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Connie on Video!

If you landed on a summary page, be sure to go to the full story page to see both videos. For the back story, read Connie’s account The Video.

Take One of the Titus 2 Mother


2nd Try Of Words From Connie


The Video

Dear Mothers,

Well, last night I got up in the night and wrote about how that recording with Aunt Toot went. I couldn’t sleep so decided to write at 1:00 in the morning. Then when I went to push send, I accidentally hit another button and lost the writing.

Well, I could summarize the taping by saying, "Have you ever seen the I Love Lucy show?" Anyway, when Ethel put the camera up to me to say something, I was like a deer in the headlights of a Mack Truck. I don’t think I was made to be in pictures. Well, maybe a horror movie. I think maybe I will have to do all my damage through writing. I wanted to say something but nothing came out.

The first two tapings were so funny that Toot had to run to the bathroom. Just before the taping, I lit a match for a candle then put the match out in my coffee. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We were totally crazy. Then we made ourselves quit laughing and then I got so serious, I looked like I would cry. It was such a mess. But Toot persevered to the end. She couldn’t get it all on the internet so what parts she kept God only knows.

We were trying so hard to get something decent taped but it was all but impossible. I felt so bad about it. I want to get a good strong video but I don’t know if I ever will. I think if I had a room full of close friends around me who could do the main talking, I think I would do OK. Because I am always pretty quiet when a friend comes to the house. It takes me a long time to say anything more then just visiting. And sometimes I don’t say hardly anything spiritual. It takes a lot to draw me out.

I think what Toot is looking for is to catch me "live" when I really get going and say spiritual things. It’s then that I get comical and spiritual at the same time. I unconsciously wait for an anointing to come before I say anything. I wait for that Holy Spirit wind to catch me up. Because I think in my heart right now I am unfortunately very grieved. And the natural thing that comes out of me is a silent grief. But when the Holy Spirit comes on me, then the Lord gives me a supernatural joyful spirit. I can laugh in my grief but it’s not a laughter that produces anything spiritual. But soon enough, if the Holy Ghost comes on me, then I get spiritual and the comedy is there but it isn’t the whole thing. Writing is perfect for me and goes with my personality. But anything live would be hard to catch me in. Toot is a friend I am pretty open with. She draws me out more than a lot of my friends do. So we thought this would work.

Well, Toot got some of it taped and put it on GodTube. Go see the results: Take One of the Titus 2 Mother and 2nd Try Of Words From Connie.


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