Saturday, February 24, 2018


Dear Mothers,

I felt so desperate yesterday. Thanks for all of the prayers.

I am wanting to cut loose on the teachings on wisdom. One thing I was thinking of, as I was meditating on wisdom, is this. When I went out to Dixie’s and then came home, I could hold that imparting of wisdom from the wisdom in Dixie for about three days. She had a gift of wisdom and even the crumbs from under her table would be enough to hold you in your homemaking for a few days. Jill had other gifts like Dixie’s. But I don’t know if I was just spiritually inept in this area? I dunno. But Jill and Dixie would go more by the Holy Spirit’s voice, but I had to have words out of the Bible for everything. Turns out they were right. But I had to have the scriptures to back everything up. Why? I guess because I was to become a writer, a wordsmith. Dixie used to give me a pad of paper and say, “This is for you. You are a writer.” Jill even said the other day, as we were praying for Jane, “Connie, I always pray in tongues and you pray in words.”

But this gift Dixie had was more then just a desire to do housework. After being with her, I would come home and do something like go straight to the fridge and clean it out. I mean it was a spirit that came on ya that all you wanted to do is take care of the children, cook, clean, and adore your husband. It was not a normal desire. Other gifts would accompany it like a gift of inventions or knowledge. Like the spirit of wisdom taught Dixie to dress out a chicken when she hadn’t done it before. It was the difference in homemaking, like an artist that could paint a picture as opposed to one who could just draw a straight line.

This wisdom I am writing about, out of Proverbs, is a wisdom that was like a sport. I would get this wisdom on me as I would go out to plant herbs or gather them. It was like playing with a puppy or doing something so fun you couldn’t stop. You get lost in time as you are caught up in the Holy Spirit as the gift of wisdom is in operation. I went out to Dixie’s once and the kitchen looked red. She had tomatoes stacked almost to the ceiling as she was canning. And almost every one of those tomatoes was perfect and the same size and color. Jill had a perfect garden. I am talkin’ perfect. It looked like she had a name for every vegetable. Even though her children were young. Even though her husband had deserted her. These women were unbelievable.

But I would tell Dixie that I needed the wisdom and she would say, “Oh, Connie, you have it.” But I didn’t have it and I am still looking for it. I mean, like I said before, Dixie was about 135 pounds of wisdom and I got about 30 pounds of it. But she got this imparting of wisdom in about two weeks and I have been lookin’ for it for about twenty-one years. But Dixie gave up everything to find it. No phone, TV or anything like that. She had a radio that she listened to after supper.

But with every blessing, there is a monster there to destroy it, like I said in my last writing. Dixie’s husband, I must say, finally won out on that deal. He was an unbeliever and finally managed to destroy Dixie with his ways. She finally became discouraged and gave up a lot. Still, she fought the good fight and died knowing more of the wisdom of God than I ever got in twenty-one years. And no tellin’ if I will keep it to the end, either.

Dixie lived in the word — not especially Proverbs, like I go by. But a lot of what she said and did was out of Proverbs. Dixie’s dream, of course, was to always go deeper into the wisdom and buy her own land. But then cancer came along. Boy, did she fight that. But eventually the hospital killed her with a medical procedure that they goofed up on. They wrote Em, her daughter, a letter and told her that Dixie never died of cancer. But that they were giving her an antibiotic and a blood transfusion at the same time and this put her into an a coma and she died.

I mean you can have faith but not have a gift of it. You can be wise but not have a gift of wisdom. Wisdom has other gifts that accompany it. Wisdom is instinct in animals. It teaches the birds to fly south for the winter. It teaches a mother to nurse her baby. We are to learn wisdom from the ants. (Proverbs 6:6)

“With Wisdom a house is built” — this means spiritual and natural. Every wise woman builds her house, meaning she is wise and to prove it, she builds a house. If she is wise, she is good at what pertains to the home. She is a good mother and wife and homekeeper. Usually, a woman who loves her husband is wise in her homemaking and is a good mother. Because she is wise. Wisdom always has to do with building a home. Like Solomon built the temple with wisdom.

The strange woman is so talked about and rebuked in Proverbs because she is the opposite of wisdom. She is strange. Her feet abide not in her own home. She is an adulterer. She is feminism. She is a strange spirit. And as Solomon was taken down because of his many strange wives, the wisdom of God is choked out of us through the strange woman of Proverbs. “Strange” meaning she is not God’s daughter. This woman directly or indirectly comes at the wise woman and seeks to destroy her spirit of wisdom. She is the harlot of Revelations that drinks the blood of the saints. She is after our lives! Like my Mary who has become a harlot. She breaks my heart and nearly kills me. But this is the spirit that will take you down, either as adultery in your home, or an outside influence, one way or the other.

If we plan on getting the wisdom of God and keeping it, we need to stay away from adultery. Because this is the main spirit that will take the life of God out of you and your home. The wisdom of God will save your home. Or the spirit of adultery will destroy it. The foolish woman is foolish to begin with and this is why she runs out of the house to get a job when she doesn’t have to.

There is also much wealth in wisdom. Spiritual wealth and physical wealth. The wise woman’s price is far above rubies. And also we will attain wealth through wisdom as Solomon did. Wisdom also brings health and happiness. Happy is the woman who trusts in the Lord. Also it brings long life that satisfies.

Proverbs says to call wisdom our sister and understanding our kinswoman. Wisdom is to live with us daily and we are to train our minds to hear her, as she is a woman’s voice, as I wrote about it yesterday in the first part, as spoken of in the first 8 chapters of Proverbs. Our problem is that we have a voice in our heads, most of the time, from the world that is the voice of feminism. We have to renew our minds with the voice of wisdom in Proverbs.

Adultery is like idolatry and it causes a woman to chase other gods. She wants her husband and other men, too.

The gift of wisdom doesn’t depend upon having a husband. As in Proverbs 6:6, the ants have wisdom without any overseer. It’s good to have a husband so that he can protect you as you play out wisdom in the home. But if you don’t have wisdom, it’s not your husband’s fault unless he is in adultery, and the strange woman is coming in the home through husband. Wisdom is stronger than adultery — way far stronger, as greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Strange women took the wisest man who ever lived down.

But like Dixie always told me, “Connie, the wisdom of God is a secret.” And I would say, ya gotta dig for it. Ya gotta seek it as gold. It is your life. Seek it in Proverbs and learn to hear the voice of wisdom. Exalt her and she will preserve you.

Well, this writing is, um — well, moving right along. I had to stop and make lunch.

So, anyway, wisdom is a foundation. We build our homes spiritually and physically as Nehemiah built back up the walls of Jerusalem.

We will always have the woman in the strange land, foreign to God and His word, she will taunt us and try to kill us. But we fight her off with the Word of God concerning the virtuous woman. And we as wives and mothers fight to keep adultery out of our family. If a family member is in adultery, then we must deal with it. Not deny it as it will bring more deception. Ezekiel 3 says that we are to tell the truth about it so that the blood won’t be on our hands. And that we will save our own lives. Adultery will kill you spiritually, as you are worshiping another God. It will send you to hell. (I dare say, too, that there is a woman on this group, a Christian, who is in adultery. I can feel it.) But, anyway, yes, we need to deal with adultery in our families as Mothers and Wives. There is hope in this, and it can be worked out. We are to tell the truth about it and pray for the person. And the Lord will heal them and they will go and sin no more. But no one commits adultery because someone made them do it. It is a spirit and the innocent mate didn’t give it to the adulterer. But the guilty one will try to accuse the innocent.

Adultery comes as folks get into the world and begin to chase other gods. I think fornication is different if it doesn’t include married people. But a lot of Christian women divorce as they have chosen a new god. One that isn’t in the Bible. One like what Joyce portrays and not the truth of the Keepers at Home.

Many Church women get away with multiple marriages and divorces. And no one skips a beat. But when the old harlot gets sick or needs a miracle, God will wonder who she is and why she expects to be healed. Like Aunt Toot says, “Pay day comes.” A lot of harlots can get a miracle by going to church as the truly Christian women will pray for them. Of course, then the blood of the harlot is on the Christian woman. The Bible says not to fellowship with unbelievers. The wise woman will not have fellowship with darkness. But she will reprove it. She will call it out in order to give the harlot over to Satan that her flesh would be burned and her spirit will be saved.

But, no, you wives don’t need to tell an adulterous husband off. It isn’t your place. But the truth within you will begin to work on its own. God’s word works. As you know the truth, you will be set free and your husband will eventually be set free, also. But if you stand in guilt as the innocent party, then you will be feeding this demon and it will continue to try to kill you and slowly destroy you.

Truth and wisdom has to build the home. We are building temples of righteousness as women of wisdom. And, yes, we love the sinner but we can’t be stupid enough to ignore the sin. The sin will take down the whole house for generations to come. We don’t have to try to stop that wild bull of adultery. We let the truth do that as we are covenant keepers and we hold the TRUTH in our hearts. And the Truth is what will bring our families into God’s holy order.


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