Saturday, February 24, 2018

From Connie Hultquist

Dear Mothers, I wrote to Nancy at Above Rubies today. Thought you might like to read it. Love, Connie

Hi Nancy,

Ya know lately the Lord has been having me read the past issues of Above Rubies. I think it is because I will have a much smaller (much smaller) ministry like yours. I saw this in a vision years ago.

Well, you know now I am babysitting. Jim left me a small amount of savings after he died and he paid off the house. Bless his heart! I miss him. But I still have to make enough money to live on, for groceries and to pay the taxes, etc. But as you have called so many in your magazines to adopt children, I think the Lord is calling me to call older widows to babysit.

It is such a joy to fill up my home now with children. I am not as young as I used to be but I can do some things to put my life into children. I was hoping to tutor young ones, too. I could do this and care for little ones at the same time. I enjoy caring for the one month old baby girl. Then I have an 8-year-old after school girl and Olivia Jean, who I have all day, who is 4. It is a small group of little girls but I love it.

I was just thinking this morning of older than I am widows that could easily take in after school children for a few hours. It would be such a blessing to the widow and the children. So many children need the example of a godly Christian Mother. In our society, it seems there is such a disgust towards little children. I feel so sorry for people like that. As I take a walk with 4-year-old Olivia, her hand in mine, I feel so complete and happy. I don’t have the one month old Baby every day, just three days a week. No, I don’t think Mothers should go out to work. But since they do, I think the Lord would love catching these children in the wings of a stay at home grandma.

I am just 59 and I know I could remarry. The Bible says for the widows under 60 to remarry and guide the house and bear more children. But I have no desire to run from house to house, anyway. (1 Timothy 5:4-9) I just want to stay home and do what I have been doing for many years. I enjoy having a garden and storing food for the winter.

Anyway, Nancy, just wanted to share a writing with your this morning.


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