Saturday, February 24, 2018

Prayin’ Like a Hound Dog

Oh mercy! I have been prayin’ as if I would be shot any minute over the last 24 hours. I am set free in my spirit but my flesh is still upset. Mary called yesterday and I was so upset. After talking to her, I felt like a newborn baby being thrown off a cliff. Ya know how a newborn puts their arms straight out when they are in fear and need to be wrapped snugly in a blanket? I prayed and the Lord gave me peace.

I hate to write out all of this but I think the Lord has called me to do it to be completely set free. I had prayed for hours and this is what the Lord told me in essence. “Connie, you are a Christian Mother. You are not without hope. The trials your children get into are ordered of the Lord.” The Lord doesn’t mean that He puts our kids in sin but He was telling me that He is all about them when they are in sin. With the unbeliever, with no one praying for them, they get into REAL danger. And God isn’t there with them. But for a Christian Mother, her children are in a cocoon of the Lord’s protection. The trials they come into will teach them the ways of the Lord.

I felt such a silence and joy after the Lord began to speak. I looked out my big window at the windmill out in the side yard. And I saw how pretty the bushes looked and the morning glories are growing up the windmill. And at the bottom is a gourd plant. A very big plant, taking up the side yard. As I looked out my window at the birds and the joy of nature, I saw a shadow of peace over part of the bushes. It was supernatural as if Jesus was showing me a place of protection He had Mary in. That He knew all about Mary and His eyes were upon the sparrow and He was watching over Mary, too. I felt a peace knowing that God knew where Mary was and all about her. But, dear Mothers, we have to know when we see our kids do the worst things that we are not as the strange women who have no hope. We are Queens and Keepers at the Homes of Priests and Handmaidens of the Lord. We are not to be fearful, but knowing that the Lord is doing a perfect work in our lives.

Then today I woke up and the fear was again upon me. The Lord showed me that Brandon has been demon oppressed. I spoke to these demons to come out of Brandon in Jesus name. Jesus says in His word that anything we ask in Jesus name we receive. Ya know the demon possessed man in the Bible would not live in a house but lived among the tombs. Look at the people in our society that will not live in a home. So many young people on the streets. This is a sign of demon oppression. I rebuked all of this from him in Jesus name and I believe it all to be done in Jesus name.

Mark 11:23 says that we must believe that we have what we ask for and we will receive it. Ya know I know all of this talk about demons would unnerve some of you. But as the times get worse, we all need to know how to rebuke the devil. See, if we abide in the vine then we can ask what we will and it will be done. Jesus asks us to use His name as we speak to the mountains in our life. We should speak to husband in prayer, not to his face, “Husband, be wise in Jesus name.” Or whatever. You don’t have to pray “Lord, please make my husband wise.” You can say to the mountain, “Husband, be healed in Jesus name.”

See, I ain’t just tootin’ a horn. I have been through this before with my husband. Like God told me about Brandon, “You have been here before.” And ya know God gave me a miracle and He will again. See, it’s not natural for a man or woman to want to leave the marriage bed and go after someone else. And often it is more than just the flesh or sin — it is a supernatural attack from demons. And you don’t need to be with the person to cast the demons out. Both Mary and Brandon have been running loose. But I have prayed and the Lord has heard me and I believe I have what I have asked for.


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