Saturday, February 24, 2018

Warriors For Christ

Dear Warriors for Christ,

Wow, ain’t life grand! I was prayin’ this morning. Oh no, look out! Phillipa from England has been sending out flares all morning, “Somebody HELLLLP!” I was under the tent with one bullet in my gun, wondering if I had enough nerve to write this morning. Or if I should pray for another bullet or what? One thing the devil loves to do to ya is give you images in your mind of failure.

Ya know as I was prayin’ for Mary this morning, the Lord reminded me of her birth. And sometimes the birth of a child says something about the rest of their lives. Mary was my seventh child and I had one miscarriage just before her. So I had her when I was almost 39. But the hospital was about 30 miles away on an icy highway. So they said I was to stay in this place by the hospital for mothers who were at risk. They thought I was old at 39 and too far from the hospital. Well, so I went. I was overdue and so was there for a week and they wanted me to stay longer. It dawned on me one day as I prayed that I didn’t have to stay there. They had intimidated me and tried to scare me to death that I would die and the baby would die if I didn’t get to the hospital right away when I went into labor.

My fifth child was a C-section and the doctor who did that, they said, was a butcher and made a mess of my womb. He then left town and left no address to get ahold of him. He was a crazy man. No one could figure out if he had tried to make an incision up and down or across? He didn’t even sew me up right. So my womb wasn’t stable. But the place they gave me to stay was full of maniacs. They all loved MTV and that was on 24-7. I told Jim when he came to see me that I was leaving this popsicle stand and was he with me. He said he was and we left. The doctors saw us and tried to stop us but we just left, anyway, with them screaming, “You won’t make it.” Well, we did make it and I went into labor in a few days and made it back in plenty of time. I felt my health declined in the time I had been there in that sin infested place that I am still wondering about today. Just down the hall from where I was, they were doing abortions. This hospital does more abortions than, I think, any hospital in the nation. It’s no wonder I didn’t want to hang around there.

Then when I was in labor, they gave me two shots of pitocin. Of course, my womb that was mangled anyway blew and ruptured. Then after all of that, they wanted to take my womb out. Up to then, Papa and I had been pretty nice? But Jim loves to tell what I told the doctors. I looked up at about three specialists that told me I would die if my womb wasn’t removed. “I am going to own you and this whole hospital if you take my womb out.” I had been bleeding in a bucket and Papa was crying his eyes out in a chair. Papa came to the head of the bed and spoke to me. “Connie, we have five other children who need you.” So I said that I would do whatever. But the doctors didnt take my womb out. Because they had made so many mistakes, they knew I could happily and easily sue them and would have. I was in the operating room getting repaired for almost, I think, 3 hours. Papa sat and prayed alone. All the relatives were called and told that I may die. And my relatives came up to the hospital and told Jim, my grieving husband, that if I did die, the kids would be taken by the state. Papa cried and gave his heart to the Lord as he had never done before.

I nearly died to give Mary birth. And as I stand here, the Lord speaks to me, “Mary is the anointed one and will do great things for the Lord.” And it is the least among us who God seems to anoint. And the devil will lie on the anointed ones. But God will have a prayer warrior pray over the least of them. And by faith the intercessor will not give up. And the intercessor will have to stand alone and not give ear or eyes to the circumstances set before them. Warriors for Christ … that will not be moved by the flesh.


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