Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Ya know this afternoon, the Lord was speaking to me about miracles. Ya know when Jim was saved, healed, and delivered, he just changed personalities. I remember the first time I went to the grocery store and laid real money on the counter instead of food stamps. What a miracle that was. Jim was working steady and bringing the money home to me. I used to get so happy about my miracle that the Joy would be so powerful, I couldn’t contain it. I had to pray, “Lord, don’t give me so much Joy all at once. I can barely take it all.” It was like being pumped up with air like a balloon. I felt like the joy would make me POP. Really, a lot of times I didn’t even have words to express what I felt. I saw before my eyes such signs and wonders. So many workings of miracles.

Folks would stop at the house and see Jim at the head of the table and all of his family gathered about. As I would find another chair to seat a guest, we would all prepare to pray. Jim would start out every evening meal prayer with “Thank you, Lord, for my darling wife Connie.” Then he would pray for everyone including the guest. And finally the food. Folks would ask me, “How did Jim get healed? Did he go to church and get the demons cast out or what?” I would say that it was just answered prayer.

It was all so out of this world. Jim was so notorious as he left us so many times for 12 years. He was always in the paper for robbing stores or whatever. I would just keep praying and believing God. I would tell folks, “God is gonna give me a miracle.” And then people would say, “Well, you are the miracle to put up with him.” And, oh, he was such a nightmare. And I didn’t do all that good with any of it all. I just wouldn’t let go, no matter how bad things got — I just kept on going.

Of course, Jill and Dixie and so many others encouraged me at different times. But ya know mostly it gets down to you and God. It really has to be you and God. Folks can encourage ya and cheer ya on but, bottom line, it has to be that you believe God.

Right after Jim got saved, Mary and Russ L gave us this nice white station wagon. The Lord gave us many blessings. The Lord did supernatural miracles to show me that Jim was truly healed and I didn’t have to worry anymore. The Lord healed my wounded soul. He came to bind up the broken hearted and to set the captive free. And ya know the Lord gave me 26 years then of happiness. I mean we had a few ups and downs but not many problems to speak of. Now lately it’s been so hard with Jim’s passing and the grandchild’s death. And now Mary’s problems. But really for about 26 years, I had a lot of peace and rest. Papa took such good care of all of us. He was such a miracle in all that he did. We had many miracle healings in that 26 years. But lately, what hell it’s been.

I am asking the Lord for some peaceful years up ahead. The Bible says “Mark the righteous man or woman the end of that man is peace.” I am looking now for some peaceful years up ahead.

I used to tell the Lord I would need an eternity to praise Him for healing Jim and giving me a happy marriage. As I stand here writing in my miracle house, I think of how all the miracles have kept me alive. I have lived on them. God doesn’t let us down. He really don’t. If you stay with His covenants and you pray and do not let go, you will see His glory. I can promise you. You will see His glory.

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