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Shoutin’ Time in Heaven

Dear Mothers,

I had a lot of interruptions yesterday so didn’t get to write all that was in my heart. One thing I want to say here is this. Ya know it took me 12 years of prayin’ to see my family come into order. But it won’t take you all that long. See, Jill and Dixie and I, and some of the others, found our truth as we went along. But we were trailblazers. And so are many of you! But with my knowledge of the Word and some others — and with what God does for you personally that I don’t know about — you will get a healed family in a lot less time.

See, many came after Edison and improved the light bulb. They took his experiences and added them to what they knew and then perfected the harnessing of electricity. I don’t think Edison could have ever even dreamed up a computer … yet still he had a part in it. I remember when I first got my e-machine and was writing to New Zealand and Australia — wow! I could hardly believe that all I had to do to shoot a message all the way to the other side of the earth was to punch a button. How unreal is that! And how many minds made the computer? It was many people adding knowledge and wisdom to knowledge and wisdom.

But Ladies, use up what I know and add it to what you know and increase in more and more power and understanding. And you know what? Your testimonies will far outreach mine. I will be forgotten someday. But some of you will shine like stars. I am a forerunner because I don’t listen to the world. Hey. Hey???? Do I have your attention? The world and its folks don’t know how to stay out of a divorce! They don’t know how to pray a wayward husband home. Take a dang shortcut and quit listening to the world. They are here to crucify you, but, Girlfriend, if you can live long enough, you will be able to turn around and save their life.

I mean many years ago, Jim was my enemy and an enemy of Jesus Christ. But I loved him and didn’t give up on him. And do you know how you got to know me? You got to know me because my husband supported me so that I could go to the world with a message that Jesus can heal your marriage. Jim became my power to the world to shout the Victory. The man that nearly killed me with heartache has become the hope to many other families. It is no secret what God can do. What He has done for others, He will do for you. The husband who deserted me and sinned against me one day gathered me up in his arms and said, “I am so sorry.” And he lived long enough to give me a place of stability to shout this Victory to the mountaintops, “Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted and to set the captive free.”

Ya know bless Jill’s heart. She would come to my house as I wouldn’t eat for such sorrow of heart. And she would all but feed me. I always tell her that she was the reason I am fat today. But I would not eat days on end. The deep sorrow I felt was killing me. I was 5 feet 8 inches tall and was lucky to weigh 100 pounds. Often I lost weight and got to 95 pounds. I just wept and prayed all the time. But God delivered Jim and He delivered me! And I have told God that I have needed an eternity to praise Him for just this alone. He saved my Johnny Paul in 7 years. And YEEEOOOWWW look out devil, I see Mary Elisabeth comin’ down the pike with victory in her wings!

It’s shoutin’ time in heaven! Oh, yes, its shoutin’ time! I am pullin’ glory out of heaven and makin’ a place for it on the earth. I am binding the evil on earth and the Lord is breakin’ heaven loose for me. Praise Jesus! Its shoutin’ time.

Mountain Moving Faith

Ya know Wild Man would go to the mountains to hide out when he would hit the road. And Mama was at home moving mountains with her faith. I was speaking to mountains to be cast into the sea. Must have made it hard on a wayward husband who was tryin’ to hide out in the mountains that wouldn’t stand still. Then Papa got saved and never again saw the mountains. We were gonna go there so he could show them to me. But we never went. Maybe someday I will go alone but I doubt it. Oh, how I loved that man.

And soon it will be Thanksgiving! I can feel the earth fairly shake as I know all of my seeds are coming home. Christian Joy and her husband are traveling by car from NYC. Hungry hearts longing to see their loved ones again. John and his darling wife Christine and son Romeo will be coming Wednesday night from Missouri. Jimmy and his wife Aleksondra and their little baby girl will come from Illinois and get here Wednesday night. David lives near here and his family will come with the new grandson, Papa’s namesake. And Mary will come, too. Dan will be the only one not coming and he will come for Christmas.

Aleks called a few days ago and she said Jimmy wanted me to make bread for Thanksgiving. She said he missed my homemade bread. I haven’t made it since Jim died. I have never made bread for anyone but Papa. I even made it for him when he was gone, believing God he would be home to eat it. I can’t imagine making bread that Papa won’t eat. And yet Papa sends me his love from heaven, always encouraging me. I know he wants only what is best for me and our children. I know he wants me to make that bread with as much love as ever.

Papa only wanted the best for me after he was saved. He spent the rest of his life trying to make me happy. I am always at peace knowing how much he loved me and honored me. He loved our children and grandchildren. Always wanted what was best for us. He had a heart of compassion for us. His greatest grief was that he couldn’t do more for us. But I was satisfied and happy with whatever he gave us.

I followed this man wherever he went from the time I was 19 years old. And when he did leave me for the final time and went to heaven, I knew where he was and I never feel I am without him. I have never grieved as others grieve for lost loved ones. I just know where Papa is and I know I will see him again. When you are as close as Jim and I have been, you just always know where the other one is. That comes as you go through the pit of hell and come out on the other end. Then the Lord gives you a heaven on earth. And then Jim’s body wore out and he had to leave for heaven. I know he couldn’t help it. It was his time to exit and he went in peace and love. I accepted it and let him go. I submitted to him … finally I submitted to him. Before that, I wouldn’t let him go. And we argued about it. He said a few weeks before he died, “Connie, it is my heart. I am dying.” I screamed, “No, you aren’t!” I wouldn’t let him go. But when Papa knew the time was right, he went on ahead to heaven. I submitted to it. And I felt such a peace. I was able to minister to the children as they all 6 wept and cried out for him. The grief was controlled and peaceful. The minister there said he had never seen such love in a family. If only he knew that all of the love he saw came through years of prayers and intercessions.


Sing a New Song

Dear Mothers,

Ya know when I was a young Mom, I used to stay home and pray when friends wanted me to go here and there. My one neighbor used to say to me, “Well, all you do is stay in that house and read your Bible and pray.” And ya know back then in the 70s, my life wasn’t at all like everyone else’s. I was alone raising my children. I went to church and most of the people there were in families. You didn’t see a bunch of singles like you do now in church. The churches were made up of families. I used to sit in church and cry, wondering what I had done to deserve such a fate. But God had His hand on me. And now, 40 years later, I look at society and I see many Connie and Jims. Who would have ever thought society could have gotten that bad? The strong Christian families seem to have faded into the background and the hurting families have become the majority. Yes, Jill was raising her family alone, and a few others. But very few!

What I am trying to say is Jill and I didn’t know of some woman who had gone through what we were going through and had came out on the other end. They weren’t around. I think this is why it took me 12 years to get through it all. My pastor, bless his heart, would tell me, “Connie, take off your rose colored glasses. Jim will never straighten up.” I mean the majority around me thought I was not playin’ with a full deck. But what was going on is this. I heard a new song. I saw a new vision. My faith was not of this world. I ran to a different beat of a drum. God put a stronghold of faith in me that wanted to live and breathe and have its being in God.

Oh, Satan tried to kill my faith. He proved to me again and again, “This is not working. You are a fool to keep going with waiting for Jim to change.” At one point just before Jim was saved, healed and delivered, I had almost given up. But a flicker of hope like a dying fire still remained in my heart. I thought, “Well, what if God’s Word is true? What if I have come this far to give up just before the miracle?” And it so happened that my miracle did come right at the midnight hour. But, Wives and Mothers, I am tellin’ you what. You can’t keep bouncing off what your relatives or your neighbors tell ya. You can’t bounce off how old you are or how young. You can’t bounce off the world’s system of things.

I am here to tell you this. “You have to see victory in your heart. Ya gotta see it to believe it!” You gotta get a vision. You gotta get a new walk and talk. Change your name if ya have to. This is why I started to call Luanne “Annie.” I wanted to see her with an attitude. I wanted to see her like Annie Oakley lassoing her problems. We need to give that devil some problems. But we can’t do it by listening to the voice of reason or common sense.

The Bible calls the preaching of the Word foolishness to those who don’t believe. Anyone in the Word of God that had Vision didn’t have anything to do with the give and take of this world. This world has a law called gravity, and it has the law of sin and death. Its cause and effect. But we as women of God are set free of the laws of sin and death. Nehemiah had a vision to build the walls back up for his fellow Jews. Oh, the world scoffed and laughed their heads off at him and his poor and miserable relatives. But he kept his mind upon building his house. He believed in the impossible. God had built a stronghold of faith in him and he followed the Lord. Nehemiah was a man of vision and purpose. He heard a bell ring that no one else heard. He saw something no one else saw. He felt a faith that no one else understood. And this made him a leader for God. He was a trailblazer, a dreamer, a seer, a visionary. And so were the others written in the Word of God. David wouldn’t bow to an idol as he was not living in this present world. He was set apart unto God. He had never followed the world. He was a man after God’s heart.

Ring Victory Bells

Do you want to be something for God and a headache for Satan? Then take your rotten circumstances and throw them in the garbage and walk out your faith. Call yourself a visionary, a dreamer that can dream her way out of the hell and into the land of Promise. Inventors who established our country were like this. They invented things like the light bulb and the telephone. Electricity was always here from the beginning of time. But it took Thomas Edison who had a dream to learn how to harness it.

Your miracle, like the electricity, is in the earth now. Our prayers are answered now. But we have to bring them to us. We bring them by a power called faith. We walk out the miracle as we plan for it to come. We clean out our cupboards to receive the food we need. We make a feast to feed a husband who has promised to never come home. We wear a maternity dress when we are called barren. We speak our miracle and plan our life around our miracle. We don’t plan our life around the world and its ideas. We hear a distant voice of Victory calling us. We hear the chariots of fire in the heavenlies. We see warring angels fighting our battles for us. We dream dreams and we walk out visions. The world calls us crazy and we please the Lord as only He calls us to do. To walk by faith, as only faith pleases God.

Live out your visions and ring victory bells until Satan screeeeeeams, “Stop! I give up!” Don’t listen to this world. Don’t listen to the voice of the unbelievers. Anything we ask in Jesus’ name we can receive. Loose heaven with your prayers and bind the satanic things of earth. Nothing is impossible to us as we walk in Him. Covenant keepers are precious to God and He wants to bless them. It’s the time, too, for Covenant Keepers to be blessed. That is a word of prophesy.

I am very interrupted this morning. But one other thing I want to say is this. Edison was partly deaf and he said he was glad as he could stay focused better on his work. And we need to come away from the world and be deaf to it. Walk out your faith. Call things that are not as if they were. (Mark 11:23-24)


That’s Revival

Dear Mothers,

This morning I was watchin’ TV. And I got in on the end of a message by Bishop Eddie Long. And he was talkin’ about how some folks want to give God their money, thinking that this will pay for their sins. They are in sin and so they give a big amount of money and this soothes their conscience. And when he got ready to say that, my ears just perked up because most TV preachers want money at any cost. They wouldn’t care if it was from a pimp.

Anyway, the Bishop said the alter is a place to burn the flesh. As in the Old Testament they burned the sacrificial animals. And this was a picture of the true Lamb of God in the future — Jesus — as He gave His life for our sins. And the Bishop said, “God wants your life and not your money.” And when he said that, I tell you, the Holy Ghost snapped in me and I shouted, “That’s Revival. That’s Revival!” It was like I saw the first spark of revival in our country. Boy, that took a lot for that preacher to say that. And it hit me like a rock in the chest. I felt like I had seen the birth of revival. PTL.

We live in the worst of times and best of times. And God is preparing many of you on this group to see signs and wonders and to shout the victory in God. Give Him your life and let His Word be your authority. Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds.


Marriage Covenant

Dear Mothers,

Ya know since Monday, I hadn’t been able to find Mary, our daughter (21). I knew she had moved out of where her and this guy was. But where she was, I didn’t know. Her cell phone was broke and I couldn’t reach her. I had barely slept at night. And yesterday I just told God, “Get Yourself another patsy — I am done.” I told God I didn’t even love Him. I have not denied the Lord since I was first married. I never thought in a million years I would ever deny the Lord like that again. But I meant it. I was out of patience and time and I didn’t care if God blew me up where I stood.

In the afternoon the baby took her nap and Olivia, now 5, was in school. I sat down and prayed. I kept seeing the angels about me. And God told me that if I would get up again, one more time, I would see His glory. I didn’t want to get back up but I could see I would probably go to hell if I didn’t, and I just decided to get up one more time and believe God. And right when I said to God, “I believe You for a miracle” Mary called me on the phone. It was just as though by my prayers I translated her through my phone. She says, “Well, Mom, I got to thinkin’ that you couldn’t get ahold of me.” She is very shattered yet and so I don’t yell at her even if I want to.

Also yesterday Jill sent me an email telling me not to deny the Lord in a spiritual storm. She didn’t know the circumstances. She is just a prophetess? Then last night, the devil came in for another fight with me. Well, the Lord is winning that battle, too. And now I have a steel pole of ornery down inside my being like a steel tree trunk growin’ through me. I prayed half the night last night and it was wonderful. The Counselor came to me and made things clear to me. After Mary called, I was happy for a bit but as the evening wore on, the devil had come back to torment me.

To make a looong story short, the issue with me is the Marriage Covenant. I didn’t know this was my problem — I just thought I lacked in faith power and this is why my prayers were not answered for Mary and Brandon. I know that I have such a strong calling of God upon my life and that Satan is trying to hammer it out of me? If the coming glory in my teachings gives me double for all of my suffering, then world watch out! I mean I am no novice in the things of God, and I don’t mind telling you I have suffered like a dog for the past seven months. I have been almost tormented to death. I lay in bed and pray I won’t have a heart attack and die. I have not suffered like this since Jim and I were separated.

God told me last night that many of the elect of God would be deceived in these later days. Satan has tried to rip out of me that Marriage Covenant. Satan wants for me to quit teaching this. There is so much power in the marriage covenant. This covenant kept me through many years of a horrible marriage. Satan gave me 12 years of hell and God gave me double blessings for my trouble in the final 26 years of marriage. See we had a couple years in the beginning of our marriage that was livable. So it all adds up to 40 years of marriage. But I am tellin’ you all who are in a covenant marriage to hold on and you will see His glory.

You know we have to fight for TRUTH. And God’s Word says, “What God has joined together let no man separate.” Yes, we can divorce because of adultery. But Jesus said that in the beginning it was not so. It is one husband for one wife for life. And Jesus said Moses had to make a law of divorce because of the hardness of men’s hearts. I remember Jill saying years ago, “Connie, I don’t want God to give up on me because my heart is hard.” And, no, divorce is not the unpardonable sin. Stay where you are in your marriage. As Aunt Toot always says concerning marriages with his mine and ours, “You can’t unscramble eggs.” Stay married and let God bless you. But I do believe that God will do a work in a covenant marriage that He can’t do anywhere else.

And as I have said before, MaryL has been my mentor for years. And she divorced and remarried and even teaches it. I know I keep her tied down and she keeps me from being too dogmatic. I mean that woman could pray a strong wind in the other direction. She gets more of her prayers answered than I do and all of her 5 children are saved. So I know God can bless a second marriage. But I will say that a woman who stays in a Covenant Marriage and is committed no matter what is gonna have a TRUTH on her that will help her to discern her way in this day of confusion.

There is a special anointing on a one husband one wife marriage. I have seen it again and again. It isn’t anything this world could explain. And ya know the devil would love for me to remarry. To put Jim’s picture away and marry someone else. And as the years would go on, I would forget what God did for me and so would my kids. But I have a story of a miracle. My husband was the worst man. I am tellin’ you the truth. The prison guards promised me he would never be anything but a criminal. Jim was demon possessed. At a trial I had to go to, I gave our story and it ended up in a local newspaper. And now God uses me to tell what happened to that man who was so lost and confused. And that by a miracle God delivered him. And we had 6 children, all of which I am proud of.

And, yes, Mary has some problems. But I have the rest of my life to pray for her and she will always be top priority. Not because I think it is a good idea to give her top priority. But because I know who I am as Mother, and I don’t give up on my babies. I will compromise with her and like her Baboon. I may have to eat Thanksgiving dinner with him. Imagine eating a Thanksgiving turkey with a real turkey? But I am gonna smile real big ’cause I know the end of the story. But one thing is true — Mary can’t be God in my life. And she will get all that I have but she won’t get me to agree on a divorce to Brandon. This is where the rubber hits the road. This is where the grinding grit is. And Mary may be stubborn and stay with Baboon. And if she does, then I will have to smile and go on. But I will not bow to this world and its idols. I have already been thrown in the fiery furnace so I know the Lord will get me out.

As for me, I must go with the Marriage Covenant, and not give up. It’s in me like a brand on my heart and soul. It is as a scar like the scars in Jesus’ hands. I learned much about Jesus as I suffered for many years for righteousness sake. The devil tries to use Mary, my dear baby, to slay me. To stop my writings and to stop any effect I would have upon Christendom. Satan picked the right child to do it, too. Satan couldn’t have set a better stage. But Jesus Christ can set a better one. The Bible calls adultery idolatry or a deception.

In this age we need Truth so much. I was watching a show on TV last evening. It was Christian TV for teenagers. Man, it was good! The preacher was young and he said, “Life is war.” And he was saying that the young people need to be Revolutionists. Well, yeah! I mean these kids were hot? I mean I can tell that these new kids coming up are lookin’ for the Truth.

Well, Baby, needs me and I should go feed her.


Order in the House

Dear Mothers,

I am writing more about keeping a home organized as Kelly on our response group has asked me about it.

Ya know my son Jimmy was in the Navy. He went in at 18 and then I still had two teens in the house and three little ones under the age of 5 years old. Jimmy was an American spy. He was a part of a flight crew that flew over enemy territory and Jimmy had to read the computers and tell if there were any bombs in the area. To make a a long story short, we never knew where he was in the world as he couldn’t tell us. But often he came home on leave and we wouldn’t know when he was coming. Along towards evening, he would give us a surprise phone call from the airport. And then Wild Man would go pick him up.

One time the house was in a worst shambles then usual. I was about to cry, as I knew Jimmy and Jim would be back form the airport in about an hour. I called MaryL, my mentor. She said, “Connie, just make a nice meal and make sure you have it done by the time they get there.” Well, I hurried off the phone and got to cookin’. After I started a nice meal, I began to clean the living room and the children helped me. I was able to welcome our son and have a nice family dinner made for him. I can’t remember what I fixed. But when he was on leave, I would often invite family friends and neighbors over to visit Jimmy.

Two standard cakes I made were icebox cakes. Then we would have ice cream and soda or juice for the kids and coffee for the adults. The two cakes were very simple to make in two 9 by 13 cake pans. One was a chocolate cake mix and the other a yellow cake mix. After they were baked, I would put a chocolate pudding mix spread over the top. And the yellow cake, after it was baked, I put a vanilla pudding mix over it. Then I kept them in the fridge or covered on the front porch to stay cool. These cakes were simple to make — I never ran out of cake.

I would always have the children sit in the living room around the coffee table and the older folks sat where they pleased, usually at the family table. The children knew the adults were to be respected and they could sit where they wanted. Even though Jimmy was the Master of Ceremonies, he sat in the living room on the couch, balancing his paper plate on his knees. Our old milkman would yell in Jimmy’s ear, “So how is the United States Navy?”

Dick, our milkman, just died recently at 86 years old. He was at Jim’s funeral. But he was hard of hearing and always yelled. He had delivered milk and butter to us since 1973. He stopped in about 1997. He was a good Christian man. Our family will never forget him. He always knocked at the door and came on in. “ANYBODY HOME?” Jim could have popped him a good one many times but, thank God, he never did. Dick came when he pleased when he was goin’ by the area. He would switch us around and come even at night after the kids were in bed. The house would be asleep and here comes Dick, yellin’ “Anybody home?” I would ask Dick quietly if he could come in the daytime when everyone wasn’t asleep. But he said he had to come when he was driving by. Oh, what a character. Of course, the kids loved him and when they heard him come, they would jump out of bed and run to see him.

Dick also raised goats and would drive around with a big goat hangin’ out the back car window. The kids loved that and would run to pet the goat. I wanted a goat, too, for the back yard but Jim said “Absolutely not!” But our Dick started out delivering milk in about the 1940s and used a horse and cart.

Dick would come in and ask if he could use the bathroom and, as he ran by, I would ask him if he wanted a cup of coffee. Jim would motion with his eyes to me that he was not in the mood to entertain the milkman. Our lives were so ridiculous! Sometimes Jim would visit with Dick. The conversation was always … well, I would excuse myself and leave the room.

We do have fond memories of Dick and all the old family friends.

Family Order

But ya know when you are having guests with a big family, it can get crazy. But like MaryL has always told me, “Connie, folks notice if you make them feel ‘Welcome’ and if you have a nice meal ready.” And this is so true. I mean, yes, keep the house clean but mainly make sure you welcome your guests and have the coffee on and a snack — especially if your guests have been traveling for a long time to get there.

I am such a feather brain and what you see is basically what you get here. Like Aunt Toot says, “The coffee will be on and a pile of laundry will be sitting in the chair.” I don’t notice the obvious most of the time. I mean ya gotta live and let live. No one’s house is perfect. But my life as a homemaker usually pivoted from the kitchen. It had to. I didn’t buy a bunch of junk food as I couldn’t afford it. Our kids couldn’t go to the fridge and pick something up to eat unless it was fresh fruit or something. It was a treat for them to have cold cereal. So I had to make three meals a day. I spent most of my time in the kitchen.

My kids would vacuum and pick up as they had to. I tried to have the house picked up when I knew Jim would be home from work. And to me, it is so dishonorable for a wife to have company when her husband just arrives home from work. I would tell the children’s friends if they had been there for the afternoon, “Well, the kids’ Daddy will be home in a bit so I will have to send you children home.” And then then our kids would help pick up. Jim wasn’t hard to please as far as my homemaking, so things were far from spotless. But, no, I didn’t expect Jim to come home from work and not be able to even get in the door for the toys. And ya know the children and I had watched TV during the day. And we let Jim watch what he wanted when he got home and we let him rest in his chair for a while and have a cup of coffee. And I would have dinner about ready. But ya know to me that is just common courtesy. If I had to work all day, I would want someone to give me a break when I got home. And I mean, yes, we had emergencies, plenty of ’em. And many times, Jim had to come in the house a-runnin’. But I did strive to keep the house half way quiet for when he got off work. I mean as much as possible.

I would overhear many conversations and Jim always talked about “Connie and the kids.” We were precious to him as he was to us.

No, my house is often stacks of things here and there waiting for me to unstack it. But the main order in the family is contentment and harmony. Make a happy nest for the family, dear Mothers, and let the rest of it all fall into place. Always put husband first. He is not Mama’s helper. Teach the children to honor Daddy and he will teach them to honor you.


Converse Tennis Shoes

Oh, mercy! I have wanted some high top black Converse tennis shoes to wear with long cotton skirts for this winter. Christian Joy called me yesterday and told me she had bought me some and was bringing them with her when they come for Thanksgiving. I said, “Oh, you found some.” Chrissy says, “Mom, New Yorkers wear these shoes with everything. You can buy them about anywhere in NYC.” Well, I can’t wait to get mine. I don’t shop. And if I can’t find them at the Salvation Army, then in my world no one sells ’em.

I am so glad Sissy Joy is bringin’ me some high tops. PTL. My 84-year-old mother will have a fit. And as soon as she can, she will go out and buy me a pair of white tennis shoes that everyone wore in the 60s. Mom is still trying to guide me in my styles.

My aunt Lucille used to have such a fit over me. If all the relatives were gathered at a holiday meal, someone would say, “Connie, I love your outfit.” I would turn around and say, “Got it for 25 cents at the close out sale at the Salvation Army.” Oh, my aunt Lucille would just about faint. She would tell me in a whisper, “Connie, you don’t have to tell everyone what something costs.” She would tell me that I should just let people think I am well to do. But I always said that I wanted folks to know that whatever I had was attainable to anyone else.

When Christian Joy first went to NYC, she was a waitress for a while and made a lot of money in tips. But later on she decided to get into fashion. She would go to the Salvation Army and buy prom dresses and make other dresses out of them and sell them for a lot of money. One prom dress she made over, she wrote all of her old boyfriends names on the dress with magic marker. Someone bought it and paid a lot for the privilege. Anything original is what New Yorkers want.

I pray that Danny stays a long ways from NYC as he is so good looking. Christian Joy says the girls are just wild for him. He has moved to Portland but is real homesick. I see on the callers ID that he called last night after I was in bed. I will call him later on this morning. He had planned to come home for Christmas but knows all the kids will be here for Thanksgiving. I know his hungry heart longs to see his family. He could stay here but he says, “If I lived with you, Mom, you would make me be in by 8:00 every night.” Sounds good to me! Chrissy said Dan called her when he got to Oregon and told her he missed her and Jason. He was hiding in the bathroom to call her. He was talkin’ all sweet and one of the band members came in the bathroom to get something and Dan started talkin’ smack right away. Chrissy and I laughed over that.

Christian and her husband Jason will stay here over Thanksgiving. I adore Jason. He is like an angel from heaven for Christian Joy. He is the answer to every mother’s prayers. The last time they were here, he went upstairs and read as many of my Christian books as he could get ahold of. Like I said, Christian Joy accidentally married a Christian. Tell me God don’t answer prayers? Chrissy had bought the book I wrote but was afraid to read it. I don’t know if she ever read it. But Jason did and liked it. But everyone always said “Christian Joy will have to get outta NYC in order to find a good man and get married.” But ya know Jesus has a good sense of humor.

Both Christian and Jason are very much back to the land people. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they didn’t move to the wilderness some day. Joy and I have talked about it. Moving to a place and building a cabin where there is no roads or electricity. Jason would be game for that. I had a vision years ago of Joy standing by a wood stove in a cabin in the wilderness. She had long hair again like she did when she was 18. Oh, what a beauty she was! She was a model and on a local TV show. It was decent! From then on, I wanted to put sacks on my children’s heads so no one would see them.

Mama’s Nest

Oh, how we long to hold our babies close and never let them go. And, oh mercy! I am a mother of six children. I always said, “I had six only children.” Each of them was like an only child. Each one so complex and different. Jimmy an artist and has such thirst to learn and have degrees. He is a light designer by trade and still loves to take evening courses and get more degrees. His wife Aleks is studying to be a college English professor. Heck, I can’t even spell professor. But what does it matter? Then my little pixie, Christian Joy, who has made a name for herself in NYC. A designer, of course — what else, huh? Johnny is my inventor and artist and musician. Johnny is the type of kid that everyone says is like a late bloomer. We all sense something of greatness in him but we can’t put our finger on it. My dad had this gift, too, and was an inventor. Dad could always see his gift in Johnny. His wife and helper, Christine, sharpens Johnny and organizes his creative mind. David is a thinker and an artist. His drawings are so detailed and have such a message. David is so in love with his family. Danny is a weeping prophet. He will be a preacher someday. He has a strong call of God upon him. He always has had it, even from a child. He is very anointed of God.

And then there is Mary. “Oh, Mary, what will God do with you?” Little bird with two broken wings. Daddy died on one wing of your heart and your own baby died on the other wing. You soak up all of my love. Mother is like the Good Shepherd. While the ninety-nine sheep are all well, Mother seeks the dark forest for the lost lamb. She hears her cry in the night. Can Mother close her ears to her baby’s cry? Yes, I am thankful for all of my children, but I long so for Mary to be OK. I have to trust the true Shepherd that knows where Mary is. I have looked in the dark forest but I can’t find her. But God knows where she is. He knows. I don’t know.

Mary Lehman, the other day, was telling me that I had worried so about John when he was gone, on and off, for seven years. That boy drove me almost nuts. But one day as John was walking around Chicago, a Christian man came up to him and asked him if he knew the Lord. And John rededicated his life to Christ. Then John told a friend about the Lord. And this friend had a demon and it attacked John. And this guy took a broken bottle and almost cut John’s ear off. It had to be sewn back on. John did come back home and reunited with Jim and I. Then he married Christine. John is such a blessing now. And I know I have to trust in the Lord for Mary.

John and Mary are a lot alike — both dreamers and visionaries! But all of our children are individuals and, yes, they will be like us as mothers and as their daddies, too. But they have a part, too, that they have to be themselves. As mothers, we have to let them go and they will fly way above us and our teachings. They have to, as the world will not give them the breaks we have had.

Lord Jesus, help me to let Mary go.


Happy Housewifery

When my children were all home at different ages, I tried to keep one main schedule. This was before I began to homeschool in 1988. Early in the morning after Jim went to work, I would top clean the living room. I would spend like about 10 minutes in each room, just top cleaning, no vacuuming yet.

The last room I would do was the kitchen. I would plan a family meal and start my cooking as I did breakfast dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. I tried to have an idea for a menu for the week. So in the morning I would either make salads or a dessert. Or made bread if I was out. Also I would put something in the oven or crock pot. So I had almost the whole meal cooked by 10:00 a.m. for the evening meal. Just refrigerate it or whatever. When Jim was at work at lunchtime, the kids and I would just eat leftovers or sandwiches. But I had a big family meal each day either for lunch or supper. But ya know in the winter, it was nice to bake or cook in the mornings as to warm the house up. And in the summer, the day is cool in the morning and it’s a pleasant time to bake. So around 10:00 I would have the supper meal figured out and the house was sort of a mess but at least organized. Then you, as mom and wife, feel happy as you don’t have to think about supper for the rest of the day.

Then late morning, you can do more cleaning and do the wash and vacuum. At noon, stop for lunch and then take a nap with the children or just by yourself. It’s a good time to read the Bible and pray. After your nap, you may have a special project to do like a deep cleaning of a room.

Try to just go to the store once a week. Plan one day that you just run errands and go to the store, etc. Then you can stay home most of the week. Running about takes a lot of time and energy. I would recommend making out a general idea of menu each week. That way you can plan a simple meal in the crock pot for the days you have to be gone all day.

Anyway, after your afternoon break, then you can start straightening the house for the evening meal. And after supper should be a time to be with the family until bedtime. It’s a good time to maybe do your crafts or sewing with the children. You have to feel … well … like anyone, that your day’s work has to end sometime. The evening can be spent reading to the children or playing with Baby. Giving baths and enjoying the children. It’s a time for Mother to relax and to read to the children about the Lord. A time to talk about God and listen to the children’s prayers. A private time for the family with no interruptions from the phone. No late visitors except they be invited and are family friends for the whole family to enjoy. Our children and their friends should be our friends, too.

My children loved to see Aunt Toot coming to our house. And, oh, they loved Jill and Dixie and Mary and Russ. I wouldn’t have let anyone in my house that didn’t love my children. Johnny would have been bored to death if he hadn’t had Aunt Toot to tease. He shot her with invisible ink on her new outfit. Oh, he loved to tease her. We set her in a chair that was wood and it collapsed to the floor. Then we said she broke our new chair and she should be ashamed. “I didn’t break it; I just sat down in it.” We said she must have gained weight. Jim had just gotten the chair at the Salvation Army and it was barely stuck together — no glue. But whatever works, ya know.

Aunt Toot was always good for a laugh. She had these food stamps and had to buy a package of gum at each gas station on her journey to my house. This way, she would have the change from a food stamp dollar to buy gas to get here. She must have been desperate for a laugh.

Mother’s Seasons

Dear Mothers,

Well, my dear David, age 26, gets out of jail tomorrow. He got picked up for driving without his license about three times. He got 10 days in the county jail. He got to go to work, though, because he has to pay for his stay there. It ain’t like it’s the Ritz Hotel or something.

I had his wife Tiff and the babies over for supper on Sunday. David called on the phone from his job and Tiff and I tried to be funny. I told David I was making a cake with a file in it to send to him and asked him if he wanted chocolate cake or yellow. Tiff tried to laugh on the phone and sing “Jail House Rock.” We managed to keep a smile as we talked to David but, oh, our hearts were heavy. We have all driven without a license so no one was pointing fingers. It’s just that David was to go to a class he had to pay for and couldn’t afford to go. Those jails are full of charges against people who can’t afford to pay bail or whatever. Anyone with any money don’t do time.

We have all felt so bad for David. I talked to Johnny about it and he says, “Aw, Mom, that ain’t gonna hurt David a bit. It’s just 10 days and he gets out to go to work.” I still hate it. Johnny said that David laughed as he told Johnny about the cake with the file. David was so worried that I would be so upset. I didn’t want to let David know how bad I felt. But we will all laugh our way out of this as we do everything else. But I wonder when the jokes will be over and only bare-bones reality will be here to stare at. Probably never!

I am thinking of jokes about all of this as I go. Anything to bounce my heavy heart to a new place. To bounce my children’s hearts to a place of courage. Aunt Toot encouraged me so much last night as she told me how wonderful my Happy Housewifery site looked. I haven’t seen all the pics that you all have seen. I have the email machine and it doesn’t go to other sites. Toot said the pics of the boys at Chrissy’s NYC wedding were so neat. And she told me all the other things on the site. And so many of you last night encouraged my heart on the response group.

And then I talked to Tiff on the phone last night. She and the babies had just gone to see David at work. David held the babies and held Tiff so tight. Tiff told me, “Connie, you have done such a good job raising your boys. They are all so affectionate with their families. I appreciate how you and Jim raised them. Each one of your sons are so loving.” She said that David held her so tight as he hugged her when he saw her come in at the store where he works. David, like Jim, is a loving father and husband.

All the kids are so loving with me except for Mary, and no matter how big they get they will sit on my lap. Mary loves me from a distance. She says, “Mom, I feel like its been a 100 years since I seen you.” Well, it seems like a lot longer then that to me. But as Mothers, we have to go through seasons of lack and seasons of plenty. I guess we just joke our way through and when we are alone, we cry our way through. But we can never let our kids think they have done too much wrong that they can never be forgiven by God or by us. John is in Missouri now and David is to take care of his widow Mother for now. I love teasing Johnny on the phone and tellin’ him that the guy he left in charge of me is in jail. And how can a jailbird take care of me?

This too shall pass.


His Kingdom

Dear Mothers,

Through prayer last night, the Lord gave me such a teaching. I was too tired to write it down last night. And now Baby will be here in about an hour. I hate to start on this but will anyway. I just don’t have enough time.

But the Lord was speaking to me about the folks in the Bible who wouldn’t do what others wanted them to do concerning prayer. How some with leprosy would hear that Jesus was passing by, and would run out of the leper colony to see Jesus. It was against the law for a leper to be out in the marketplace. And the woman with the issue of blood pressed into the crowd to touch the hem of Christ’s garment. She, too, was going against the law as she wasn’t supposed to be out in the marketplace, either. And I think of the woman who asked if she could just eat the crumbs under Christ’s table. So many had to press in and beg for help. They pressed out of this world and into heaven to reach Jesus. Then the Mothers brought their children to have Jesus bless them. And the disciples said “Don’t bother the Master.” But the Mothers pressed in and waited for Jesus to bless them. And Jesus saw them and told His men to let the children come to Him. And in the pressing in comes the answer to our prayers. Folks about us tell us, in a way, “Don’t bother us with your problems. Give your problems to the Lord.” But some of us won’t stop — can’t stop — as we have a passion that will take us to Jesus. We are the wheels that squeak the loudest in the kingdom of God.

We live in a world with a boundary line around it. The rules are under the prince of the power of the air, “Satan.” The laws of sin and death are the laws of the land. The laws of cause and effect are here. Gravity is a law of this physical world. And yet we must pray and loose these laws over us. Whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. We pray and loose our prayers from Satan and a lever is pushed and heaven opens up to us and gives us our answer. We fight the devil all the time. Binding and loosing on earth and setting our prayers free to touch the heart of God.

Passion and strong love fires us and we press into heaven and grab whatever we can. We use up the earth and we go to the edge of the earth. We are always pressing on the boundaries of the earth, pressing on the boundaries of heaven. Because ya see, the law of the earth is this. “If your husband is an adulterer, he will stay that way” or “If a man is a criminal he will stay that way.” These are the laws of the earth. So unless we press out of this world with our prayers, we will keep getting more of the same. If we live our lives the way most Christians do? We will not see His glory. As we flounder around upon this earth and do what we did the day before and the day before that? We will not see His glory. We will keep seeing what we saw the day before as we live by the rules of this earth. But if we don’t care what folks think and we are willing to kick out the walls of the boundary line, we will see His glory. But we must run the race and know how to deceive the devil. And we had better know how to run a lot faster then the Christians around us. Because many of them ain’t winnin’? And as we run the race with passion and fire, we find in the end that we are winning the race for heaven. That it is all a project set before us.

Jesus uses the trials of this world to cause us to come into the place He has for us. We work out our own salvation. And as we suffer, we are made pure from sin. The flesh is burned and the spirit comes forth glistening with anointing and power. As we fight our battles, we cannot win. Only He is supernatural. And unless we fight our way out of this earth and into His world, we will not see His glory. And we begin to see that for us as believers, indeed all things do work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

His Anointing

And ya know, lately I have been helping my elderly aunt. She had bought blue shower curtains and didn’t like them. So she had me to take them down and put up pink curtains. After she looked at them, she said she didn’t like ’em. So she bought some white ones and brought them home and she told me she didn’t like them, either. And now she is in a tither over it all and don’t know what on earth to do. You can imagine me standing there. My wheels turnin’ in my mind thinking, “Does this woman know there is a war goin’ on? And that abortion is killing over a million babies a year?” She don’t know any of this and she looks at me and my hillbilly ways and she says in disgust. “I am particular.” And I am thinkin’ “About what?” I don’t say nothin’ as the poor dear ain’t got a clue.

But ya know some folks don’t have any problems living on this earth? And some of us who have problems that only Jesus can solve wonder why we have it so hard. Well Good-night, Darlin’! We are the chosen ones! We have to touch the hem of his garment. Either that or flat out drop dead. Hell, I can’t afford to die — that’s why I have to keep on livin’. And I ain’t worried about bein’ particular about my shower curtains. I am just flat glad I can take a shower and have hot water, right? But somehow my whole life is on the edge and I am always screaming in the street for Jesus. I am long past worryin’ what people think of me and my rowdy kids.

Solomon got his wisdom because he wasn’t worried about his reputation or the life of his enemies or this world’s wealth. He was chasin’ God. He wanted the wisdom of God above anything this world has to offer. And when you are chasing a supernatural God in a natural world, folks try to shut you up. But as we cry out to Him, we call miracles out of heaven. We cry out for the anointing, but the world don’t understand that. And the more the world tells us to not bother the Master, the closer we come to His anointing.

Let us reach past the world and loose in heaven the things of God. Gotta go. Duty calls.


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