Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Good Morning Mothers

Dear Mommys,

Just got Baby Olivia (3 weeks old) this morning. Fed her and now she is napping. I have a bit of time before Olivia Jean, who is 4, gets here. They come an hour apart. Hopefully this morning I can make a couple cakes. One will be a simple butter cake and one will be chocolate. Maybe will make some chili, too … it all depends upon the children and if they don’t need me. Isobel after school needs some sort of a snack before the folks pick the girls up. I will freeze the leftover cake. Hopefully it will last the week. None of these girls are any trouble and do more for me then I do for them. They are such blessings to me.

My friend Linda up the street is the most godly woman I know. She babysits three toddlers and a 3-year-old. And sometimes, after school, grandchildren. Linda woman can run like the wind! I think actually she is a few months older then me. Linda’s husband left her 15 years ago and she is still believing God for him. He comes over to see her a few times a week. She is so kind to him and loving. Linda is a wonder of God! She lives a few blocks from me. She dropped over yesterday as she just had one toddler and the 3-year-old grandson. When she came in and saw me with the tiny new baby, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She didn’t think I would get the new baby so soon. She smiled into my eyes as I held the baby. “I bet you are happy now,” Linda told me.

Everyone who knows me knows I always wanted more and more babies. I pray I get to help raise this new baby. Ashly, the mom, brought a big package of Pampers and baby wipes for me to keep here. It was like giving a little girl doll clothes for her doll baby. Jesus tells us to enter His kingdom as children. It’s fun to have the heart of a child and to play and imagine fun things.

When I was a child, I loved to play house out on the back porch. My Mother and Dad had such a good imagination and Dad built me a doll cupboard. They loved to buy me doll dishes. I had a little doll washing machine. Also I had a miniature sewing machine. Also I had a cleaning cupboard. It was made of a really hard cardboard and in it was a broom and dust mop. Also pretend cleaning supplies. What Mom and Dad didn’t come up with, Grandma Juanita and Grandpa Babe would get for me. I had all the newest baby dolls and I loved every one of them. I tried to sleep with them all at night. One time when I was 5, I was playing with my doll in my bedroom. I was giving her a bath with a pan of water. Mother was in the kitchen (the next room) and I told mom, “I think I saw my dolly breathe.” I loved my dolls and still have many of the childhood dolls I had as a child.

Scuse me for saying this but I think Barbie dolls are the ruin of us. Any little girls want to take the dolls’ clothes off. To see naked Barbies all over a child’s room is to me unthinkable. Barbie was first made as a sex toy in the U.S.A. And, of course, she is the doll of the feminists, for sure. I laugh so hard when Jan on TBN gives Barbie dolls to little black children in Africa. Now why in the world are little black girls going to want big boobed white women to play with?

The ruin of our nation is the feminists. More than ever, we Mothers at home should teach the little girls to play with baby dolls. This is how we teach our little girls to be mothers. Mary and I played Babies a lot when she was little. I had my own doll I would rock in the chair as Mary rocked her baby. This is when a little girl learns to be domesticated.

My own mother loved housekeeping and still does at 84. Mother enjoyed sewing. Mom taught me to sew on an old Singer sewing machine. It was a treadle. And you had to power it with your feet as you moved the treadle back and forth. I wish I had another one like that. It gives you more control.

Well, Baby is waking up so better go.


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