Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Little Ruby

This morning I wanted to write but little Baby was cryin’ and wanting another bottle. So I held her and sang to her in my bedroom. As I was sitting there on the bed, the Lord told me to write about the vision I had last night of Mary. I saw her come in my front door with a dress on like the dress I had her wear as a little girl. I was very careful in how I dressed her, always in a feminine way. Her hair was curly as it once was. And I asked the Lord what this meant and He said this. The teachings that Mary had when she was little are coming up into her spirit. He said, in essence, “Connie, the devil has taunted you as a Christian Mother and told you that you raised Mary in holiness for nothing. But it was only that Satan attacks the truth of God.”

And as I sat in the bedroom holding sweet Olivia Rose, 3 months old, the Lord caused my eyes to see the books in my bookcase. I raised Mary out of old books of Wisdom from the 1800s. I would seek out these books to read to Mary and to teach her the deep wisdom of God. I would spend much time in prayer as I would seek out wisdom. I brought Mary to Dixie’s and she spent a lot of time with Jill. When Mary first married, she had pictures in her home of who she thought Ruby looked like. And they were pictures I loved, too. Mary knows Ruby and Ruby knows her. As I sang to Olivia Rose this morning, I sang to Wisdom and called her my sister and understanding my kinswoman. As I sang, it was as though the Holy Spirit whispered through me.

I am changed inside as I saw the Wisdom of God upon Mary. I feel that the Lord is saying that Mary will have a much deeper calling of wisdom upon her than I have ever had. Mary is a writer and she will write many books on the Wisdom of God. My mentor MaryL has told me, “You have passed down your mantel of writing to Mary.” Our Mary sent out thank you notes to all who came to her baby’s funeral. And so many have told me, “Oh, your Mary is a writer.” And she is. The writing she wrote about the soldier who fought a bloody battle for his country and his ring, is so powerful. It is about a young man who fought for his marriage or his ring. Brandon will be a mighty warrior for the Lord. Well, even now he is! He has always been a shepherd to Mary. And my writings I feel, up to now, haven’t been as good as the Lord wants them to be. But the writings on wisdom that will come out of this deep wound with Mary will produce some very spiritual writings.

Sometimes as we pray for our kids, we think the answer will come as we think in our minds. But I taught Mary when she was a child out of my own broken heart and many years of experience. I knew the wisdom of God. But this kind of wisdom doesn’t come upon a proud heart of flesh — it comes only upon the broken and contrite heart. The broken heart has to make a decision in the arena of fear and darkness. “Though he slay me yet will I trust in Him.”

Mary received the wisdom of God from me as her Mother. And now I have birthed the wisdom of God to Mary’s broken heart. “Oh, little bird with a broken wing, trust in God. Just because you find a high branch to jump from doesn’t mean you can fly. Your wing is broken and only Jesus can heal you. Only Mother’s tears can water you. Build your house upon the Rock Mother told you about. Not on the world’s sand. Mary Rose, remember the teachings of your Mother.”

God cannot melt His word into the rose’s thorn but only upon a bruised petal. He bleeds His crimson stain upon the pure white rose. We wish the petals to be pure white but they can’t be pure without the crimson stain of Christ’s blood. No matter how white the rose is, it is not truly pure without he crimson stain. And when a Mother goes to pray for the child of her heart, it seems her faith is tested. And the vision she has for her children seems to die. And it does seemingly die as it is a seed being tested. But Mother must endure the test.

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