Saturday, February 24, 2018

Poor Aunt Toot

Well, I was tellin’ Aunt Toot that I needed someone to show me how to get gas at the filling station? So Aunt T. and Jerry was to be in the area to go see Toot’s daughter. So they stopped here first to help me learn to get gas for the car? John and his family are back in Missouri now. Anyway, Jerry was to watch my cat while me and Aunt Toot went to get the gas. Well, Aunt Toot tries to tell me how to drive. Anyway, we get to the Gas Station and she shows me how to get gas and we go in the gas station to pay for it. Aunt Toot announces that I don’t know how to get gas because my husband died and all. And this clerk gets real sympathetic and Toot and I start to laugh and carry on. So we go out to start the car to go home and the car won’t start. So Aunt T. runs back home and it’s about 6 blocks (and she is old) to get her husband Jerry. Meanwhile, the Pepsi Cola delivering guy tries to start the car but it won’t work. And then Jerry comes and messes with the battery and it worked. Toots yellin’ “She needs a man.” And Jerry says, “We are claimin’ one for ya.” And I am yellin out the window as I peel out, “AAAAh Shut UP.” And Aunt Toot is screamin’ “YOU need a man!”

I tell ya, I shudda known this would be an adventure. It’s a good thing the gas station wasn’t busy.

Well, I forgot the funniest part. When the car wouldn’t start and Aunt Toot and I were in the car tryin’ different things to get it goin’, Toot says, “Oh, I forgot — you live by faith” and she cuts loose in tongues. I am laughin’ so hard as I write this that I can hardly stand it. She is so used to crazy things happening to her and me whenever we get together. The cat will play the piano or there will be a strange sound at the door and I will tell Toot, “It’s just the cat,” and so she will go look and it won’t be the cat. Things happen to her here that she never forgets.


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