Sunday, December 17, 2017

Blaspheming the Word

This morning, John’s wife Christine and David’s Tiffany are coming over with Baby Rose and Romeo to visit a while. Tiff is to have her baby in September. Christine has some baby things here that she wants to give to Tiff. So we will eat lunch and go through baby clothes. I think I will have goulash as I think the grandchildren will eat it, too.

But, boy, last night and this morning, I was watchin’ TV and, wow, the women that are taking over the preachin’ is so sad. They are out to get us women who are trying to be be submissive wives. And it is such a blasphemy! And, ya know, when my dear friends hail Joyce Myers as the conquering hero, I just smile. And then one of my friends said lately, “Connie, Joyce learned to preach by listening to other men’s sermons and then she re-preached them.” One of my friends thinks I am destined to be a lady preacher and she thinks this is why I fight lady preachers with a vengeance. You know, that foul stuff comes at me like flying toilet paper and makes as much as no indentation on my spirit. Good night, Girdy! The lady preacher is always at the mercy of the virtuous woman.

The Bible speaks of the strange woman in Proverbs. It says she is loud and her feet abide not in her own home. I listened to a lady on TV last night and she was just like a foghorn blowing like a maimed rooster. And a maimed rooster is what she is. She is a woman trying to be a man. A hen trying to crow like a rooster.

Why do I watch these nuts on TV? Because I am desperate to hear something from the Lord. I am desperate to partake of a drop of spiritual water. And in some of these women, I do hear a measure of truth that they have gotten from a man’s preaching.

The men of God have been kicked out of the pulpit. And the main foot that kicked them out was their own. That is so sad. My Gosh! Those dopey preachers are so lazy, they make the women preach. And, of course, those women are full of pride and arrogant – – – – – – -. And they want attention because they were abused and all of that. Well, lady, get over it! But the men who were called have lost the pulpit. It’s sad, very sad, and one of these days, when these women preachers see the light, they will be the first to complain that no man would do it. Also these women are full of witchcraft. And it’s gonna get worse and worse before it gets better.

But now these women are just out and out writing books against traditional housewifery. But they are at our mercy and have nothing on us. They are trying to get the housewife to be set free. Oh my gosh, they can’t hurt steel. I laugh at ’em when they try to change me. They are so lame in their attempts that it’s funny.

Now what wise woman in submission to her husband and a covenant woman is gonna be dumb enough to succumb to a Christian feminist? We aren’t called the virtuous woman for nothing. Virtue means power. The wounded roosters may squawk but, once their feathers light, that’s all they got. I call them wounded roosters, as they preach as wounded men and not like women. I stand in silence before them when they get on their high horse and just wait for them to stop. I don’t jump into that meat grinder. I just let ’em go. Why wear myself out?

But Joyce M. is at my mercy. She needs to get ahold of one of us women who know about the wisdom of God and sit at our feet. We need to tie her to a tree and preach to her all night long. Of course, we would have to gag her mouth. And, ya know, the great so called prophetess of the world, Juanita B., was right. She called an all out war against the woman at home. She prayed for all of us to stop our submission to our husbands and quit being stay at home mothers. To be set free of our bondage. And now look at the witches flyin’ and writing books. Joyce has a new one out now against the Keepers At Home. And then Mrs. Fog Horn, last night on TV, was pushin’ her book, too.

And all of this is straight up evil. And our men will get sick of it and will be making slaves of women even more. These men may smile when lady preacher walks by but they seethe with hatred for her. I mean, if a man is a true man, he will seethe. If he is an overgrown baby who is too lazy to even feed himself spiritually, he will welcome lady preacher. But no true man of God wants a woman to take care of him, either spiritually or physically. But especially spirtually. A real man of God wants to be king of his home and, especially, king of his own spirit.

But I am tellin’ ya the truth. These witches are the forerunners of a huge stronghold of evil. They are building it now but will cry and wail with regret, once they get it built. The older men will become less and less strong spiritually. But our young bucks will get sick of it and be out raping women and treating them like dogs. Once the virtuous woman is out of the picture, the women of God will be pressed into slavery. Most of these women who are out preaching have been abused. And they are leading the way for more women to be abused and made slaves of. Oh, sure, it looks good now and you may love these women but hell is coming. And hell is never satisfied and never full. Jezebel will drink the blood of the saints. She is right now drinking the blood of the Keepers At Home.

And some women are so dull of hearing the word of God. And they are so stupid, they would do anything any man told them to do. And they give the true virtuous woman a bad reputation. Jesus didn’t stay on the cross because He didn’t know how to get down. No one made Him stay at the cross. He GAVE His life. And we who are true virtuous women don’t obey our husbands because we are stupid and can’t figure anything out. We submit in order to be like Jesus and to obey the Word of God. And even in all of this, we have a choice to marry or not. But I mean, some women that the witches use as an example are women who stand there and let their husbands hammer a nail into their heads as if they don’t know what day it is. No virtuous woman has to do that. Protect yourself with your prayers.

When I first got saved, Jim and I used to beat each other up every week. We loved it. We had to finally admit we loved it. And once we admitted it, we started to quit it. Duh! One thing about it — when ya quit hittin’ yourself over the head with a hammer, it feels so much better. Talk about bein’ dumb as a bag of hammers.

But the virtuous woman don’t get beat in the physical or the spiritual. Nothin’ will beat down the virtuous woman. She is far stronger than the woman who is out to protect herself. Husband abuse doesn’t stop when you give the man an untimatum. It stops when you come into godly Holy Bible believing submission. Well, that’s what the Bible says, Girlfriend. Read 1 Peter 2 and then read chapter 3 — it’s clear enough.

We women of God have a choice always and no man, saved or not, is to run your mind. Your mind is your temple in God and that temple is precious to Jesus. We are always His daughter first and then our husband’s wife. If Hannah had been submissive to her husband, Samuel would never have been born. Just because you are a godly woman it doesn’t mean that you have no personal relationship to Christ, as lady preacher would have you believe.

You are to learn in silence and submission to your husband, and to reverence and praise your husband as priest of the home. He is to be as Jesus in the home. When you don’t agree with your husband, you should go to the Lord and pray about it. The Bible says that the king’s heart is in the hand of God. God can move a husband who isn’t doing right as to fit into God’s will. But often, it takes the virtuous woman’s prayers first. As a woman trusts in her husband, she learns to trust in Jesus Christ. These women preachers are causing you women to look away from your husbands and unto strange gods.

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