Sunday, December 17, 2017

Chicken Broth

Ya know I see so many people using store bought chicken broth on these cooking shows … seems sorta silly to me. My friend Jill used to jar up quarts and quarts of all kinds of broth to use in recipes. Jill, if you are reading this, would you please tell about all that broth you used to make and can? Anyway, this is how ya make chicken broth.

I would make it if we were having baked whole chicken. Then I would just take the leftover baked chicken and the bones with the meat on it and just put it in a pan and cook the meat off. But you can use any chicken parts. I do make mine a little different then most people. I put the chicken carcass in a roasting pan and bake it for about 3 or 4 hours on low, about 300 degrees. I leave the lid off and it sorta thickens. So, anyway, you add enough water to cover the carcass. Then add more water as it cooks down. And then I put in a few carrots and a few stalks of celery to season it and lots of onions and garlic. Salt and black pepper and herbs. Sage is good. Well, anyway, you bake all of this in the oven. Most women cook it on top of the stove. Then when it is done, you strain it. Put a big bowl or pan in the sink and put your colander or drainer in the bowl. Then pour the hot broth through to strain out all of the bones fat, etc. and the carrots and celery, etc. So then you have a clean broth to use in any recipe. Take the good meat chunks and put them back into the broth, or just save them for a casserole. Also to strain out the fat, you can set your pan of broth out on the porch if it’s cold or in the fridge. The fat will rise and coat the top of the broth. When it is hard, just skim it off and use the fat to make biscuits or to fry potatoes in with some oil.

Now this sounds like a lot of work. But ya know in the old days, depending on the season, the Mothers were in the kitchen, anyway. So it was natural to just have something in the oven all the time, anyway. As Mother was putting away the leftover baked chicken dinner and doin’ the dishes, it was normal to just add water to the roasting pan and stick it back in the oven to make broth for another meal. As she thought of it, she added herbs, etc. Maybe she had a relish plate on the table and had odds and ends celery and carrots left over. She just threw them in her broth.

Anyway, after the broth is done, just put it in jars or plastic containers. Put in like 2 cups to use in place of 2 cups of store bought. Jill canned hers and I froze mine. Or like Cindy was saying, just make a chicken soup out of it right after you eat the baked chicken. But I just wrote my recipe down to let you know that you can make the chicken broth very easily.

When all my children were home, I would feed them a lot of homemade pancakes for breakfast. Then if I had some leftover batter, I put it in my yeast bread to have for supper. One meal was usually incorporated into the next meal. Leftover mashed potatoes always made potato soup for the next day. Often I would make extra mashed potatoes to use for potato pancakes for the next day. You just add an egg to the mashed potatoes, stir them up good, and then fry them in a hot skillet. I do cheat on mashed potatoes. I use the fresh potatoes but if I think I need more, I add instant. The family doesn’t know the difference. Those poor souls have eaten things they have sworn they have never eaten. Well, if it looks good and has plenty of salt in it, they like it.

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