Saturday, February 24, 2018

His Kingdom

Dear Mothers,

Through prayer last night, the Lord gave me such a teaching. I was too tired to write it down last night. And now Baby will be here in about an hour. I hate to start on this but will anyway. I just don’t have enough time.

But the Lord was speaking to me about the folks in the Bible who wouldn’t do what others wanted them to do concerning prayer. How some with leprosy would hear that Jesus was passing by, and would run out of the leper colony to see Jesus. It was against the law for a leper to be out in the marketplace. And the woman with the issue of blood pressed into the crowd to touch the hem of Christ’s garment. She, too, was going against the law as she wasn’t supposed to be out in the marketplace, either. And I think of the woman who asked if she could just eat the crumbs under Christ’s table. So many had to press in and beg for help. They pressed out of this world and into heaven to reach Jesus. Then the Mothers brought their children to have Jesus bless them. And the disciples said “Don’t bother the Master.” But the Mothers pressed in and waited for Jesus to bless them. And Jesus saw them and told His men to let the children come to Him. And in the pressing in comes the answer to our prayers. Folks about us tell us, in a way, “Don’t bother us with your problems. Give your problems to the Lord.” But some of us won’t stop — can’t stop — as we have a passion that will take us to Jesus. We are the wheels that squeak the loudest in the kingdom of God.

We live in a world with a boundary line around it. The rules are under the prince of the power of the air, “Satan.” The laws of sin and death are the laws of the land. The laws of cause and effect are here. Gravity is a law of this physical world. And yet we must pray and loose these laws over us. Whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. We pray and loose our prayers from Satan and a lever is pushed and heaven opens up to us and gives us our answer. We fight the devil all the time. Binding and loosing on earth and setting our prayers free to touch the heart of God.

Passion and strong love fires us and we press into heaven and grab whatever we can. We use up the earth and we go to the edge of the earth. We are always pressing on the boundaries of the earth, pressing on the boundaries of heaven. Because ya see, the law of the earth is this. “If your husband is an adulterer, he will stay that way” or “If a man is a criminal he will stay that way.” These are the laws of the earth. So unless we press out of this world with our prayers, we will keep getting more of the same. If we live our lives the way most Christians do? We will not see His glory. As we flounder around upon this earth and do what we did the day before and the day before that? We will not see His glory. We will keep seeing what we saw the day before as we live by the rules of this earth. But if we don’t care what folks think and we are willing to kick out the walls of the boundary line, we will see His glory. But we must run the race and know how to deceive the devil. And we had better know how to run a lot faster then the Christians around us. Because many of them ain’t winnin’? And as we run the race with passion and fire, we find in the end that we are winning the race for heaven. That it is all a project set before us.

Jesus uses the trials of this world to cause us to come into the place He has for us. We work out our own salvation. And as we suffer, we are made pure from sin. The flesh is burned and the spirit comes forth glistening with anointing and power. As we fight our battles, we cannot win. Only He is supernatural. And unless we fight our way out of this earth and into His world, we will not see His glory. And we begin to see that for us as believers, indeed all things do work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

His Anointing

And ya know, lately I have been helping my elderly aunt. She had bought blue shower curtains and didn’t like them. So she had me to take them down and put up pink curtains. After she looked at them, she said she didn’t like ’em. So she bought some white ones and brought them home and she told me she didn’t like them, either. And now she is in a tither over it all and don’t know what on earth to do. You can imagine me standing there. My wheels turnin’ in my mind thinking, “Does this woman know there is a war goin’ on? And that abortion is killing over a million babies a year?” She don’t know any of this and she looks at me and my hillbilly ways and she says in disgust. “I am particular.” And I am thinkin’ “About what?” I don’t say nothin’ as the poor dear ain’t got a clue.

But ya know some folks don’t have any problems living on this earth? And some of us who have problems that only Jesus can solve wonder why we have it so hard. Well Good-night, Darlin’! We are the chosen ones! We have to touch the hem of his garment. Either that or flat out drop dead. Hell, I can’t afford to die — that’s why I have to keep on livin’. And I ain’t worried about bein’ particular about my shower curtains. I am just flat glad I can take a shower and have hot water, right? But somehow my whole life is on the edge and I am always screaming in the street for Jesus. I am long past worryin’ what people think of me and my rowdy kids.

Solomon got his wisdom because he wasn’t worried about his reputation or the life of his enemies or this world’s wealth. He was chasin’ God. He wanted the wisdom of God above anything this world has to offer. And when you are chasing a supernatural God in a natural world, folks try to shut you up. But as we cry out to Him, we call miracles out of heaven. We cry out for the anointing, but the world don’t understand that. And the more the world tells us to not bother the Master, the closer we come to His anointing.

Let us reach past the world and loose in heaven the things of God. Gotta go. Duty calls.


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