Sunday, December 17, 2017

False Prophets (Part 2)

That writing yesterday about Elijah just vibrated when I wrote it. So I am writing a second part. I don’t know why but I think there is a lot in that writing.

I was reading more in the book of Kings last night. It’s interesting that Elijah was described as a wild man like John the Baptist and he roamed in the wilderness, too. And when folks heard about John the Baptist, they thought he could be Elijah raised from the dead. He had the spirit of Elijah. But both of these men fought Jezebel and John lost his head.

Jezebel is an enemy to be fought all of our lives. Elijah hid from her. He managed to kill 850 false prophets but ran from Jez? That sorta shows ya how powerful she was, and still is today. She killed God’s true prophets. Herod is the one who had all the babies killed under the age of 2 when Jesus was to be born, fearing Jesus would become King. The spirit of death is on Jezebel. Herod the adulterer put Jesus on the cross with Pilate. They agreed together to do this. But you can see Jez as a thread of death all through the Bible and into Revelations 17 as the Great Whore. She is drunk with the martyrs’ blood and the saints’ blood. In the end, she makes war with the Lamb and He wins. Glory to God. Praise the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
See, some of you think that Proverbs 31 is a nice little piece of writing at the end of Proverbs. We can take it or leave it, right? Not so. It is the Life of God for a Christian woman.

There is so much to be read in Revelations 17. I want to study more of it today. But the fall of all the great empires came as women took over, especially spiritually. Our country is being taken over now by spiritual women. Many of these women were molested and the answer, of course, was divorce and then they have built a religion on ideas such as “Don’t let anyone run your life. You are the master of your own ship.” Well no, just anyone shouldn’t run your life but the Bible does say submit to your own husband as unto the Lord. These women who don’t submit to their own husbands will submit to their boss at work, even if he is a man. And will submit to other women. So, basically, they take themselves to the street and lose all their dignity. They belong to no one and answer to no one, not even their own children. If their own children get in the way, then they lose. Tough Luck for them, huh?

Yes, what fuels the feminist movement? The spirit of Jezebel. And as the days get darker and Jesus prepares to come back for His body, we see Jez again come after the true people of God. We women who love God and, like Hannah, have given our children to God shudder as we run scattered, at times, looking for relief.

Jesus’ mother Mary had to hide from Herod in order to raise her children for God. She lived in silence and pondered many things in her heart. But she was called to raise her children for God and she did. Elisabeth raised John in the wilderness. She hid him there and taught him the ways of the wilderness. Mary and Elisabeth were not mothers who were out there throwing their seeds to the street. Their seeds were precious and well hidden. These mothers knew how to live by faith and they submitted to their husbands. And Joseph and Zacharias were not that spiritual. But God called these Mothers to have children for God. And we mothers today who are called to be virtuous women are fighting our own battles for our children. And we hear folks say to us when our kids worry us to death almost, “Oh, just give ’em to God — you can’t do anything.” Well, when Jesus was lost at 12 years old, Mary worried over him. But there was no need to worry as He was about His Father’s business. And ya know, it’s next to impossible to know at times what to do with our kids in this age. As we claim in prayer that all of our children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace? We wonder “What in the heck is that kid up to?”

Men of Spiritual War

I really think that many of us mothers are raising John the Baptists. These days, yes, we need doctrine and truth. But we need men who ain’t afraid of their own shadow. Who can walk outside the church with some kind of confidence in God.

I mean, Elijah wasn’t bein’ nice when he killed 850 false prophets. I mean that ol’ boy meant business, huh? He wasn’t sittin’ up straight minding his manners. He didn’t try to reason with these prophets or lead them to Christ. The thing of it is, they were probably too afraid to run from him, as he had just shown them who the true God was and that God was on Elijah’s side. He rendered them helpless in their own land. As he showed them signs and wonders out of heaven, he took their courage from them. He pulled out the lion’s teeth. Elijah scared them half to death and then finished them off. He was a mighty warrior for God. He scared Jez half to death, too, and got her ready to die.

See, Satan is tryin’ to scare us Mothers half to death and then finish us off, but it is to be the other way around. We Mothers are to be scary and take the kingdom of God by force. We should not be quivering in our boots. We are to be Wilderness Mothers, hiding away to pray down strongholds and make sure our children are fit for the Lord’s coming. Our kids may want to go to Hell but tell ’em they can’t. Tell ’em, “I am your Mother and I said you can’t go. The discussion is over. It’s not up for debate. I won’t change my mind. You can’t go.” Proverbs 1:8 says Forsake not the law of thy Mother. The Bible says for children to honor Father and Mother that they will have a long and happy life. We as Wilderness Mothers must stand on faith concerning our children. But if our boys are a bit rough in their love for Jesus, let ’em go. Dr. Dobson is good on doctrine and what not, but he is not cutting edge for the youth of today.

Submit to your husbands as unto the Lord, dear Mothers. We women at times are very deceived. Our husbands may be less spiritual but understand the world better then we do. Of all things, don’t mother your husbands and submit to your sons at home. Now I submit to my sons who are grown because Jim, like Christ on the cross dying, gave me to John to care for me. Our John does such a good job and is always willing. He has Jim’s heart. But this is the son we prayed for for 7 years, as he was missing on and off for that time. He now has discerning of Spirits. I love what he says under his breath half the time. Johnny is very funny and has quite a way with words. I get set free just listening to what he says that he didn’t think he should have said. But John is a warrior. And what makes him a warrior is that he knows what is right and then he acts it out.

Some guys have to understand the enemy in order to understand the Lord. Jim had to come to Christ this way. Jim’s dad was a cowboy on the Kings Ranch in Texas before he married at age 25. I can feel his spirit as I write. Jim always tried to kinda tell me, “Well, ya know, Dad was kind of a wild man, too, before he settled and married and had 13 children.” Times back then, a man thought he was a real man if he could father that many children and then turn around and support all of ’em. It used to be that when a man got his wife pregnant that he felt like he was “the Man.” The instincts in a man were rattled as they bought a piece of land and made a house for the wife and children. A real man didn’t make his wife work for him. He treated her like a lady. And she brought out the man in him by submitting to him and cooking and baking and keepin’ house and havin’ babies.

Wisdom builds a house. Wisdom is our instructions in godly living. It teaches us to fight for home and family. It is our map to Christ. And the other way is the way to Jezebel and the way of the whore and to death.

Our babies are our most precious items we can give to Jesus. Let God be God and every man a liar.

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