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Country Kitchens

Dear Kitchen Saints,

I lost my best writing yesterday and so I am sending this to Annie to SEND to you. One of my points of yesterday’s lost writing was that the teaching of the Titus Mother in Chapter 2 is chapter 2 verse one. BUT YOU MUST TEACH WHAT AGREES WITH SOUND DOCTRINE.

The teachings of Keeper at Home is the teachings of sound doctrine. And if the older women don’t teach homemaking to the younger mothers it is a blasphemy against Christ. Well, we see this blasphemy in the Christian church of today. The divorce and child abuse that goes on in the church causes the unbelievers to hate God. We are to glorify God with strong Christian families. The world has no answer when it comes to keeping the family going. We are to teach them as believers by our lives.

This morning I was reading an old COUNTRY LIVING magazine from 1982. Those magazines were so anointed when they first came out. I would read them along with my Bible. Well, they aren’t anointed now. But I was prayin’ about the pictures as I looked at them. The old Country homes had jars of flour and sugar out on the counters and on the tables. Jars of spices like cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans, and nutmeg, whole cloves and peppercorns, and many more jars of dried herbs. A pot of homemade soup always on the stove and homemade bread on the table. Always dried herbs and flowers hanging from the ceiling with baskets galore. Baskets of potatoes and apples on the floor under the work table. Usually there was a cat sitting somewhere on a cute pillow in a basket by the kitchen window.

Compare that with today’s style of kitchens we see in modern magazines. The kitchen counters are cleared. The whole house is so clean it looks like no one lives there ’cause no one does. Sure, a house is gonna stay clean if you don’t do anything but sit around the house all day.

In the old days, ‘long towards evening at my house, Dixie and Emily would stop to visit after their chores at home. Well, I had 6 children and my work was never done. Boy, when they would stop here, I would be so embarrassed that my house was in shambles. Not because I was lazy but because I was busy. Every day I made some kind of homemade bread. Either a yeast bread or biscuits or cornbread. I had to cook from scratch. We homeschooled and I worked from morning til night. That was how it was. But still, you want to have things spotless, huh? But Dixie would say, “Well, of course your house is a mess — you have 6 kids. You can’t just make them sit on the couch in a row and not do anything.”

Well, my kids were wildly creative and my house was theirs to prove it. We did crafts and played the piano. The 3 youngest children had harmonicas of their own and played them all the time. But in this age of barrenness and wickedness, a messy kitchen is not popular. But it is common sense. Think of a man’s workshop out in his garage. He has projects out and it’s messy or he ain’t doin’ anything out there. His pants have paint on them and a bit on his face. Jim was always ruining his jeans with paint. But we Country Mothers of the Kitchen must be set free to cook and bake and simmer big pots of soup until our little hearts burst with JOY.

DAUGHTERS OF A NEW REVOLUTION. SISTERS OF LIBERTY. Let’s throw off our shoes and wear aprons over long skirts and declare unashamedly that we are proud to be Mothers of the hearth. Fire tenders who are at home busy and proud of it.

Homemade soup isn’t hard to make. Just get out a pan and go for it. I have even made soup in a big turkey roaster. But what I love most to make my soup in is my big cast iron dutch oven with a bail handle. That’s just a cast iron pot with a thick wire handle.

Well, Baby Olivia Rose needs me so I won’t write out any soup brews this morning, I guess. But if any of you have any homemade soup recipes, please send them in.


Being Domesticated

Dear Mothers at Home,

The Bible tells the older Christian woman to teach the younger women to be domesticated. Domestication is the womanly art of homekeeping. It is the inner voice of wisdom and instinct. The believer and unbeliever have this instinct. But the world beats it out of the unbelieving wife through feminism. Domestication is so easy to have that you need help from feminism to misunderstand it. It is that inner calling to go back to the land and make a place for the family. It is the calling to sew and cook and bake and have babies.

The Lord leads the birds through domestication to fly south for the winter. He speaks to the bears to hibernate and the bees to make a hive. He speaks to the ants to store food for the winter. It is that inner instinct to do what comes natural. The Bible speaks in Romans 1 about the natural knowledge of God through seeing creation. And when a person won’t receive the natural, then God gives them over to the unnatural. In other words when a woman refuses the natural place as keepers at home, she will go to the sinful place of feminism. And this is such a basic truth that Mother’s place is in the home. And when you need the discerning of spirits, you can always fall back on this basic truth.

Prov 14:1 Every wise woman builds her home and the foolish tear it down with her hands. Notice the word EVERY. That doesn’t mean that some women don’t have to go by this scripture because they are educated and the rest of us are dummies and stay home because we are stupid. But as a wife and mother who loves God this is how she grows in the reality of Christ. As she grows in God she becomes more and more domesticated. Just as a bird who stays behind for the winter isn’t more spiritual or smarter then the other birds who fly south. The foolish grasshoppers played all summer as the ants worked. The same as the feminists are playing now, while we keepers at home work and pray.

We all know that to save a nation we need good mothers.

And before I go on, “Thanks, Phillipa, for encouraging me on the phone yesterday about this computer.” Anyway, back to domestication.

To be at peace in the home is a sign of spiritual growth in Christ. To act quickly when the Lord calls you to do something out of obedience as keeper at home is a spiritual victory. To be at peace with your husband. To submit to him as your priest and lord on earth is a spiritual victory.

Feminism chases one god after the other. One idol after the next. She refuses to be domesticated and submit to her husband. So she runs out of the home and submits to all kinds of idols. She is submissive and a helper by nature. So she submits willingly to every kind of boss who is a man usually. He pays her, that’s why and her husband only gives her grocery money. These women are like prostitutes who will work for another man for money and leave their place of service to God for this world’s goods.

Now I realize some women are ignorant and not taught this stuff. They are growing in Christ and as they grow in love and dedication to Christ, they will see this. But some women see this and know better. They have walked in the meat of the Word but have decided to do their own thing. So they quit and then they use the excuse that can only come from the milk of the Word. But they can fool a few schnooks and that is what they want is the applause of man. But to our own selves we must tell the truth. Each of us must stand before God and His Word. And, of course, there is no example of feminism in the Word of God except Jezebel.

Discerning of Spirits

OK, the basic teaching of the Bible is that Adam sinned, and we are all sinners and we need a Savior and Jesus Christ is it. But the way we walk out our new life in Christ is the order of the home. The mother and father are to care for the children. We are to disciple them as parents and teach them how to be saved and after that the order of the home. For those who don’t want to marry, they should somehow help the failing Christian families about them.

We need to lead folks to Christ and then show them how to live a life that will glorify Christ. No one as a believer has that right to do their own thing. You are blood bought and saved for a reason. As you receive Christ, you have received His anointing. If you don’t use the anointing, He will take it off of you.

We as Christian wives and mothers are to multiply and replenish the earth with godly boys and girls. This command in the Bible is not to the unbelievers but to the believers. I have heard crackpots on TV speak this verse as it is only meaning spiritual fruitfulness. But they ain’t foolin’ anyone. We all know this means to have children for the Lord. And as long as they try to hoodwink us, they will continue to say offhanded to all of us that abortion is fine and birth control for the believer is fine. You can’t do more for God by not having any more children. This is all a lie of Satan as he is afraid of the godly seed.


Good Morning

Dear Mothers,

Well, it is snowing like crazy here in Iowa. Wanted to share also a recipe idea.

I am trying to fast for the radio show and have given up eating meat for a time. Last evening I fried up a big pan of vegetables in my cast iron skillet. It was onions and green peppers and a package of frozen vegetables. This consisted of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. Anyway, after they were done, I put in some leftover spaghetti with sauce on it. No meat, of course. Christine, John’s wife, has fixed this before and it is very good. I would call it a vegetable spaghetti. Of course, now Wild Man had to have meat. So this isn’t a meal you would fix a man usually. But I do try to just stay with the fruits and veggies for now.

I am tryin’ to stay away from worldly foods. I think we have missed something when we have read the story of Daniel and his fast. Daniel didn’t eat the king’s food. Or the food of the world. He ate the simple foods that he was used to eating coming from a godly Jewish household. Daniel didn’t bow to idols. Not in his physical body or in his spirit.

I get teased a lot about not being worldly. But there is power in hiding away unto God. When you do go out in the world, you can discern spirits easier. Women are more easily deceived, I think. It’s because they aren’t made for the world and are geared to be sheltered. They are so anxious to please people. This is why they do so well in the work force as they please people so well and have servant spirits. They are called by God to be helpers of men. Of course, the world takes advantage of them. They knock the queen off her throne and get her to give her gifts to the world. She gives her strength to other women and her ways to destroy kings. In her pride, she refuses to care for the baby. She wants to please the world and not God. And the world causes her to cast her princess and her prince to the world to be taught and raised by unbelievers.

Mother is called to be keeper at home. But she cannot cast the idol of pride down. She has been too long in the world and the world becomes her authority. But the wages of sin is death. Death to the family and God’s will.


Baked Apples and Potatoes

Dear Mothers,

It is still pretty cold here in Iowa. It is warming up, though, today and it is about 5 above. PTL.

When the children were all home and I was tryin’ to warm up the house on cold days, I would use the oven a lot. I would load the oven with potatoes to bake and also I would bake apples at the same time. Just take your apples and core them out with a knife. So they are still together with a hole through the middle or through the core. Set the apples in a buttered pan and put butter in the hole and brown sugar and cinnamon. The potatoes and apples will be done about the same time, I suppose. Put the oven temp at about 350 for about an hour? Just check them with a fork to see if they are soft, then they are done.

We also made fried apples. Just take out your fryin’ pan and put some butter and oil in it and brown sugar, then just fry the apples. I would use about a half stick of butter or margarine and about a cup of brown sugar. Might need to add a bit of water. That way you have plenty of syrup as we used the syrup for pancakes. I would make pancakes and then set the fried apples on the top and some syrup for each family member.


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