Sunday, December 17, 2017

Spiritual Battles

This afternoon, I was praying and doing battle in the Spirit. And I saw a vision in my mind. I saw a demon come into the room. I said, “I am not afraid of you, Satan. What do you want?” And this demon was big and it was in layers of gray and black platelets of armor. And the armor was heavy and he drug it along as he could barley walk. His black wings were hovering down over him. And he says to me, “You keep sticking me with your sword — the Word of God — and you keep holding up the shield of Faith. I am tired and can barely go on.” This demon also said that he couldn’t get to me or close up to me because I kept my sword up and my shield. Later on, I saw a warring angel of God come and throw this demon out the door. The Lord showed me what a battle I have been in and how, as long as we keep the Word up and the Faith shield up, Satan can’t get to us. I could also hear a conversation among the demons saying, “I am not messing with her. I am tired and she will get the victory like she did with Jim. You can mess with her if you want to but I am leaving.”

I wanted to tell you all this, as many of you are in spiritual battles. But if you don’t give up you will see His glory. Satan is afraid of the Word of God and has to let go of whoever you are praying for in the name of Jesus. Satan hates to be reminded of the blood of Jesus and He hates to hear the scriptures being preached. And he hates it when you won’t give up and forget your faith. Believe God and don’t give up. Satan can’t win.

In my battle, as I prayed, I thought I had lost the battle. I was ready to give up. And I got a phone call that showed me that God was still working. Even though I almost gave up, I could see the devil still so worn and tired and fearful. I thought, “Lord, why is he worried? He is winning.” But God was working. God had it all in His hands and I didn’t know it. But Satan knew it and he knew he had lost, even if I didn’t know it. Someone talked to me on the phone and told me the truth. Satan is a liar and deceiver and wants to paint a picture that God is not working. But God is — as long as we keep our arms raised as Moses did, we are winning the battle. We can’t see all of circumstances.

I know this may scare some of you. I hope not. But, ya know, this is reality in the Spirit realm.

I am thinking of the scripture as I write. No soldier when he (she) warreth concerns herself with the affairs of this world.

When we mothers try to fight spiritual battles, we think we have to argue with our husbands or children. Or figure out how to get them to Christ or figure out who needs to talk to them or what we as Mothers need to do. But the Bible says that our fight is not with the flesh but with spiritual powers and wickedness in high places.

As long as Satan can get us to worry and to have fits all day over our families, he is resting on a bed of ease. He just sits there, half asleep, as he knows mother ain’t gettin’ any place with her prayin’. But when Mother sees that she is helpless to change the circumstance and she asks the Lord to do the battle for her, then God is able to shoot Satan off his snoring couch. He is a spirit and can whip us any day of the week. But he can’t whip God. This is why we always need to rebuke him in the name of Jesus. He is afraid of Jesus and His authority.

In the old days, I would get supper ready in the evening and I would tell David to go out and tell the kids to come in and get ready for supper. David was about 8 years old and he would go out the door look at he kids and say, “Come in the house.” I would wonder why, after a while, they weren’t coming in for supper. So, knowing David was a boy of few words, I would say, “Did you say Mom said, ‘Come in for supper’?” Well, come to find out, he would just yell out the door, “Come in the house.” Well, no one paid any attention to David, as he was just a kid and one of the younger kids, too. But when I would send him back out, I told him to say, “Mom said come in for supper.” Well, he used my authority and then the kids all came in for supper. But this is true, too, dealing with the devil. You can’t just tell him in your authority to get out of the house. Tell him, “Jesus said for you to leave and you have to leave in Jesus’ name.”

Jesus is the only one who can fight a spiritual battle for us. Our job is to not give up and to use the Word of God. We, like Moses, have to stand holding up the Word of God until we see the Lord’s glory. Our fight is to fight for our own faith — it is to fight to stay in faith and not to give up. Satan wants us to give up and quit fighting. This is the whole thing in a nut shell. Satan wants to show us mothers the worst things in our kids or husbands. Why? So we will give up and die of broken heartedness.

See, some mothers allow Satan to take years off their lives. They struggle with a child who they trained for the Lord who didn’t do what Mother thought they should do? And Mother is permanently maimed for life. She loses her spark and thrust for life. She may have other little ones in the home and they never see her happy. She is broken down and always at the verge of tears. But this Mother must see that that battle is the Lord’s.

In the Bible, God fought the battles for the believers. The believers never fought their battles. God fought the battles. We can’t see Satan unless it’s once in a while in the spirit. But mostly, we can’t see him. We can’t fight something we can’t see. But God can fight him. Just like David in the Bible was no match for the giant. But God gave David power to kill the giant. Even if David was a good shot, if he was too afraid to shoot the rock, he was gonna be crushed by Goliath. David had guts and he knew the Lord was telling him how to shoot, when to shoot, and how hard. David’s timing was perfect as God was in control. And we as Mothers must get out of the way and quit being fearful and let God fight our battles.

The Word calls us to fight the good fight. But this fight is not against flesh and blood or against people, in other words. This fight is in our own souls for ourselves to be weapons of warfare.

We Are Weapons of Warfare

See, we are the weapons of warfare. It is not our power but God’s power within us. We are loaded guns waiting to go off. We are cannons of fire and power. It is not our power but Christ within us. I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me. And the life I live now I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave His life for me.

We are the weapons of warfare. We are the whole armor of God. This is why Satan comes against us to fight us. How does he fight us? He says we are bad mothers. We didn’t train our children right. We are not good wives and we don’t know how to keep house. He tries to wear us out and tell us God has lied to us. Satan knows how important we are as weapons of warfare. And as we listen to him, we don’t have the power to blow a cannon ball out of our spirits. He attacks our spirits. He tells us we can’t make it. The odds are stacked against ya. Things are too bad. No one else has gone through this before. That and “you are too old to fight” are the worst lies he tells. Well, that and “It’s been too LONG and if God was going to work, He would have worked by now.” So our fight of faith isn’t fighting our kids and our husbands. It is the fight to keep our spirits full of faith.

We are huge cannons but if we don’t have God’s power in us, we can’t blow the weapons out. We will sit all day grunting and try to grunt the fireball out. And all it will do is fall off the end of the barrel. Kerplunk! And if there isn’t a hill at the end, it won’t even roll an inch. But the power of God can blow that thing out and it will hit the target and SMACK Satan back to the pit of hell. Mothers, the devil ain’t afraid of you but he is afraid of God. So we must keep our cannons, or our spirits, full of God’s Word and His power.

We must not let Satan discourage us. It is life and death to not let Satan talk you into giving up. If you stand on the covenant of marriage and the word concerning your kids, and if you won’t let down your shield of faith and your sword, ain’t no demon in hell that can have your family.

The battle is the Lord’s and we are only the weapons. We are the stones that will hit our spiritual giants in the head. Yes, Mothers, there are giants in the land. And they are mighty and we are small. But God is able to do exceeding and abundantly MORE than we can think or ask. We don’t need to fear, as He is able to fight our battles and win our children and husbands to Christ.

We are weapons and we must polish our barrels and make sure we are full of faith and instant in season to shoot out spiritual fire when we are called upon to do so in Jesus’ name. The Word must be in our hearts. And not a bunch of condemning words about ourselves. We must not allow the enemy of our souls to take our faith. Our faith is our power that will shoot the giants in our life.

We are fighting in a war for the life of our families. The Titus 2 mothers have been sleeping and worrying over how much money she has to retire on while the young Christian Mothers are crying out for help. We Mothers now days are reaping the harvest of many lazy older Christian mothers. We have been left with a load of crap. The grandmothers had the teaching of Keeper At Home but they never passed it on. Pride has held them captive. And now we have the lady preachers who don’t preach it at all but preach against it. But ya know what? God is bigger than that. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He will fight our battles for us and we will be VICTORIOUS IN CHRIST!

Faith Blazers

And some of us get so discouraged at times we can’t take another step. We are in a forest of brush and obstacles. We have to burn a path with our faith just to take another step. But burn it if ya gotta.

If Satan is on your hide, then take some time out to encourage yourself in the Lord. Build yourself up in the most Holy Faith. Proclaim the Word of God over your situation. Let God be the Truth and every man a liar. Don’t let your feeling of sorrow and condemnation dictate to your faith. Let your faith have anything she needs to be vibrant and full of power. Feed your faith before you do anything else.

Proclaim out loud in the house for your marriage, “What God has joined together let no man separate.” Say it loud so you can hear it in your soul. For the wayward children, declare, “All of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.” Envision your children around your table, full of joy and rest and peace.

Cast down vain imaginings and anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God. Keep your hearts for out of it is the issues of life.

Folks say, “Read the back of the book (Bible) — we win.” Well, heck, we win all through the Bible. God never left Daniel in the lions’ den. Sarah got her promised son. Noah was saved with his household and there are so many stories of victory in the Bible. And the Word says that we cannot please God without faith. We must believe God! The Word says Ask and you shall receive that your JOY will be full. Anything we ask in Jesus name we will receive. All things are possible to those who believe. With God all things are possible. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world. We can overcome the world as we believe God.

I used to get on my knees before God and tell Him, “I ain’t much, Lord. But You say You reward those who diligently seek You. And if I have done nothing else, I have diligently sought You.” I knew I had that covered.


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