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Her Husband’s Heart

Dear Mothers,

The Bible says in Prov. 31:11 The heart of her husband trusts in her and he has no need spoil. In other words, she satisfies her husband and he has no need of outside vices. She is his Hidden Garden, his secret garden and refuge. He comes to her with heart in hands and vulnerable. As he knows his heart is safe, even though open, his precious wife has shown him many times that she is to be trusted and will not throw salt on his wounded heart. But she will salve it with her tears and her compassion. She trusts in God and knows that her husband is to be mete for the Master’s use. She doesn’t cry out to her husband but cries out to God in her prayer chambers. For she is the helpmate to her husband.

The Hidden wife is to water her husband with her prayers and her praise always. Husband is not her counselor but God is. Ruby is a secret herb of healing and a garden to nourish her beloved. Ruby is a rare flower protected in her husband’s house. He is her gardener, her husbandman. Ruby is to be trusted and her Gardener gives her back to her Father God. As husband’s heart trusts in Ruby, he lets her go to the Lord Jesus. And husband glorifies God because of Ruby.

Husband knows he has a rare and precious jewel. Ruby touches her husband’s soul, his spirit and heart. She touches something in him that no one else ever touched before. Ruby wins her husband’s heart through much tribulation. Husband tests her. “Do you really love me?” he wants to know. “Can I give you my heart? Can I give Jesus my heart?” Now not every man is like this, no. But to some lesser and more degree, they are.

She Births the Home

The husband is the foundation of the home, saved or not. The wife is spiritual and she births the spirit to the home and family. The father builds the home in the physical and the wife is the spiritual one who prays and births the Lord into the home usually. She is a creator and creates in the flesh many children and also she births in the Spirit. She is a fruitful garden and nourisher of life in the home.

The women in the Bible who had supernatural births also birthed in the Spirit. Sarah was barren but supernaturally gave birth in her old age and became our Mother of Faith. We are her daughters as long as we are not afraid with any amazement.

Sarah became Mother of many nations. She could have given up when Father of Nations sold her to the foreign king to mess up the lineage of Christ. But Sarah chose her Abe who had a tent and wasn’t sure where he was going. Not to mention he was a chicken and lied on her just because she was gorgeous. She could have lived happily in the palace with plenty to eat and a real bed to sleep on. But she went with Abe and became our example of the meek and quiet spirit. She had a way out but didn’t take it as she loved God more then she loved her marriage. No, she wasn’t perfect but she allowed God to perfect her. God chose her and Abe’s heart trusted in her. Did he trust her before he lied on her and sold her twice? Was he testing her and was God testing her to see what she would do? Getting sold into adultery was certainly pressing the edge. But Sarah landed on her feet as she trusted in God and not in her husband’s sins.


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