Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Writing

Dear Mothers,

Sorry I haven’t written. Every day, I think things will be better so I can write but they haven’t gotten better.

I need prayer for my family. Mary, 21, was put in jail over a fine. But she would never go to her court date. She is still grieving for her dad and for her baby who she lost in September. And so the court got really mad. So the bond was high and a bondsman didn’t want to cooperate because he had been stiffed before and so had we. So we leave Mary in there for altogether 10 days. Well, she gets sick and they assured me at the jail that they were taking care of her and they weren’t. Yesterday, this horrid fear came over me that Mary would die in there and she nearly did. I prayed that God would take her out of there. And Mary finally got a nurse to look at her and she was very sick. She got staph from a dirty jail. Anyway, she was taken to the hospital and I went to see her yesterday. Her room at the hospital is like a palace all newly remodeled. She was so happy to eat and be able to take a shower without being watched.

I am brokenhearted. I don’t know if I will ever write again. She just called and said more sores are breaking out. For you who need my writings, just go to my website

Please pray for me, Mary, and for our family.


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