Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Crazy Story

Dear Mothers,

Well, ya know, sometimes ya just gotta tell a funny story.

About a month ago, Aunt Toot was visiting with me and and my friend’s daughter, Maggie age 32, stopped by and told me her Mom had lost my phone number and she wanted me to call her. I looked deep into Maggie’s eyes. “How are you doing, Maggie?” I asked her. All the time, I am thinkin’ “What a loaded question to ask Maggie!” Our eyes met and she knew I knew what she had been up to because of her Mom. She is doing a lot better, though. But, anyway, her Mother in the old days had been in prison and in gangs and you name it. Maggie and I got to laughin’ about how her mother nearly shot her leg off years ago. Poor Aunt Toot’s eyes are getting bigger and bigger as Maggie and I are talking. After she left, Toot says, “What was Cindy doing with a gun to start with?” Ya know, I had never thought of that. I mean, Cindy always had a gun. I think it was a hunting gun.

I had met Cindy many years ago in the early 70s. Our sons were in preschool together. Well, Cindy was the wildest woman. And I was always winning people to Jesus. And so I became her friend and she invited me to her apartment where she lived with her husband and two children. That apartment was like something you would have never beleived. One day as we were talking in Cindy’s kitchen, the ceiling in the living room fell in. She had a shower in the kitchen that was just a door you went into. You open the door and there is the shower stall. No light or anything but a shower stall. You close the door and it was pitch black. It wasn’t a room but just a shower stall with a wooden door. Cindy didn’t come to the Lord at this time but then moved to Arkansas and a preacher there told her about Jesus and she was saved in a church. Then she and the family moved back and she told me that she could finally see what I meant.

Lately, she fell and broke her other leg and has had to have a lot of therapy in the hospital. Finally she called me yesterday. I was so glad to hear from her. We are like sisters — long lost sisters. We rarely see each other but are never without each other in our hearts. She now has MS and sounded so sweet on the phone. I feel a peace always when I am around her. She has a sweet love and trust in Jesus but talk about the wildest woman in the world?

Well, back to the late 70s. So, anyway, back then, I invited Cindy to my home to meet Jim and all. Jim wasn’t saved yet. Anyway, we came into the house and Jim says, “Hi, Cindy.” And Cindy goes, “Hi Jim.” I hadn’t known it but Cindy was Jim’s girlfriend when he first came to town. Oh, mercy — what a riot! Later, we met Cindy’s husband Harry. I tried to tell him about Jesus while Jim was there. He was a murderer and promised to murder Jim if I told him again about Jesus. Later on, he did go to prison for murder, among other things. But the funniest part of all of this was that Cindy’s family was rich and her mom was the most stuck up old dame you could imagine.

Well, Cindy had a way of pickin’ guys to marry. She gave Harry a fat divorce and decided to marry his cousin. I thought she should stay with Harry as he was her husband. He did get life in prison but she was better off to have stayed with him as that would have kept her out of the trouble of marrying three more times. She could have saved herself a lot of heartache. Harry got life.

Anyway, her mother tells me on the front porch, as we are sipping iced tea, that Harry was a modern day cattle rustler. Well, Harry if he got hungry (which was often as he never worked) would go to a farm and steal a cow. He would kill it in the field and then cut it in half and bring half home. Then he would cut it up in his basement. Well, this was after Cindy was saved and was trying to have a prayer meeting. Harry comes running in the house telling Cindy to clear everyone out, that he was bringing in half a cow. Oh, those were the crazy days, huh?


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