Friday, February 23, 2018

We Have Jesus Christ

Dear Mothers,

Thursday Emily, Dixie’s daughter, stopped for a visit. It was a visit outta this world, of course. And Em brought me groceries as her Mom always did when I had the whole family here.

As we visited, Emily was telling me about when her Mom would be in prayer at the kitchen table. Emily said she knew well not to interrupt when her Mom was praying. But Em said when she was young, she would want something really bad like a new bike or something. So she would get anxious about it and, knowing her mom’s prayers were always answered, she would try to interrupt her mom’s prayers with, “Mom, ask God if I can have a new bike. ” (Or whatever it was at the time.) Dixie would turn from the face of God to Emily and say, “You ask Him, Emily.” And I can’t count the times I have heard Dixie say to Emily as we were all visiting at the kitchen table, “Emily, you have Jesus Christ. What more do you want?”

Em is half Dixie and half Bill, and even having half of Dixie in for an afternoon visit is miraculous — always miraculous. Emily strayed, as Mary has, and Em says in Dixie style, “Connie, Mary is going to be alright. I prayed about it. It’s all going to be OK.” And I told Em, “If you say so, Em … and I surely agree with ya.” Jill says Mary will be OK, too, if I can just live through it.

I have to laugh when I think of Emily as she sat on my couch and talked to me. She has a wonderful sense of humor. She says, “I seen plenty as you three sat at your table and prayed.” And then she would roll her eyes towards my dining room. We three mothers entertained our kids with signs and wonders that we mothers didn’t even know the kids noticed. Emily is only about 29 but she has a lot of wisdom to share with me. See, when you are a very spiritual mother and you teach your children at your knee, you just think they will know how to live your teachings once they get out on their own. But, see, Satan is out to get you as Mom and if you are spiritual, he can’t get ya? You know how to protect yourself. But once your prize possessions, your children, get out there and away from your protection, then he goes and tries to get them. They think that when they are home and protected that things will always be that way. You don’t put the children around crazy people and so they don’t know who is crazy and who isn’t once they get into the world. And see, we three mothers made such a haven of rest for our kids that they almost felt a holy peace all the time. But once they get out there in the world, the world nabs ’em. But really, it is a test and they have to pass this test on their own.

See, Jill and Dixie and I all had parents who didn’t really know the Lord. We were faithful wives and mothers but we had no backup. Plus we had unsaved husbands. So we often had to fight our parents to do the right thing and follow God. Then we have kids who fought us for our faith, too. So the scripture that says “we fight not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and wickedness in high places” is true.

No matter how the accusers were packaged, it is the devil’s voice screaming condemnation. We have to know who’s who in our fights of faith. But see, like Em said, “Connie, if the house was on fire, Mom would have just said in a calm voice, ‘Well, I guess the house is on fire. I guess we better go.'” You couldn’t rattle Dixie with a rattlesnake. When Jim was at his worst, Dixie would say in a calm voice, “What’s wrong with you? Jim is healed.” I could have killed her when she would say that because he didn’t look healed to me. But Dixie would tell everyone Jim was healed. She always said, “Connie, don’t worry what people think — just look at Jesus Christ.” And last night I prayed for Mary, age 21. I prayed most of the night. And when I woke up this morning, the thought came to me, “Connie, you have Jesus Christ. What more do you need? He has promised to meet all of your needs. He says in His Word that all things are possible.”

And ya know, God’s Word says that He is greater in us than he who is in the world, the devil. Our strength is in our confidence and quietness in God. There is no reason to fear for any of us who have unsaved loved ones. Or for husbands who don’t obey the Word. All is well. Jesus Christ hasn’t been knocked off His throne. There is no truth outside of Jesus and His Word. He is the way the Truth and the Life. Is He your truth? Is He my truth? If He says, “Anything we ask in Jesus name we receive” then is this true to us? Or do we think He is a liar like Satan? Mark 11:23 and 24 says that we are to believe that we have what we ask for. If we believe it, wouldn’t we tell it like that, at least to ourselves?

Yes, we must cry out to God first until we catch the revelation that our loved ones are OK. But once we get it tight in our hearts that “all is well” ya know what? The Devil wants to steal the truth from our hearts. And we have to keep the truth in our hearts so it can bear fruit. See, Satan has tried to scare me to death. Jim died and then Mary and Brandon went crazy. I mean, duh, let me see … “Connie, is the devil tryin’ to take you down or what?” Well, yeah, he would like to. But ya know I sense lately that he is more afraid of me than he used to be. And I don’t plan on dyin’ quietly. I am gonna call fire outta heaven before I go. And I will tell the devil one thing. “If Jim got saved, Mary will come back to the Lord.” ‘Cause Jim was a much bigger gun than Mary ever will be. Hello? Satan has meant these many trials of my faith to destroy me but God has meant it for good. “Oh, dear Jesus, I have been here before. I have been here before.” And Jim was delivered and set free. And like Philipa told me the other night on the phone, “Connie, if you hadn’t written your testimony in Above Rubies, I would never have read it here in England. Your testimony saved me and my children.” Oh, Satan hates that testimony that Jim was set free. And he knows I am a writer and I write what the Lord does for me. I am a giant tattletale. And when I tell it, I tell it to the world. I have told it all over the world through Above Rubies magazine.

Some of you ask how I went through all of that with Jim and got a miracle. Well, if you have kept up with my writings on Mary and my prayers for her, you will know how I made it with Jim. One day at a time. The hard way. Ya have to not care if you are shot down a hundred times — it’s the gettin’ back up that is powerful. Ya learn to put up with yourself and your mistakes. Because no one does this faith walk without mistakes. I have made glaring mistakes with Mary. But you just don’t worry about your mistakes … you just forgive yourself and get back up.

God trusts you in the dark. He sees the arrows hit your heart but He trusts you to take care of your wounds and get back up. The worse the trial, the more you know that He trusts you to take care of it. He don’t tell ya everything to do. He just expects you, as a flesh and Holy Spirit filled covenant woman, to deal with the situation at hand. He is all Spirit but we as women are on the earth to be keepers of the nest and those who live in it. God expects us to minister to the family. When we have done all we can do inside the wall of home and need a supernatural intervention, then He comes and gives it to us. But if we drop away from Him and His spirit, then we are on our own to find Him and get back up. And I fall every day. But see, Satan wants to tell you that you will never make it because you fall all the time. Or that you just don’t have what it takes to get back up. Or that you are too old or this trial has taken too long. Oldest trick in the book of Satan’s is “Well, this has taken so long. If God was gonna do something, he would have by now.” Mostly Satan lies to us and deceives us. He likes to get rumors goin’ and lies to flyin’. Don’t believe the lies. Believe God.

And ya know, I am almost 60 years old. And I have been walkin’ the faith walk a long time. And I have a nice notch on my gun that I like to take out of the holster and show you all that God saved Jim. But with all of that, I don’t mind tellin’ ya it’s been hard lately. And I don’t know how some of you are makin’ it in this wicked society. But ya know it ain’t all about me. It’s all about Jesus Christ. His grace is sufficient for us. Where sin abounds grace much more abounds.

They are saying on Christian TV that about four percent of the young folks under 25 profess to be Christians. As the generations have dwindled down less and less, each generation is choosing not to be Christians. Oh, this breaks my heart. The school of the Holy Spirit is inside the walls of the home. As mothers are serious about home and family, they come closer to God. But we have so many of our leaders who believe in birth control. And when you take that stuff, you shut the children of God off. You stop the work of God. Just like if John the Baptist’s mother had been on birth control. Aren’t you chosen of God enough to have a John the Baptist? Or are you called to baby your dog and cat for the rest of your life? We Mothers who have children under 25 have been brought to the stage for such a time as this. Let’s not shame the cause of Jesus Christ. We may be raising up leaders even now that will save our world.

See, what I teach is grassroots stuff. And many of you will be called to raise up children to change our world. See, the church teachings usually don’t come up with the new stuff in the Spirit. They love birth control which brings a deception — it’s good for business, but not for Christian families. It was years before they figured out homeschool. The true teaching of God’s heart will come from a man in the wilderness like a John the Baptist. And lately, as I look at the postcard Dan’s band sent me from Oregon, I have quit asking “Lord, why do the punk rockers love me?” And I was joking about asking them if I could join their band. But lately I am practicing the piano a lot. I really don’t have anything else to do but start a REVOLUTION. Not that I think I could. But I am sure Jesus Christ would like to start one and, if I am willing, He is able. And ya know the kids now days need a lot more then we needed to make it. And the church is gonna have to come up with a lot more than they have been to keep the young adults. They need and want reality.

I praise God for the trials I have had with Mary. My heart has been broken and my flesh has been burned away. My food and my drink is Jesus. But I do believe we are all going through the school of hard knocks. And if God doesn’t teach us in the quiet times how to work when things get really tough on the earth, does He really love us? I praise Him today for the lessons I am learning. And I am hiding the word in my heart concerning Mary. And I am Praising Jesus Christ for the Victory! Because if we don’t keep Him and His word first place in our hearts, then it can’t work. No, we can’t confess negative. But to me, if the Word is in our hearts, it will come out our mouth without us having to confess anything. It is our hearts, our souls, our minds.

What is in our inner court? We must be quiet and confident in God and hold His Word in our arms, as if He were a newborn baby. We must love His Word more than we love the world or the things of the world.


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