Sunday, December 17, 2017

Gettin’ Real

I have been prayin’ this morning, askin’ the Lord what to write. “Gettin’ Real” keeps comin’ up. And I just laughed right now and said, “How real are we talkin’, Lord?” I am thinkin’ “I think Annie just came out from under the bed and I don’t want to send her back.” So. Well, what do I mean by gettin’ real? I am talkin’ about in prayer. The Lord has given me a lot to write about on prayer lately. I don’t want to go to another subject before I have said all I needed to say on this.

Ya know, God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. Now, if one of us happened to be out in the yard hoeing our garden and a bush started to talk to us, what would our first reaction be? “I wonder if I should tell my pastor? Let me see … I wonder if this is scriptural?” I mean, Moses had never talked to a bush before. But it’s a good thing he didn’t stand and wonder about it. How many of us would go get the water hose and try to put the burning bush out? And how many supernatural things happened only once in the Bible? Like the virgin birth or the parting of the Red Sea? If the Children of God had stood and talked it over, if it was scriptural or not, for a Sea to part then they wouldn’t have made it.

How many times do we pray and seek God and God tells us of a miracle for our family and we come off our knees and the devil gets us to deny it? A lot of the reason we miss God is because we won’t count what He said as true. He gives us a big revelation or vision of all of our children coming to the Lord. Then we tell the revelation to someone and they say, “Welllllll. YESSSSSS. But we all have a free will. We can’t make them come to the Lord. We have to put Jesus first.” Then they tell ya a big story about how this Christian mother had 10 children and she prayed for them and they all became ax murderers when they grew up. And then you don’t want your friend to think you are naive so you agree with her against what God had just told you. The next day in prayer, you say to God, “You must hate me to put me through this torment of having ornery kids.” And God had just told you that He was saving all of them. Jesus must think we Mothers are spiritually deaf or something.

Then there is Noah who is out building a ship on dry land for about, what, 120 years? I mean this guy had no friends, as everyone thought he had toys in his attic. His family loved him but no one else did. I am sure folks called him a religious fanatic, etc.

Oh, you girls would have laughed your heads off if you had followed me around in the 1970s when I was believin’ for Jim. The Baptist ladies came over and I said, “Wow, God just spoke to me that Jim was going to be healed and that God was going to use him for the glory of God.” I said, “It was so real and true, it seemed like I had just heard it on the radio.” Oh, those girls howled with laughter. I mean, Wild Man was at his worst and here I am standing there telling everyone that Jim was gonna be something for Jesus. And every time Jim left me and came back, I told everyone that he had been healed, saved, and delivered. I would stand up and announce it and folks would laugh and laugh. Well, God had told me that Jim would be saved, so I was saying what God said.

Then after I would tell all that, I would end up pregnant and then Jim would leave. Then I would end up at a family function, alone and pregnant, after I had announced all was well. I was always tellin’ everyone that Jim was gonna be a miracle. And they all said, “You’re the miracle.” And the men at church would say to me, “Well, Jim needs to figure out what he wants.” I would get really mad at anything they said against Jim. He was gonna be my miracle husband, one dang way or the the other.

Well, in prayer, God had told me that Jim would be saved, and I believed it over what the world said. I was never popular with the world but I became the apple of my husband’s eye.

Bein’ Real

My dad got so mad at Jim that he threatened to shoot him with a gun. Everybody with a lick of sense wanted to kill Jim.

The police couldn’t find him, ever. If I didn’t turn him in at times, then the cops could never catch him. I made the detective laugh and, in court, I had the judge and lawyer laughing. I told funny stories and tap danced (not literally) in court and, especially when Wild Man was too busy(?) to come to court, I went in his place. It didn’t work but I did it, anyway.

And ya know what? When Jim died, he had finished his course. I had claimed God’s Word that He would give me double blessing for all I had suffered. And God gave me extra. I had 26 years of happiness with Jim after 12 years of hell. God wouldn’t have let that wildcat go until he had blessed me with a double blessing. Satan didn’t take my husband. God did — and right on time. God’s time! And I am completely at peace concerning that. Had I not prayed for Jim and believed God for a miracle, I wouldn’t have had a marriage at all. See, we had the first few years together where we were half way OK. Then we had 12 years of hell. Then we had 26 years of blessings. We would be married for 40 years this October.

But, see, you will never do anything for God if you won’t take what he says in the prayer as true. If you plan to turn your household around, you have to take directions from God. If you are praying for an unbelieving husband, then you will get one when it is settled between you and God as the truth.

I say in my heart, “Brandon and Mary are delivered.” I plant that in my heart. And it becomes a reality on the earth because I am on the earth and His word lives in me. And I am going to carry that Word and Seed of Faith. I am not going to abort this seed with caring about what others think or say. I am not guided by the flesh in me or on anyone else. I am guided by the voice and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I am going to keep this Word of faith in my heart and bring it to the birth of a miracle. How long will I carry the seed of faith? Until it is born and Mary and Brandon walk out the anointing of God. We do what it takes to see His Glory, and we don’t stop until we see the answer.

With our faith, we create a frame and God fills it with the supernatural. We as Mothers are not supernatural. God is the only One Who can perform a miracle. But as Marys, we carry the seed of faith and give it birth. We hide the seed in our heart and we protect it and pray over it to be safe.

Fear will abort the seed of faith. The Word says, “Fear thou not for I am with thee. Be not afraid for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee. I will help thee and I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” This is how we Marys and Hannahs produce the seed of truth into the earth. We as mothers don’t lift ourselves up and preach the gospel. We take the lowly seat and we produce righteous seeds in the physical through the physical womb and also through the spiritual womb.

And this is how St. Augustine and some of the great men of God became who they were, is by the prayers of their holy mothers. Not Mothers who were popular in the world. But through Mothers who would walk by faith. Ones who spent hours in prayer and fasting. Mothers who got visions from God and walked in them. Mothers who would wrestle with angels for a blessing for their children. And, by golly, they won’t let go until the blessing comes. They won’t let go until fire comes out of heaven. Or until they see the unseen hand move upon their loved ones’ lives. They will pray in the pit of hell for their babies and walk through the valley of the shadows to guide their children home.

True Mothers of God are fruitful in the physical and Spirit. They won’t let go and no weapon formed against them will prosper. And true Mothers of God like St. Monica will produce sons like Augustine.

Are you for REAL???

But I have to tell ya the main point again. You have to listen to the Holy Spirit and do what He says to do. Even if it looks nuts and Christians call you dirty names. And when I was believin’ for Jim, the Baptist church thought I was the corn ball of the year. Why I tormented myself by going to church, I will never understand. I just thought I should go. Well, anyway, I finally got done beating myself up and I went to the Pentecostal church and was there a while. And they thought I couldn’t afford a divorce. So they took up a collection for me. I said I didn’t want a divorce. Well, they thought I had flipped my lid.

But, ya know, if you are believing God for a holy marriage, then why torment yourself by going to a church where many of the Christians are divorced and lovin’ it? You have to be faithful to God, not your church. You have to give your all to Jesus and His Word. I mean, you have to point yourself in the direction of what is going to help you get your loved one saved. You don’t go to the library when you were meaning to go to the store. Go in the direction of Godliness. I mean, if you have a good church that believes in family and standing for unsaved husbands, then Hurraaay for you! But don’t put the church ahead of God and His word.

You have to line up your actions and your thinking to the promises of God. I mean, when Jim would leave us, I didn’t start dating other guys and still go to church and tell folks I was believing for Jim to come back and be saved. You have to get your actions in line with the answer. No, I stayed home and made a home for Jim to be saved in and he was saved.

I mean, be real with God. Let God be God and every man a liar. Either stand for God and for Victory or stand for the world and their lifestyle. But a double minded man (woman) will be unstable in all of her ways. This is why we Mothers fall into fear and depression. It’s because of confusion. We don’t know whose side we want to be on. Our minds flit from one thing to the other because we aren’t stabilized on the Word of God or the spoken promise God gave us. Also the demon angels hit a woman’s head — her mind — because she is taking spiritual authority where it is her husband’s job. We Mothers are called to be silent and deadly. We are called to hide away in our homes to learn in silence and submission to our husbands.

We are to be set apart unto God for a holy purpose. That is, to bear fruit spiritually and physically. We are called to groom our inner woman, the meek and quiet spirit. We are called as Keepers at Home. Mothers of faith, keepers of the priests and prophets and handmaidens of God. We hide the spiritual and physical seeds as Mary did. We are the wise women who build our homes. We are to nurture and keep the godly seeds as we cling to the old rugged cross. And we don’t let go until we see His glory.


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