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Happy Housewifery

Here is one of Connie’s original Happy Housewifery newsletters. This issue is July/Aug. 1998.

A sampling of the contents:

“To Fathers” by Jim

Connie writes about her roses in “My Dear Seven Sisters” and shares how to make “Rose Vinegar Hair Rinse.”

Mrs. Julia Anderson writes in “Make It Your Mission” about her career as Mother to seven children.

Jamie Lynn Knorn describes God’s perfect plan for families in “Family Order.”

Mrs. Daniel Du Bois, in “Holiness in the Home”, offers advice on the sacrament of marriage.

Ruth Robinson writes about living in submission to her husband in “Submission? Privilege, or Duty.”

“Holy Housewifery” explains the scriptures regarding the husband who does not obey the word of God.

Mary Hultquist, who was 13 when this issue of Happy Housewifery was written, writes about her dog Fuzzy, July 4th, and caring for baby rabbits.

Click here to download a copy of the original Happy Housewifery.


Our newsletters are available for download in PDF format. Please feel free to print off copies and share them with your friends.

Members of Virtuous Sisters, Connie’s discussion group, collaborated on the publication of these newsletters. Each issue contains favorite writings by Connie, as well as recipes and a compilation of different writings from the members of Virtuous Sisters.

Connie on the Internet

Connie’s writings were first published in her hand created newsletter Happy Housewifery. The July/August 1998 issue of her newsletter was scanned into electronic format by Jen and is available for download as a PDF document.

Shortly after the world entered the 21st century, Connie’s writings reached the internet and became available by subscription to the Hidden Wisdom Yahoo group. Two resources for reading a sampling of articles she has written to this group are the Connie’s Writings section of this site and the book Housewifery Journal – Wisdom from a Modern day Pioneer Homemaker.

Sisters of Wisdom newsletters (available for download on our site) contain favorite writings by Connie, as well as recipes and a collection of different writings from the ladies of Virtuous Sisters, a Yahoo group for discussion of Connie’s writings. Membership to Virtuous Sisters is by invitation only. However, you can get to know several of the members by reading their blogs.

Housewifery Journal

Housewifery Journal – Wisdom from a Modern day Pioneer Homemaker

by Mrs. Connie Hultquist

"Readers will smile, laugh and weep as they drink in the words of wisdom contained in these pages. The book is truly a rare gem, destined to transform and encourage the hearts of fellow keepers of the home. Connie is a mother of six, grandmother of three and wife of 39 years." – Publisher’s review


This book is a sampler collection of Connie’s daily writings. It contains 77 entries on topics such as:

  • Feminism
  • Spiritual homemaking
  • Marriage
  • Nostalgic memories
  • Thrift
  • Depression-era living
  • Overcoming trouble at home
  • Children
  • Motherhood
  • Aprons
  • Cooking
  • Faith
  • Biblical wisdom

Also included are Connie’s writings about the tragic experience of losing her grandbaby.

Softcover, perfect bound, 105 pages, $12.00

Order your copy today.

Welcome to Happy Housewifery!

Do you desire and pursue to have a Godly home, but have no idea how to get there? Do you feel as if your marriage is hopeless? Maybe you have no hope left, but are looking for it. Connie Hultquist can shine a light on the most difficult path by her life experience of living from miracle to miracle through Jesus. She has stepped out in faith before us and blazed a path to follow. Connie’s testimony, Bring Him Home, was first published in Above Rubies, an international magazine that reaches over 100 countries.

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