Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Picture of Ruby

Connie's Drawing of Ruby

Click image for larger view.

In the Ruby sketches, I made Ruby’s hair whacked off and straight as a board. Well, ya know, the photos of the women in theĀ  Depression era had those blunt short hair cuts, just whacked off? Looks like they used pruning shears. Well, Ruby being a rebel, in my sketches, has her hair like that with it down in her face. But Ruby was always daring, even before she come to the Lord. So I sketched Ruby with an edge. Thought you might like that, Annie.

Aunt Toot asked me when I could put the pics on the computer. But I guess and hope Sis will do this maybe after the art show or before. I dunno. The art show will be, I think, the first part of February. Sis is making the dress for Ruby out of feed sacks from Ebay to be “historically correct.” But by the time Sis is done with the dress, it will be “hysterically correct.” I think she is going to embroider cats on the dress because my story speaks of Ruby having five cats. Christian Joy is wildly creative, so God only knows what she will come up with. I am just shutting my eyes and hangin’ on for dear life. I hope she will take a lot of pictures.

But the Bible says in Proverbs 1:20 “Wisdom crieth without; she utters her voice in the streets.” It was hard to put Ruby in a big yellow envelope and send her to the streets of NYC but I trust she will like it there.

Also in the pic of Ruby in her kitchen, I have a sour dough pot on a shelf above Ruby’s head. I didn’t make Ruby’s still.

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