”Shes for Real”..Man that means alot to me,,If i can live my life to be an inspiration of courage and character ..then i will have won no matter what,,How many people do we know of who have lived honest lives and didnt give up on their principals when the goin got tuff? i hope i will not give up ..i hope i will always pray and live a personal relationship with Christ,,Time will tell hu? To thine own self be true..Who are we and where are we going in Christ ? Not where are we going as a Nation but where are we going as wife and mother and keeper at home,,???

Part 1 A Personal Revolution

Ya know De and Cindy i wud love to write more Rubys,,So please pray for me to do that.But our Mary being where our Mary is ,,is like tryin to swallow an apple whole and then go on and write somethiing peaceful,,Its a bit impossible to have a Mothers heart and forget her baby..But i too long to go to Rubys house and see what she is doin,,Laura Ingalls was my age when she wrote her series of books,,The school children wrote her letters asking her to write more of the Little House on the Praire writings,,Laura was a Revolutionalist ..i love a quote that is on Wendys blog that i think Carrie put on there,,Laura wrote it,,the run down of it was that we have to have a revolution in our own hearts first,,That we presonally need our own Revolution.. Isnt that timely for now?Laura had such wisdom and her writings speak to every generation.. But i think especially when the natiion is in real trouble as we are in now,,A revolution in our own hearts has to come when we get down to the reality of our lives,,Its easy to blame our country and feel like a victim..But not so long ago folks took responsibility for their own food supplys and their own children,,The government has invaded our lives and it seems we have no privacy,,But the government was never geared to do that..and now it looks like our Nation is collapsing,, or it has been for a long time,,So how do we get down to where the rubber hits the road? We have to be a thinking people? We have to take time out to think of what we need personally to do to make it,,not the government.. We have to think about our lives and God and what we want to do,,Ya know some folks flip from pillar to post,,To one persons ideas to anothers,,Yes we need to submit to our husbands,,i still submit to my marriage and what wud honor Jim as i have no other husband to honor,,Jim is alive in heaven,,But he is not the same husband i had on earth,,But i stay in honor to him..i honor my children as they are Jims seeds,i live as i know he wud want and in a way that wud revernce Jim..I know i will remarry some day,,And i know Jim wud approve if i find a good man to marry,,If i marry some loser then that will bring shame to Jim and to his and my children,,i want to live an honorable life to respect my first marriage to Jim..i was faithful to Jim and i rest in that,,And i will always be faithful to him,,But what i am saying is this,,Yes we wives do submit to our coverings,,But we are keepers at home and this is our ministry,,not our husbands,,We as mothers and wives know things in our hearts about being keepers at home that our husbands dont know,,Husbands arent geared this way,,So if you are waiting for your husband to tell you to learn to garden and can your food ? then you may have a long wait,,But is God telling you this as Keeper at Home? Listen to God alone ..Learn to hear His voice ..Unhook from the world and spend time in quietness and stillness,,What is God telling you to do personally? Love connieh

Part 1 Gentle Spirit Magazine

This morning the Lord led me {i think it was Him}to look up the deal on the Gentle Spirit Magazine,,Ya know Wendy we talked about this before,,Do you still get that magazine? You know i didnt know Cheryle was that popular,,What i read was really an eye opener for me,,Well to some extent..For one thing it shows me how much trouble someone like her cud get into,,What i am happy about is that everyone has to know that i wish i was holier then Thou but with my kids all over the internet no one wud mistake me for being an example..And certainly no one like Dr Dobson wud have to throw me off of his list of people he wud endorse,,as i never wud get on his list to start with,,So i am pretty safe,,What you see is what you get on this grp..i aint proud of that,,i wish i had 11 children like Cheryle did,,She is hilarious,,! ! She raises 11 seemingly perfect children and instead of her kids going nuts,,its her !! How did that happen? Nothing makes sense anymore,,i wud give my right arm to have 11 children who were Christians ..And i wudnt care what my husband did short of being an ax murderer,,But what comes up to me in what i read about her is this,,Those who the Lord uses can get into ALOT OF TROUBLE..But atleast alot of people know that about me and i am pretty open about it,,Aunt Toot wud tell on me if i wasnt,,Toot dont read her replys only the original messages on the email,,So i tell secrets on replys,,Wendy i wish you wud comment on all of this as you have followed Cheryle thru the years,,Like how do you think she fell? what led up to it,? She is prolly back on the straight and narrow now ,,i mean from what i have read she is,,And like Toot says “You cant unscramble eggs..Does she have children now between her and her new husband? Well she fell and got back up and is trying evidently to make the best of it,,i dont condemn her,,i am just interested as it is all an eye opener for ME ..alot of people think i shud get out more,,And when i do get out there,,man alive,,its a wonder i am still ok,,i think we all have different callings,,As a writer i have that inner voice,,And without it i am almost lost when it comes to writing,,i cant get too busy with people..Too much noise and distractions take me off on a rabbit trail that goes to No Place,,i mean i think it depends on your gifts..Some women need to be out and about more then others,,and thank God for them.But for me i need the solitude,But Wendy i wud just love for you to write and give some insight that you have seen concerning women who write as Titus 2 mothers,,i see so many of them fall,,i wont name names ..But like scissors that get lost and you never find them,,{i have bot i am sure 100 or more pairs of scissors} in my life,,i have NEVER thrown any away,,so where are they?And what happens to Titus 2 mothers when they get old? Love connieh

Part 3 You Can Make It

i mean no matter what happened to us girls we just kept on goin,,i mean i cud be on fire and Jill and Dixie wud say “Oh yul be alright,,”i mean i dont wanna tell it all,,ya know,,i mean i tell about myself,,but i will let jill tell her own story ,,And Em can tell about her mom,,Hopefully now that Em has a computer set up she can write on it more to the group..And Jill is sposed to get hers hooked up too,,And she will get back on the grp i hope..But you name it ,,it happened to us,Both Jill and Dixie had a wonderful anointing ..i was sorta off on my own alot as Jim had gotten healed and i had a new life with him..Plus i had 3 more children in 5 yrs..So i had gotten pretty preocupied,, But i became the writer,,Again and again i have that vision in my mind of being on Dixies farm and laying on the ground,,And i see my mouth on the ground swallowing the spirit of God that was out there,,There was something about that land,,it was holy ground,,And i cud see myself on the ground swallowing the Word of God out of that land,,And i see it go into my body and into my soul and then i speak it out in my writings,,Where sin abounded in our lives Grace much more abounded,,We needed what that land taught us,,We needed it to survive with our families,,We lived by the Spirit of God ,,He hovered over us as we were obedient to Him…But i compare that to this time in our lives,,With an economy that is failing,,You too can go back to the land,,God will give you the knowlege and the wisdom and understanding to make it in these days,,Dont get a running spirit,,Be quiet in the Lord and ask Him what to do ..i have prayed in the Spirit and in tongues alot today and its made a big difference,, i think the spirit of panic is out there,,But ya know we dont have to be doing something all the time,,We can take days off to pray..i mean if you can,,Often we need to just sit and hold the baby Annie and be as still and quiet as you can be,,We cant be creative or get anything done if we are running in circles,,But we need to just be quiet and put the Lord first..Dixie wud pray for hrs at her kitchen table..And Jill is like that too,,Shut the world out and what others think of you..God really can meet your needs ,,He may not give you exactly what you thot you needed but He will give you what you need,,We girls proved that many times in our lives,,i am only here because Jesus was always there to meet my needs,,love connieh

Part 2 Back To The Land

a know the more i hear about what they are doin to our food supply the more i dont eat meat..i mean if they are gonna goof something up i wudnt want it to be meat..i eat very little of it now,,i can get my protien from beans and peanut butter if the peanuts dont kill me that is,,,My brother Scott has an acerage,,But he hasnt had chickens in yrs,,But he says he plans to get some if the economy dont get batter..He said he wud get a few hogs too,,Folks in the old days even in town wud raise a hog to butcher in the fall..My other brother is always out hunting like our Dad was,,Last Christmas he gave me deer meat,,i atleast know it is clean meat,,Chrissy used to be a vegetarian,, i made this one soup she really liked,,i basically cooked the different dried beans and added fresh tomatoes and onions and green peppers,,i prolly added tomatoe sauce too,,i think i added taco seasoning too,,no meat at all,,It was very good tho..Another time i made this soup like this and i got some of the soft shell tacos and i cut them up like noodles..You can just use kitchen shears to slice them up..Put them in towards the end when the soup is mostly done,,i think i just cooked them about 15 minutes,,You cud add some salsa to this bean soup too for some extra zip.i used to add some salsa to my vegetable soups too..i remember Emily as a lil girl eating my soup like that,,And Dixie said “Emily will you eat my vegetable soup with salsa in it like Connie made hers?” And Em shook her head yes as she ate,,She was the cutest lil thing with blond hair and big blue eyes,,She was so ornry and her Dad wudnt spank her,,And Dixie waited until Bill went to work to give Emily a spankin,,One time Bill spanked her but he felt so bad about it he apoligized,, Em and i laugh when she tells that story..I want her to write a book about her mom and dad and their little farm..Emily helped her Mother garden and i kmow Em cud have her own garden and it wud be a good one,,i know she has knowlege packed away in her heart that she prolly dont know is there,But i will tell ya one thing if Dixie was alive right now she wud be havin a hay day..She loved gardening ..and this economy wud push her harder to garden and can her food,,She wud till up her whole yard and plant vegetables ..not just her garden area,,She wud go totally back to the land..Like Em says “Thank God for Dad because Mom wudnt have used electricity at all”..Dixie figured if the Amish didnt need it she didnt either,,She hated tv with a passion,,She loved makin do with what she had,,Em got a job when she got out of highschool ..And so while she was in town she wud pick up groceries for the house,,Dixie wud remain on the farm for weeks without leaveing,,She hated to go to the store and loved just being on the farm with her chickens and her dogs and cats and rabbits,,She was content to be a homemaker,,She was so close to the Lord,,To be in her presence was like bein with the Lord,,No matter what sickness you had she cud pray it off of you,,She was healed many times herself,,She had such a heart for our friend Rose,,And so often Rose wud need Dixie and Dixie wud venture off the farm to go see Rose and pray for her,,love connieh

Part 1 Carla Emery

Dear Mothers well tomarrow morning i will be gone early with Emily ,,Dixies daughter..So i wont be able to write,,i dont think..unless i get up earlier then usual..Today i felt so happy,,i dunno,,i prayed alot and listened to the Lord,,i thot alot about Dixie and about Carla Emerys book,,The Encyclopedia of Country Living..This book helped me so much in the 70s,,it gave me courage,,Carla writes about living off the land,,And selling produce at the Farmers Market..Dixie ..Jill and i all read Carlas book and kept it out on our kitchen counters or in our kitchens some place,,i was believein the Lord for Jim ..he was in prison at the time,,i was hopein he had really gotten saved this time and that we wud both settle in for a good long time ,,And we did and he never left again,,Thank the Lord,,But wow i had to count the cost ya know,,It was 1979 And once again i had put all my eggs in one basket and was gamblin on our lives AGAIN ..And also i was wondering how we wud feed our family,,Well Carlas book gave me hope,,i figured i had some land and i cud garden too and i cud go back to the land and grow what i needed ,,i cud make my own bread and grow my own herbs for medicine and cooking,,i remember one spring Jill and her daughter stopped in for an evening visit,,I think Shelly was about 16 yrs old,And Jill said “We just bot a bunch of 10 cent seeds and we will make a garden with them,,I am spending as much as i can on seeds”..We were all dirt poor,,We barely had the money to pay for our house and utilities and barely enuf for food,,Jill prayed over her gardens and those 10 cent seeds wud grow like wild fire,,She babied every plant,,If a weed got in her garden it was sorry for it..She had the neatest gsrdens you cud imagine,,Her vegetables looked like they were fresh from the store,,And she canned all summer and fall,,Dixie did too,,i canned too but i was like Annie Pregnant alot of the time and i had more kids anyway then Jill and Dixie,,But ya know my family is raised now,,But its like the spiritual climate is the same..i feel that need to get back to the land ,,like i did back then..And my main point here is this,,”We can make it” If some of you arent familiar with Carla Emery ..maybe you cud Google her name and see her books..She died in i think 2005..But i think you cud get her books off ebay,,,But those books have everything in there about canning food from the garden and drying foods.Also about growing herbs and preserving them ..How to use them for medicines and in cooking..Wendys blog has some neat films on gardening,,i loved them,,But we need to become more self sufficient.. and grow our own foods if we can,,Carlas book wud really help to encourage you ..Tricia do you have this book?..Wendy you probably do right? love connieh

Great Awakening

Dear Mothers wow i watched Billye Brim again this morning teaching about the Great Awakening in our countries history..i got out my book The Light and the Glory and i am rereading it,,i mean what will save our country?,,only prayer ..only Jesus will save us,,Not the Republicans or the Democrats,,If anyone starts argueing with me over politics i tell them this,,”If ever an Independent was elected as president there wud be Hell to pay on both sides,,”Because those old birds are payin each other off.. Money is runnin that whole shootin match,,We better hope we know how to pray at this midnight hour,,We need revival to get the Lord in on our mess,,i try to watch the News ..And i really dont know the truth,,i mean we just know what the newsman knows,,And is that the TRUTH ..or is it a boatload of SMACK??iWe need to pray and believe God for a GREAT AWAKENING in our land and really around the world..And yet i hear many of you who are on fire with the trials about you and you cant think outside of that..i hear ya,,When i was going thru my many trials in the 70s i didnt hardly know anything about the Vietnam War..But for those who can pray for revival in our country ,,Please do pray..i am going to be praying at noon each day…My friend Barb and her husband will be helping me with our garden again this yr..Dan wants to plow it up and make it twice as big as last yrs..i hope that many of us will have big gardens and be able to can some produce,,But if you cant have a garden then i wud suggest stock pileing some canned goods..i know Jason ,,Chrissys husband will be planting his tomatoe and pepper plants in 5 gallon buckets and setting them on the fire escape by their apt in NYC..And he was talkin last yr about a book that was called something like Radical Gardening,,? i will have to call him and ask what it was,, i wud like to get that book,,One of these days Jason will whisk JOy off to some farm land out WEST..He says he wants to raise horses,,i see them raiseing horse.. chickens..cows too.,,Yrs ago i had a vision of Joy standing by a wood cook stove,,Shes smart,,she cud survive anything..Chrissy said the other day when we were talking that Jason has plants everywhere in their apt.Jason is a wonderful husband for Sissy..And she is a good wife,,They have a special love for each other,,Mary and Brad called yesterday and left a message on my phone while i was at the Bone Crusher,,i was happy i didnt scare the life out of Brad,,i wondered if i wud ever hear from him again,,Well i guess the poor guy is a glutten for punishment,, Either that or he really loves Mary and knows he has to get along with her scarey mother,,i connieh

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