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Dear Mothers,

I have been under much sorrow and oppression lately. It’s OK, it hasn’t hurt me a bit. I hate to tell you the problem as it would upset you. But this morning as I prayed, the devil tried to break me down. I told him that he was gonna be defeated. And that he would die now or die later. But he is gonna die. I don’t care if I get thrown into a fiery furnace. I will enjoy burning, knowing I didnt bow. I would rather burn than bow. I do not love my own life above the life of Christ within me. Satan will not make me bow and I plan to have a REVOLUTION, one way or the other, or if I have to die tryin’. My kids are grown and Jim is in heaven. I am gonna win both ways — if I go to heaven or stay here. If God keeps me on the earth, fine, but if I go to be with God, then that would be good, too. My kids aren’t little anymore and my grandchildren are well cared for.

And, ya know, my instrument of dastardly deeds, my email machine, hasn’t been workin’ that good lately. Well, yesterday, one of my best 86-year-old girlfriends gave me hers. It’s been barely used and had been under her bed for about 3 years. And her daughter told me if it didn’t work, she would buy me a brand new one. I may wear out but I don’t think my email machines ever will. And I know folks would stand in line at my door to give me a real computer. But I just don’t feel led to have one because I am concerned it would distract me. Aunt Toot says that if I got a real computer, I would be going to different sites tellin’ the homosexuals off and the feminists and that’s all I would get done doing all day long. I tell you, Aunt Toot had me laughin’ on the phone last night so hard I could barely breath. She is always imitating me and telling me that I would be tellin’ off this group and that one and callin’ them dirty sinners. The world isn’t ready for me to have a real computer. We are safe so far, anyway.

But, oh, I am a woman of such sorrow as I stand here and write. But I am also a warrior, not only in the Spirit but out of the spirit, too. My confidence is in God.

As I prayed in faith this morning, the Lord seemed to impress me that we must be confident in ourselves, too. That we will win the battles set before us. We cannot fear … not in any realm … not the Spirit or the flesh. We must be daredevils and take chances and be gamblers. And especially when we are in deep despair. And, yes, we must B.S. Yes, with a smile on our face. Some of us have a natural tendency to be better at B.S.-ing then doing anything else. I thank God I can B.S. Oh, man it comes in handy.

I was in such deep oppression before I prayed this morning. I told God that He had to deliver me or He was a liar. I often wrestle a blessing out of God like Jacob did as he wrestled with an angel. See, me and mine get into so much trouble that I need to try to start a Revolution, just to save the Hultquist hide. Forget the rest of the world. I don’t know how or why we are always in hot water. But believe me, it is scalding!

None of us have all the answers. But there is a part in the Bible — and I don’t have time to find it now — but, boy, I sure understand it. It’s where this wicked king is telling God’s people that Hezekiah is lying to them. That the Lord God cannot deliver them. That the wicked king had defeated many and he would defeat them. But Hezekiah prays and God defeats their enemies. I will look that up later and send it to ya.* But God does deliver us out of the hands of our enemies. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but He delivers them out of them all. Thank God!

And I write out of where I am at. What you see is what you get. I just figure, ya know, what have I got to lose? Christian Joy designs clothes for punk rockers in NYC. So it ain’t like I have a reputation to protect. And Shoot! I am old and that works in my favor. If I write something worth getting put in jail for, I won’t be there long, as I will die. I mean, no one can give me 25 years, as I won’t live that long, PTL.

My friend Bonni took me home to her house yesterday to see my website on her computer. Very snazzy! Thanks alot! It all looks so important and I always think no one even reads my writings. But leave it to [B in NC] to make me look like I know what the heck I am doin’. She surrounds my hen scratchin’ with a golden hen house.

And the Bible says that we overcome the devil with the blood of the lamb and with the word of our testimony. I am so glad that, as I stand here, I stand with many battles fought and won. I have a pattern in my life of horrid battles that need a miracle to get out of. And now as I stand in scalding water again, I must testify of my past victories, knowing that I will be delivered again and again by the mighty hand of Jesus. I think of how I was delivered 30 times as Jim left me as a young wife and mother. And then God healed my husband. I will tell ya what’s worth standing for. The Word of God. A covenant marriage! I am tellin’ you what. In my trials and tribulations, I have such peace as a wife and mother now. Yes, the devils howl about me. But I lived an honest life with Jim and I have so much peace concerning him. I fought for my marriage. And once God gave me peace in it, it has been a peace that will last forever.

Don’t fight any battles for the world — it ain’t worth it. Fight for what matters. It is the things of God. Don’t waste your energy on stuff that will decay away. Don’t give your life for money and fame. Fight for what matters. Only what is done for Christ will last.

I could have been out working during my marriage and saving money to live on. But I didn’t. I was at home laying up treasures in heaven. I gave my life for a good marriage and a sound home. And now in my old age, I am reaping the peace that passeth understanding. I can be confident in God. And, yes, a rat has invaded lately. But the storms can’t crush a house built upon a rock. The winds come and they beat against the house but the devil cannot blow my house down. My foundation of my covenant marriage will hold me safe and sound.

Oh, we must stand and having done all we stand therefore. Satan tries to wear us mothers out with blow after blow to our hearts. But we must not pay it any mind. We must stand steady and not give up because God will rescue us. He will care for us as long as we are fighting for what is right. Satan’s day is very short and the heavenlies are troubled. Many even of the elect will be deceived. But we must not feel sorry for the enemies of God about us. We have to just judge ourselves by the Word of God. If we fight for the Word and win, we will have the peace that passeth understanding. Standing on the Word and not letting go will produce a place for God to do His miracles.

Every day, I thank God for the home Jim paid off. I can live here for very little. Jim, who nearly destroyed me, paid for a place for me to shout faith all over the world. God caused my enemy to serve me and to serve all of you. It’s how it works, Girlfriend! When Satan comes in as a flood, the LORD raises up a STANDARD against him. It is a standard of truth that becomes a bulwark of faith. A bulwark not made with human hands but made with faith. The demon strongholds are pulled down by the praying mother and, in its place, a standard is raised up. It is a standard that is big enough to take care of Mother’s Home and also the many homes around her. Mother’s Covenant Home becomes a standard of Truth.


* (It is 2 Chronicles 32.)

Spiritual Battles

This afternoon, I was praying and doing battle in the Spirit. And I saw a vision in my mind. I saw a demon come into the room. I said, “I am not afraid of you, Satan. What do you want?” And this demon was big and it was in layers of gray and black platelets of armor. And the armor was heavy and he drug it along as he could barley walk. His black wings were hovering down over him. And he says to me, “You keep sticking me with your sword — the Word of God — and you keep holding up the shield of Faith. I am tired and can barely go on.” This demon also said that he couldn’t get to me or close up to me because I kept my sword up and my shield. Later on, I saw a warring angel of God come and throw this demon out the door. The Lord showed me what a battle I have been in and how, as long as we keep the Word up and the Faith shield up, Satan can’t get to us. I could also hear a conversation among the demons saying, “I am not messing with her. I am tired and she will get the victory like she did with Jim. You can mess with her if you want to but I am leaving.”

I wanted to tell you all this, as many of you are in spiritual battles. But if you don’t give up you will see His glory. Satan is afraid of the Word of God and has to let go of whoever you are praying for in the name of Jesus. Satan hates to be reminded of the blood of Jesus and He hates to hear the scriptures being preached. And he hates it when you won’t give up and forget your faith. Believe God and don’t give up. Satan can’t win.

In my battle, as I prayed, I thought I had lost the battle. I was ready to give up. And I got a phone call that showed me that God was still working. Even though I almost gave up, I could see the devil still so worn and tired and fearful. I thought, “Lord, why is he worried? He is winning.” But God was working. God had it all in His hands and I didn’t know it. But Satan knew it and he knew he had lost, even if I didn’t know it. Someone talked to me on the phone and told me the truth. Satan is a liar and deceiver and wants to paint a picture that God is not working. But God is — as long as we keep our arms raised as Moses did, we are winning the battle. We can’t see all of circumstances.

I know this may scare some of you. I hope not. But, ya know, this is reality in the Spirit realm.

I am thinking of the scripture as I write. No soldier when he (she) warreth concerns herself with the affairs of this world.

When we mothers try to fight spiritual battles, we think we have to argue with our husbands or children. Or figure out how to get them to Christ or figure out who needs to talk to them or what we as Mothers need to do. But the Bible says that our fight is not with the flesh but with spiritual powers and wickedness in high places.

As long as Satan can get us to worry and to have fits all day over our families, he is resting on a bed of ease. He just sits there, half asleep, as he knows mother ain’t gettin’ any place with her prayin’. But when Mother sees that she is helpless to change the circumstance and she asks the Lord to do the battle for her, then God is able to shoot Satan off his snoring couch. He is a spirit and can whip us any day of the week. But he can’t whip God. This is why we always need to rebuke him in the name of Jesus. He is afraid of Jesus and His authority.

In the old days, I would get supper ready in the evening and I would tell David to go out and tell the kids to come in and get ready for supper. David was about 8 years old and he would go out the door look at he kids and say, “Come in the house.” I would wonder why, after a while, they weren’t coming in for supper. So, knowing David was a boy of few words, I would say, “Did you say Mom said, ‘Come in for supper’?” Well, come to find out, he would just yell out the door, “Come in the house.” Well, no one paid any attention to David, as he was just a kid and one of the younger kids, too. But when I would send him back out, I told him to say, “Mom said come in for supper.” Well, he used my authority and then the kids all came in for supper. But this is true, too, dealing with the devil. You can’t just tell him in your authority to get out of the house. Tell him, “Jesus said for you to leave and you have to leave in Jesus’ name.”

Jesus is the only one who can fight a spiritual battle for us. Our job is to not give up and to use the Word of God. We, like Moses, have to stand holding up the Word of God until we see the Lord’s glory. Our fight is to fight for our own faith — it is to fight to stay in faith and not to give up. Satan wants us to give up and quit fighting. This is the whole thing in a nut shell. Satan wants to show us mothers the worst things in our kids or husbands. Why? So we will give up and die of broken heartedness.

See, some mothers allow Satan to take years off their lives. They struggle with a child who they trained for the Lord who didn’t do what Mother thought they should do? And Mother is permanently maimed for life. She loses her spark and thrust for life. She may have other little ones in the home and they never see her happy. She is broken down and always at the verge of tears. But this Mother must see that that battle is the Lord’s.

In the Bible, God fought the battles for the believers. The believers never fought their battles. God fought the battles. We can’t see Satan unless it’s once in a while in the spirit. But mostly, we can’t see him. We can’t fight something we can’t see. But God can fight him. Just like David in the Bible was no match for the giant. But God gave David power to kill the giant. Even if David was a good shot, if he was too afraid to shoot the rock, he was gonna be crushed by Goliath. David had guts and he knew the Lord was telling him how to shoot, when to shoot, and how hard. David’s timing was perfect as God was in control. And we as Mothers must get out of the way and quit being fearful and let God fight our battles.

The Word calls us to fight the good fight. But this fight is not against flesh and blood or against people, in other words. This fight is in our own souls for ourselves to be weapons of warfare.

We Are Weapons of Warfare

See, we are the weapons of warfare. It is not our power but God’s power within us. We are loaded guns waiting to go off. We are cannons of fire and power. It is not our power but Christ within us. I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me. And the life I live now I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave His life for me.

We are the weapons of warfare. We are the whole armor of God. This is why Satan comes against us to fight us. How does he fight us? He says we are bad mothers. We didn’t train our children right. We are not good wives and we don’t know how to keep house. He tries to wear us out and tell us God has lied to us. Satan knows how important we are as weapons of warfare. And as we listen to him, we don’t have the power to blow a cannon ball out of our spirits. He attacks our spirits. He tells us we can’t make it. The odds are stacked against ya. Things are too bad. No one else has gone through this before. That and “you are too old to fight” are the worst lies he tells. Well, that and “It’s been too LONG and if God was going to work, He would have worked by now.” So our fight of faith isn’t fighting our kids and our husbands. It is the fight to keep our spirits full of faith.

We are huge cannons but if we don’t have God’s power in us, we can’t blow the weapons out. We will sit all day grunting and try to grunt the fireball out. And all it will do is fall off the end of the barrel. Kerplunk! And if there isn’t a hill at the end, it won’t even roll an inch. But the power of God can blow that thing out and it will hit the target and SMACK Satan back to the pit of hell. Mothers, the devil ain’t afraid of you but he is afraid of God. So we must keep our cannons, or our spirits, full of God’s Word and His power.

We must not let Satan discourage us. It is life and death to not let Satan talk you into giving up. If you stand on the covenant of marriage and the word concerning your kids, and if you won’t let down your shield of faith and your sword, ain’t no demon in hell that can have your family.

The battle is the Lord’s and we are only the weapons. We are the stones that will hit our spiritual giants in the head. Yes, Mothers, there are giants in the land. And they are mighty and we are small. But God is able to do exceeding and abundantly MORE than we can think or ask. We don’t need to fear, as He is able to fight our battles and win our children and husbands to Christ.

We are weapons and we must polish our barrels and make sure we are full of faith and instant in season to shoot out spiritual fire when we are called upon to do so in Jesus’ name. The Word must be in our hearts. And not a bunch of condemning words about ourselves. We must not allow the enemy of our souls to take our faith. Our faith is our power that will shoot the giants in our life.

We are fighting in a war for the life of our families. The Titus 2 mothers have been sleeping and worrying over how much money she has to retire on while the young Christian Mothers are crying out for help. We Mothers now days are reaping the harvest of many lazy older Christian mothers. We have been left with a load of crap. The grandmothers had the teaching of Keeper At Home but they never passed it on. Pride has held them captive. And now we have the lady preachers who don’t preach it at all but preach against it. But ya know what? God is bigger than that. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He will fight our battles for us and we will be VICTORIOUS IN CHRIST!

Faith Blazers

And some of us get so discouraged at times we can’t take another step. We are in a forest of brush and obstacles. We have to burn a path with our faith just to take another step. But burn it if ya gotta.

If Satan is on your hide, then take some time out to encourage yourself in the Lord. Build yourself up in the most Holy Faith. Proclaim the Word of God over your situation. Let God be the Truth and every man a liar. Don’t let your feeling of sorrow and condemnation dictate to your faith. Let your faith have anything she needs to be vibrant and full of power. Feed your faith before you do anything else.

Proclaim out loud in the house for your marriage, “What God has joined together let no man separate.” Say it loud so you can hear it in your soul. For the wayward children, declare, “All of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.” Envision your children around your table, full of joy and rest and peace.

Cast down vain imaginings and anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God. Keep your hearts for out of it is the issues of life.

Folks say, “Read the back of the book (Bible) — we win.” Well, heck, we win all through the Bible. God never left Daniel in the lions’ den. Sarah got her promised son. Noah was saved with his household and there are so many stories of victory in the Bible. And the Word says that we cannot please God without faith. We must believe God! The Word says Ask and you shall receive that your JOY will be full. Anything we ask in Jesus name we will receive. All things are possible to those who believe. With God all things are possible. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world. We can overcome the world as we believe God.

I used to get on my knees before God and tell Him, “I ain’t much, Lord. But You say You reward those who diligently seek You. And if I have done nothing else, I have diligently sought You.” I knew I had that covered.


Holly Leaves

Aunt Toot’s stunning handiwork.

A Lovely Sunday

Dear Mothers,

I had such a fun yesterday on Sunday. I had John’s wife and David’s girlfriend and the grandchildren over for lunch. The boys are in and out but it’s rare that we girls get some time alone together.

Tiff is having her baby in September. And Christine had her old baby clothes in a bedroom upstairs here at our house. So the girls brought down the sacks of clothes to go through for David and Tiff’s new baby. Tiff is Baby Rose’s mom. Anyway, oh, we had so much fun as we just sat in the living room, going through all of Romeo’s old baby clothes. Baby Rose, age two and a half, and Romeo, 4, were so sweet as we showed them all of the cute clothes. Baby Rose was so excited over all the clothes that her baby brother would wear. She would bring each little outfit to me and show it to me and fold it carefully.

I sat and drank iced tea and just relished the whole visit. I had fixed us lunch before we got out the baby clothes. We had goulash and fresh vegetables and iced tea. Just a simple lunch!

I loved our conversation. I will never forget it. I had said to the girls that they seemed so content and happy. Tiff then began to tell me how David, our son, always tells her not to worry over the money. “If Dad and Mom made it, we will, too.” And Christine said that John often said the same thing. Somehow, as they encouraged me, I could see some of my pieces coming together. I could see that Jim and I stood as a beacon of faith to them.

I was so proud of Christine. The neighbor lady asked her about Mary, our youngest daughter. Christine spoke up in faith. “Well, she is young and we are just waiting for her to get ahold of us.” I thought I had heard the conversation as I was across the street, helping carry bags of baby clothes to Christine’s car. I asked Christine about it and she said, “Connie, Johnny and I were so crazy at Mary’s age — she will be alright.” And Tiff chimed in with her faith, too.

I told the girls that Jimmy, our oldest, is still mad at how Jim used to stand up for Johnny when he was at his worst. Jimmy had just gotten his Masters Degree and told Jim about it on the phone, and Jim said, “Johnny is doing good, too — he is working at the restaurant and keeping a job.” To Jim, Johnny was doing good, too. Earlier, the girls and I had talked about that. How Jim had said that about John and had compared apples to oranges as if they were all the same color. To Jim they were. He was proud of Jimmy as he always had been. But Johnny had come home. Johnny was lost and now found. We had almost lost Johnny to the world but he was back. And even though he only had a small job compared to Jimmy’s college degrees, it felt the same to Jim. Both his boys were under his wings and one son felt the same as the other son.

Jimmy went on to get an equivalent of a PHD in light design. Like he has told me many times, “Mom, I have never smoked a cigarette in my life or done drugs and I just drink once in a while socially.” Jimmy went in the Navy and came out with many medals. We are proud of him. He is the only son of mine that went to college.

But Mother doesn’t usually hoot and holler over the safe child that never caused her any problems. But she is like the Shepherd Jesus that runs after the lost sheep. The 100 sheep can be safe and sound for the night but the shepherd will go out to seek the lost lamb. MY lost lamb is Mary and not an hour goes by that I am not calling her in my heart to come back home. I call out to God to bring her home. But, like Jill told me, “Connie, you have been through this before.” And thank the Lord I had VICTORY then with Johnny and I will have VICTORY again with Mary. As I seek God for Mary, I will find her. And she will hear the Shepherd’s call and come back home.

Fruit Bearing Faith

But, ya know, the other day I was feelin’ the hard times of being a first generation Christian. I had grandparents that were Christians. But Mom and Dad, even though they were good people, they weren’t Christians when I was growin’ up. Dad died 5 years ago and he did give his heart to Christ and he sure went to heaven. Mom received the Lord, too. A few years ago, I had a vision of Dad. He told me about heaven. “They know you up here,” he told me. But, no, when I was a child, Dad and Mom didn’t know Jesus.

That is one of my greatest regrets is that I had never had parents who knew the Lord. Because after I married, it was so hard to not have that example of a Christian home. I have seen folks my age who have had a Christian upbringing. Their faith comes easy to them. They have so much strength to fall back on. Their heritage is so rich with stories of faith. And to start from scratch as some of us have had to do is hard. You know, to inherit money from parents is good but to inherit a father’s and mother’s faith is the best thing of all. Because faith can get you the money you need. Faith is the bottom line and will supply all that you need. Faith is the VICTORY that overcomes the world.

As I sat with the family yesterday visiting, I seemed to be able to see that I am still here to walk out my faith as usual, as always. I saw the family enjoying my home and needing my home to come to. It’s like a shelter in the midst of the storm. I told the girls and they agreed that Jim had so much to say that I needed to write about. And that I said I never wanted to lose the flavor of what really has gone on here in my journey of faith. It’s so important for many of us mothers to not give up. We need to hold onto our homes and our walks with the Lord and our faith.

And it’s hard when ya have generations of hell behind ya to combat. I have always said I felt like a motherless child. When Jill and Dixie and I were raising up our families, we were the blind leading the blind. We never had the older Titus 2 Mother to help us. Mostly what we had was older women making things hard on us. And, heck, many of you know just what I am talkin’ about. You are first generation Christians and you have to hold up the tent plus sweep the dirt floor and smile while you are at it. You have to build your home by faith as you have nothing to fall back on. Many of us are Pioneer Mothers of faith building a home for our families in a desert wilderness.

I guess what I loved about yesterday was that I could see some of my faith taking hold in the wives of Johnny and David. I could see some of my faith moving on its own and taking on a life of its own. Like I have been priming a pump all of my life and now I am seeing some of that water running on its own. I don’t have to plant every tree in my wilderness — it seems seedlings are starting to come up. Some of the healing herbs are starting to spread and I don’t have to plant them every year. I have had to work like a dog spiritually since I was 19 and now I am seeing some of my fruit of faith bearing fruit of faith. And as long as I can live and walk, I plan to hold on. To walk by faith and, hopefully as I do, I will build a spiritual home that will outlast me.

I pray to be a voice that will scream into eternity and bring many Mothers back home to their place of righteousness and duty. I think of Ma Ingalls. She never wrote a book, but Laura wrote it for her. As Pa uprooted Ma many times, Ma learned to make a home, no matter where she was, even in a dugout underground. Ma made a home over and over again as she submitted to Charles Ingalls. Caroline would not give up. Mainly, that’s what Caroline did was not give up. When Pa sold the family cow without asking her about it, she said, “Well, there goes the milk, cheese and butter.” That woman just hung in there. And, ya know, there’s a lot to be sad for that.

Wilderness Mothers

But, ya know, the pioneer women who built our nation’s homes just hung in there. They had to be mothers of faith. I really believe God spoke to Carolyn in her little cabin in the woods. She was such an example of faith to Laura. And what God told Caroline in her little cabin, she shouted from the housetops through Laura’s writings. And, ya know, Caroline’s life has touched so many of us and given us courage to go on. I know Laura’s books have been translated into many languages throughout the world. Carolyn did nothing more than hang in there and make a home out of almost nothing and she didn’t give up. I mean, her life could have sent her to an early grave. But she seemed to have so much peace and faith. She had dignity and purpose.

And, ya know, ya think of those Mothers who lived and made a home through the Depression Era. I mean, mercy sakes! The Mothers’ gardens dried up from no rain. So the famiy had to live on weeds and dried beans for the year. But as we are all here, it is proof that they kept our parents and grandparents alive.

These wilderness Mothers just took it all a day at a time and just didn’t give up and they saw His glory.


Blaspheming the Word

This morning, John’s wife Christine and David’s Tiffany are coming over with Baby Rose and Romeo to visit a while. Tiff is to have her baby in September. Christine has some baby things here that she wants to give to Tiff. So we will eat lunch and go through baby clothes. I think I will have goulash as I think the grandchildren will eat it, too.

But, boy, last night and this morning, I was watchin’ TV and, wow, the women that are taking over the preachin’ is so sad. They are out to get us women who are trying to be be submissive wives. And it is such a blasphemy! And, ya know, when my dear friends hail Joyce Myers as the conquering hero, I just smile. And then one of my friends said lately, “Connie, Joyce learned to preach by listening to other men’s sermons and then she re-preached them.” One of my friends thinks I am destined to be a lady preacher and she thinks this is why I fight lady preachers with a vengeance. You know, that foul stuff comes at me like flying toilet paper and makes as much as no indentation on my spirit. Good night, Girdy! The lady preacher is always at the mercy of the virtuous woman.

The Bible speaks of the strange woman in Proverbs. It says she is loud and her feet abide not in her own home. I listened to a lady on TV last night and she was just like a foghorn blowing like a maimed rooster. And a maimed rooster is what she is. She is a woman trying to be a man. A hen trying to crow like a rooster.

Why do I watch these nuts on TV? Because I am desperate to hear something from the Lord. I am desperate to partake of a drop of spiritual water. And in some of these women, I do hear a measure of truth that they have gotten from a man’s preaching.

The men of God have been kicked out of the pulpit. And the main foot that kicked them out was their own. That is so sad. My Gosh! Those dopey preachers are so lazy, they make the women preach. And, of course, those women are full of pride and arrogant – – – – – – -. And they want attention because they were abused and all of that. Well, lady, get over it! But the men who were called have lost the pulpit. It’s sad, very sad, and one of these days, when these women preachers see the light, they will be the first to complain that no man would do it. Also these women are full of witchcraft. And it’s gonna get worse and worse before it gets better.

But now these women are just out and out writing books against traditional housewifery. But they are at our mercy and have nothing on us. They are trying to get the housewife to be set free. Oh my gosh, they can’t hurt steel. I laugh at ’em when they try to change me. They are so lame in their attempts that it’s funny.

Now what wise woman in submission to her husband and a covenant woman is gonna be dumb enough to succumb to a Christian feminist? We aren’t called the virtuous woman for nothing. Virtue means power. The wounded roosters may squawk but, once their feathers light, that’s all they got. I call them wounded roosters, as they preach as wounded men and not like women. I stand in silence before them when they get on their high horse and just wait for them to stop. I don’t jump into that meat grinder. I just let ’em go. Why wear myself out?

But Joyce M. is at my mercy. She needs to get ahold of one of us women who know about the wisdom of God and sit at our feet. We need to tie her to a tree and preach to her all night long. Of course, we would have to gag her mouth. And, ya know, the great so called prophetess of the world, Juanita B., was right. She called an all out war against the woman at home. She prayed for all of us to stop our submission to our husbands and quit being stay at home mothers. To be set free of our bondage. And now look at the witches flyin’ and writing books. Joyce has a new one out now against the Keepers At Home. And then Mrs. Fog Horn, last night on TV, was pushin’ her book, too.

And all of this is straight up evil. And our men will get sick of it and will be making slaves of women even more. These men may smile when lady preacher walks by but they seethe with hatred for her. I mean, if a man is a true man, he will seethe. If he is an overgrown baby who is too lazy to even feed himself spiritually, he will welcome lady preacher. But no true man of God wants a woman to take care of him, either spiritually or physically. But especially spirtually. A real man of God wants to be king of his home and, especially, king of his own spirit.

But I am tellin’ ya the truth. These witches are the forerunners of a huge stronghold of evil. They are building it now but will cry and wail with regret, once they get it built. The older men will become less and less strong spiritually. But our young bucks will get sick of it and be out raping women and treating them like dogs. Once the virtuous woman is out of the picture, the women of God will be pressed into slavery. Most of these women who are out preaching have been abused. And they are leading the way for more women to be abused and made slaves of. Oh, sure, it looks good now and you may love these women but hell is coming. And hell is never satisfied and never full. Jezebel will drink the blood of the saints. She is right now drinking the blood of the Keepers At Home.

And some women are so dull of hearing the word of God. And they are so stupid, they would do anything any man told them to do. And they give the true virtuous woman a bad reputation. Jesus didn’t stay on the cross because He didn’t know how to get down. No one made Him stay at the cross. He GAVE His life. And we who are true virtuous women don’t obey our husbands because we are stupid and can’t figure anything out. We submit in order to be like Jesus and to obey the Word of God. And even in all of this, we have a choice to marry or not. But I mean, some women that the witches use as an example are women who stand there and let their husbands hammer a nail into their heads as if they don’t know what day it is. No virtuous woman has to do that. Protect yourself with your prayers.

When I first got saved, Jim and I used to beat each other up every week. We loved it. We had to finally admit we loved it. And once we admitted it, we started to quit it. Duh! One thing about it — when ya quit hittin’ yourself over the head with a hammer, it feels so much better. Talk about bein’ dumb as a bag of hammers.

But the virtuous woman don’t get beat in the physical or the spiritual. Nothin’ will beat down the virtuous woman. She is far stronger than the woman who is out to protect herself. Husband abuse doesn’t stop when you give the man an untimatum. It stops when you come into godly Holy Bible believing submission. Well, that’s what the Bible says, Girlfriend. Read 1 Peter 2 and then read chapter 3 — it’s clear enough.

We women of God have a choice always and no man, saved or not, is to run your mind. Your mind is your temple in God and that temple is precious to Jesus. We are always His daughter first and then our husband’s wife. If Hannah had been submissive to her husband, Samuel would never have been born. Just because you are a godly woman it doesn’t mean that you have no personal relationship to Christ, as lady preacher would have you believe.

You are to learn in silence and submission to your husband, and to reverence and praise your husband as priest of the home. He is to be as Jesus in the home. When you don’t agree with your husband, you should go to the Lord and pray about it. The Bible says that the king’s heart is in the hand of God. God can move a husband who isn’t doing right as to fit into God’s will. But often, it takes the virtuous woman’s prayers first. As a woman trusts in her husband, she learns to trust in Jesus Christ. These women preachers are causing you women to look away from your husbands and unto strange gods.

He Is the Victory

Dear Mothers,

Jill came over yesterday with Jane and we had a wonderful time in prayer. I don’t want to forget it or some of the things the Lord told me about it. Jane is doing so well and is another Dixie, as far as faith goes. Jane says electricity goes through her body when she feels the Holy Spirit. She is just loaded with Jesus.

When I woke up this morning, the Lord said in the ears of my heart, (I mean, this isn’t word for word but in thought, it was), “Connie, I am going to give the women on the group many victories — that’s a given.” He said that was just the overflow. But He said, “You and Jill have been praying a foundation of faith for your families and Satan will never have any of your kids. You have been through the tests and the trials and didn’t give up. All of your children will be taught of the Lord and great will be their peace.” I could see that very clear as we prayed here in the dining room.

Jill and I told Jane many stories about how Jim was miraculously saved and delivered. Jill told me that, as she reads my daily writings, I am getting closer to the reality of what Jim went through. She told me that it is so hard for me to explain because it was such a strange set of circumstances. I asked her to write some testimony of it on the email. I know that what I write about Jim and me is sometimes just out of this world. But it WAS very much out of this world! And there are deep hidden lessons to be learned in it all. There is a treasure of wisdom to be told about all of it.

I feel that I practice telling it to you ladies as I try to daily uncover the true flavor and mood of all of Jim’s and my marriage. I know it could be a remedy to many broken marriages. I just feel, when I write, that the Lord wants me to call the broken marriage back to the land — back to working with your hands. Back to you and your husband against the world. As women have become their own protectors, the husband no longer feels the need to protect or go out and slay dragons for the wife and kids at home. Jim always talked about “Connie and the kids.” He felt he had to take care of us any way he could. And I kept myself by faith vulnerable to Jim — and how did I do this after he had left me many times? That was such an uphill climb.

After we told Jane how we had prayed for Jim, she got up and went over to her sister Jill and cried. She hugged Jill and said, “Sis, thanks so much for not giving up on me. Thanks so much for praying for me.” I hadn’t prayed like Jill but I prayed some in agreement for Jane’s deliverance. I felt so honored that Jane thanked me, too, for my prayers.

Jane was in the gay lifestyle. But it wasn’t all that gay. We had been praying for her for about 20 years. She got set free the first time out on Dixie’s farm. But then she went back and the past years, before she came to Christ again recently, were a nightmare. I see her now about every week or two. And I tell ya, every time I see her, she looks more anointed than when I saw her the last time. She is becoming quite the godly virtuous woman. She is a Joan of Arc. And we talked about being Warriors for Christ. The Lord told her He wanted to give her a real sword (representing the word of God). And the Lord told her to go to this store and it would be there. She went to this second hand store. And she couldn’t find the one the Lord had for her. She had looked and looked. And pretty soon, she went up to the store clerk and asked her, “Do you have a sword I could buy?” And the lady took it out from behind a shelf. She said later that she wasn’t going to sell the sword unless someone asked for it specifically. Jill told me that it is a beautiful golden sword. And on it says “The Crusader”. The Lord has been speaking to me about being a warrior, too. Jane lives in a lovely Victorian home for Christian ladies. She studies and goes to Bible groups daily.

Victory in Jesus

But, oh, we had a lovely time in prayer. I didn’t want to even bring up Mary and Brandon as I didn’t want to cry. But the Lord said to and I did and, of course, I cried. Jill got up and prayed and swung that devil every way but loose. And then Jane came over to pray for me and when she touched me on my shoulder, I jumped. It was funny — I could just feel the Lord in her touch.

This morning when I woke up, I could sense the angels rockin’ Brandon’s boat (life) back and forth and vibrating his soul. After Jill had prayed for me yesterday, she said, “Connie, this ain’t nothin’ — you have been through worse than this.” All I can say is if I was Brandon, I would quit now and give up while he still can. Because it is as though Jane has taken Dixie’s place. And, ya know, when Jill and Dixie and I got in agreement, anything could happen. And, surely, Jim was a bigger gun than Brandon. So Brandon is in the bag. Praise God. And I know that all of you are in agreement with me, too, that Brandon will be raised up for the Lord Jesus Christ. He will be a mighty warrior for the Kingdom of righteousness.

And, ya know, I think the Lord healed Brandon of Chrons. Mary says he looks healthy. I mean, he almost died and God healed him. And so what does he do but get healed and go the wrong way. I mean, he was a wrack of bones weighing only about 90 pounds. Then God healed him and he has used his wellness for the devil. But God is ending his little career of evil. I can even see him in my spirit when I pray. And he is saying that he knows I have been prayin’ for him and he knows he is doing wrong and plans to stop and do right.

I think sometimes a person taken in sin can’t stop it, even though they know it’s wrong. Sometimes they think they just have to ride it out. Or they are so bound that they can’t stop or even ride it out. And a prayer warrior has to come along and pray and rebuke Satan. And, ya know, someone with the Power of God has to just keep bangin’ into Satan until he lets the captive go free. I mean, this is why we believers are here. It is to pray the captives free — to lay hands on the sick so they will recover. Satan takes folks captive to sin and they can’t get loose on their own. And the devil will bang away at the believer and try to get the Christian to give up and quit slingin’ that sword and shield. And, oh, he will lie to ya about who you are prayin’ for. Mary told me so many things about Brandon and she found out later someone had lied to her about it. Here I would be up in the night prayin’ and the whole thing was a lie. Satan is a deceiver. But we have to just keep on plowin’ away and not stop, no matter how bad things get or what lies are told us. We can’t give up.

We are here to bring heaven to the earth that His will is done on earth as it is in heaven. This is why we are here, to fight the good fight of faith. It isn’t so that we can have a life of ease and luxury. In the Garden of Eden, Satan was not in control as he is in parts of the world today. Satan is an enemy of Christ, and our enemy as we follow Jesus. But some demons won’t let go without prayer and fasting. The disciples couldn’t do the works of Christ at times because they lacked the power. And Jesus told them that some demons are harder to cast out. Not a problem — it just takes longer. But the fervent prayers of a righteous woman availeth much.


The Revolution

Ya know, in our town there is mostly old people. If I have to go to the grocery store, then I will go like mid morning or early afternoon. The store isn’t busy then and hardly no trafffic. Well, so yesterday, I went and the store had nearly all old folks there. As they shuffled by with eyes staring right ahead, the devil spoke to my heart. “You are old and have no purpose, just like these old people walking by staring into space.” They looked like all they did was watch TV. And when they got to the store they were trying to act like they knew what they were there for. The devil says, “You’re like that and you don’t know what you are doing, either.”

And as I stood there by the frozen food aisle, the Lord spoke to me. “Connie, you have a purpose. You are starting the Revolution!” And the Lord began to show me what I looked like in the spirit realm. Because the spirit realm looks just like the physical. God said I looked like a fighter, a pioneer — a trailblazer. He showed me a woman that Satan is afraid of. God changes our names and calls the weak to say “I am strong” and the poor to say “I am rich.”

I think of Wild Man a lot and who was he, really. Jim was always sort of ashamed that he was so different. He would try to gloss over his past. But the parts he tried to gloss over, I knew the truth on. And I always loved Jim because he was so full of life. And his love for me was always so romantic. He thought that all men were like he was. He just came from such a life that he always had all he could do to keep his own self straight. So, basically, he thought that most people were like he was. But Jim was more of a James Dean. He kinda had a wild streak that came in mighty handy at times.

Ruth and I were out a few days ago in her car. And we passed this sort of run down restaurant. As we went by it, I said, “Jim used to work there.” Ruth said with surprise, “He worked there?” I said, “Yes, Jim did anything that would put food on the table.” Jim would even be a dish washer if he needed to be. He just did whatever worked. Of course, he would keep lookin’ for another job but he wasn’t too proud to work at anything until he found something better. He would just go for it! He showed his sons to work at whatever until something better came up. And of course my boys are never without a job. But I always thought that was so sexy, the way he would do all that.

I loved how Jim would look with his t-shirt with the straps and his jeans. The kids called those t-shirts without the sleeves “Wife Beaters.” I don’t know why they are called that. But, oh, Wild Man had such good muscles.

Heck, I thought it was cool that he would take any job to keep me and my babies goin’. He said, “The heck with state aid and food stamps.” And if he didnt have a car to get to work, he walked. One time he had lost his job at the airport because our car went out. Then Jim got sick and could barely sit up. So he took a job driving a taxi, as that was basically all he could do was sit in one spot and drive. Then he got better and got another job.

And, oh, I would get so nervous when he was out of work. But the Lord just had me stay on task here at home and keep cookin’ and bakin’. My faith would dip if I watched Jim as he was like, at times, in midair like a trapeze artist, as I said before. I would look up at him flying through the air with never a safety net under him. I learned to sort of live by my wits and a wing and a prayer. And often, when even Jim was scared, I would spend the night in prayer and my faith scared him.

But ya know, he had been in and out of prison for 20 years by the time he got saved. So when he came home to set up a home for me and the children, he bounced off prison ideas. So, ya know, in there, the doctor came to the prison every two weeks. So if there was an emergency with one of the inmates, then they just roughed it out for a few weeks or died.

Holding On

Dear Mothers,

I just feel it’s important to write more on faith, as many of you are on the way to getting your prayers answered. For me to stop writing on faith at this point could stop the Spirit’s flow too quick, I think. I want to tell you some faith stories in my own life that used the principals of faith that we have discussed.

See, many years ago, before Jim was saved, this is what would happen. I would think all was well with us and, out of the blue, he would leave the family. See, when some of you all’s husbands have left, you may get some idea of where they went. Like maybe they went to a bar or a friend’s house or to a relative’s house. Jim didn’t do this and I knew better than to look for him, as I knew he was gone and wouldn’t be back until God Himself brought him back. So I could be living a normal life and, all of a sudden, Jim was missing as if UFOs came and took him right off the earth.

You know how ya feel if a family member is late getting home, how you worry? Well, this was a nightmare with Jim and it happened many times. And he would be gone about 3 months. My life would just stop and I would have to begin again alone. The first weeks or so, I would grieve so hard, it just about killed me. Then bitterness set in and it went for about a month. I was gonna divorce that sorry S.O.B. etc. I would beg God to give me His blessings for a divorce. And when He told me that marriage was until death, I would curse the Lord. And then do a lot of repenting. Talk about a soul in turmoil. Then, finally, as I could see that I wasn’t gettin’ out of this thing without leaving the Lord, I got back up and onto my faith.

Now, here I am, a very broken woman. I felt like I was standing in midair to start believing God. I didn’t have the slightest notion of where Jim was or if he was even dead. But just out of the blue, the Lord told me to believe Him for Jim to come back home. So I would start cleaning the house and getting stuff ready for Jim to come home.

I listened to faith tapes constantly, as fear would try to fight me. I did the things that I talked about in my earlier writings on faith. But, see, I had a lot of fear. So I used faith tapes like an iron lung. I had to have faith bein’ pumped into me like a dying woman. I was the key here. See, God had to have a faith filled woman to do what needed to be done. I was not it, and I needed a supernatural faith that could move a mountain. So I got ahold of Kenneth Hagin tapes and books by Smith Wigglesworth. And in the 1970s Ken Copeland was very anointed to preach on faith. So I got a bunch of these tapes and I fed my fearful soul with faith. At night before I went to bed, I turned my tape on and let it play and let it shut itself off. But I listened to the Word of Faith at night until I fell asleep and the next morning when I was barely awake I would turn the tape player on and listen to it until I got out of bed. Then I would travel about the house with the tape player and would listen to tapes as much as I could. I had a tape player in the kitchen and I had to finally throw it away, as it had so much brown sugar in it. I had it right beside me on a counter in the kitchen when I was cooking. And notice I didn’t say I had tapes on the whole Bible. I needed faith and I just had tapes on faith that told me scriptures to meditate on.

OK, so Jim would be gone for about 3 months. This was because it took me about that long to get back up on my faith. That was my cycle and not Jim’s. And then Jim would be home about 3 months. About the first month or so, I would be able to hold my faith on the line. Then as the time went on, I would begin getting more fearful because I wouldn’t be able to hold onto my faith. I spent more time with Jim and less time with meditation in the Word and one day, sure enough, he was gone again. Jim told me he felt like a yo-yo. He would be gone 3 months and then back 3 months.

Fear Is the Enemy

When my faith was up, Jim would be home and doing well. And when the fear came to me, the fear sent Jim back to the highway, hitchhikin’ out of town. No suitcase, no nothing — just Wild Man on the highway with his thumb in the air. Once someone asked him where he lived before we were married. He leans back in this chair and says, “Oh, anywhere I hung my hat.” I was like, “No, you didn’t just say that.” But it was the truth. Jim would look for a mission in some town and listen to their song and dance to get something to eat. You had to listen to a sermon and then you got a free hot meal. Then Papa would travel on. And, no kidding, we went through this 30 times — yes, I counted them. Sometimes it wasn’t 3 months; it was a shorter time.

But, see, in all of this, I was the key player. Jim was an unbeliever so he was just out there doing what he had been doing for years before I came along. My Baptist preacher gave me some good advice. He said, “Connie, you aren’t Jim’s problem but you can be his answer.” Jim was one accident goin’ some place and the Lord had called me to stop Jim. Now don’t I wish that some of these nutty, crazed criminals in our world all had wives who would stop them! But, no, everyone runs out and gets a divorce. Usually, most husbands who are weak in faith have wives who really have gifts of faith. God won’t put a husband and wife together who both have no faith.

So, anyway, I was a key player here. God dealt with me and my faith because I was the one listening. I couldn’t do anything on my own to help Jim, but God could! What was my part to play? It was keeping myself loaded up with faith power. In myself, I couldn’t make Jim stop running. He had been running away since he was 14 and I met him at 25. He ran out of the army — even jumped through a plate glass window to get loose. Jim looked like a trapeze artist and he couldn’t be tamed. He ran over me like I wasn’t there. I am tellin’ you, that man was over the top. There was no way in hell I was gonna do anything to stop this guy. And if we went to counselors, he just told them what he thought he was supposed to say and that was it, then he would run away. But God wanted to stop Jim and save him.

I felt it was a crap shoot from the beginning but learned to follow God as a helpmate to Jim. I felt that if I left Jim, then Satan had won the battle in Jim’s life and in mine. I didn’t believe in remarriage and I figured I would be alone and I didn’t want that.

I had loved Jim with all of my heart. But slowly, as the years went on, I began to hate him. I would get so discouraged. Yet in prayer, God would help me back up and get me on the faith road again. I had to walk with God and depend on His power. Just like a car ain’t goin’ anywhere without gas, we won’t see any miracles until God alone fills us with gas or the Power of the Holy Spirit.

We must be empty vessels waiting to be filled with Spiritual power from on High. You must know that you can’t get a powerful miracle without the in filling of the Holy Spirit. We are vessels that must be filled with power. And God will fill us with the Power we need for the problem at hand. No weapon formed against us can prosper, once we get our faith built up to the point God can use us as a spiritual weapon.

And, ya know, when Dixie came along in my life and added her faith to mine, BINGO, Jim’s career of running was over. It stopped right now! I had seen some small miracles before that, and many prayed. My friend Barb, who just joined our group, fasted and prayed with MaryL right at the same time and Jim was healed. He never left again. Of course, Jill always stood with me and comforted me, too. But in the beginning, I had to walk alone in my faith and then God sent helpers. For Dixie to tell me that Jim was healed was like her talking to a beehive. I was so hurt that I just plain resented her saying that. But she kept telling me, “Connie, Jim is healed.”


See, God had that healing for Jim many years before it happened. I just never could maintain enough faith and hold it out there long enough for God to work. I would bang away at my snake until I was tired. God would give me enough faith to bring Jim home. Jim even traveled to Mexico. He would come home with foreign money. I wondered, at times, if God didn’t just pick Jim up and transport him to me. So I knew some of my faith was working. But I didn’t have enough faith. I could bang into the moon with my faith but couldn’t maintain it.

The key, as with everything, is maintaining your faith. It’s like when you take herbs. If you just take them one day, it isn’t going to help you. You have to take them every day for them to be effective and make a change. And faith is like that. You can’t take pot shots at it. You have to pray until you believe God and then add faith to faith until Satan lets loose of your family. Just like a snake in your house. You hit it with a broom and that don’t work so you hit him with a knife. He is wounded but he is still alive. Well, you don’t, at that point, say, “Well, I guess ya never know what God is gonna do and that snake needs a home, I guess.” No, you are right back at him. You go get a gun and shoot the dang thing. And if he is still alive, you shoot him again. How many times do ya shoot him? Until he is dead. And this is how we have to come after these demons that get ahold of family members.

And everyone fails in their faith at times. That’s why it took me 12 years to get the demons off Wild Man. See, in the Bible, when families brought their demon possessed to Jesus, Jesus healed them. He didn’t tell the demon possessed to straighten up and knock it off. He knew they were bound by demons. Normal family members brought the demon oppressed to Jesus and He healed them.

But the mate who is of sound mind is the key player. The Christian holds the key to victory for the demon oppressed. The problem is that the believer takes everything personally that the demon oppressed family member is doing. And Satan takes them off on a Trail of Tears and they go get a divorce. Good Night! God has called us believers to cast out devils and to set the captive free through the mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit. Many in our world today are casting out devils and they aren’t even Christians. And in the end Jesus will say I never knew you. But the believer’s job is to cast demons out and raise the dead and heal the sick through Jesus.

We live in troubled times. With wars and rumors of wars. We need to understand the power of Jesus. The whole thing in a nut shell is this. If we have a family member who is demon oppressed, then you need to rebuke Satan from her or him. But you can’t do that in yourself. Here is the key — you must be filled up with God’s power. Jesus is the key. If you have to get faith tapes or whatever you need, get it. And then after you get the faith, maintain it and keep using it daily until the manifestation of the miracle comes into the physical. You keep killin’ that snake until it stays dead.

And you don’t need to go through 12 years of hell like I did. Good grief, Girlfriend — you have my testimony. I didn’t have any testimony to count on. When Jim first left me, I went to the Christian bookstore and I said to the lady clerk, “Do yo have any books on husbands running away?” This was about 1969. The lady is like “NO.” Well, I had read Cross and the Switchblade with Nicki Cruz and I could relate to that. But none of us believers had heard of anyone like Jim. Most families back then were doing half way OK. Most folks married and stayed that way. Rarely was there even one divorced person in church. And there I sat in the pew, deserted every 3 months. I was a fish outta water and most Christians wondered what I had done to deserve Jim. Of course, in the midst of it all, I was winning folks to Christ.


So right now, I just hold the families before you, Lord Jesus, who have children or husbands that are just causing much heartache in the families represented here.

Father God, please fill us with the mighty power of Jesus Christ. Fill us with your powerful Holy Spirit. Please give us the mind of Christ.

Satan, we come against you in the mighty name of Jesus, not in our name. We show you Christ’s power and not ours. You must bow to the Power of Jesus.

Satan, we are Covenant Women. We have made a covenant with Jesus Christ and His Word says All of our children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace. Also the scripture says What God has joined together let no man or woman separate. God’s Word says that if we obey God that He will reward us. He rewards those who diligently seek Him. You cannot cross over the blood line and the Victories Christ won at the cross. God has called His covenant Mothers and wives to cast out demons in His name. And we cast you out in Jesus’ name.

You filthy spirits of hell, get out and go back to the fiery pits of Hell, in Jesus’ name. And we bind you away from these families in Jesus’ name. We don’t attempt to cast you out in our name. But in the name that is above every name that is named upon the earth, Jesus Christ. He is our King in heaven and on earth.

Lord Jesus, we expect many miracles today. Thank you, Jesus, for your power. I loose angels as ministering spirits to come and minister to the women of God. Show us what we need to know to stay clean from these demon spirits.


More on Faith

Dear Mothers,

Well, I have prayed and the Lord is saying to keep writing on faith. I hope you can read these faith writings in order, too. I know I am getting free writing these. And I think one part builds upon the next part. And that, of course, is the key to faith, anyway. One day builds upon the other.

If God has told you that your prayer is answered, then you have to believe that and not get back into unbelief. It’s easy to fall back into a negative viewpoint. But what you have to do is put the promise of God out like a seed planted and hold onto it and protect it until it takes on a life of its own. Like for our kids. We plant the scripture that says All of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace. Well, I am looking at this scripture like it is on fire. I see these flaming words written on a dark sky and the words are on fire. They blaze with a red hot fire. They are words alive and sharp and cutting between the soul and the spirit. They are words of truth that will not return void. If your husband is adulterous, see the words What God has joined together let no man separate. We have planted these words in the heavenlies. We have loosed them into the earth and what is loosed on earth is opened up in heaven. We bring His will out of heaven to the earth. I loose these scriptures upon Mary and Brandon in Jesus’ mighty name.

Now, Mothers, I can pray this way this morning and, as the day goes on and the world starts in on me, the devil will try to get me away from my prayers and visions. And if he does, then all of my standing on the promises will become null and void. But we have to be bold and stand on the Promises of God until we see His glory. If we do nothing else today, we must protect this promise of God for our families’ salvation. God is the miracle worker, not us.

It is our job to protect the seed of faith as Mary, Jesus’ Mother, protected Him as a seed in the womb. Jesus was a seed of truth and we carry seeds of truth in our spiritual wombs. Mary hid away unto God and she didn’t care what folks thought of her. She was pregnant without a man and she still went about boldly trusting God. Few believed what she said. Even Joseph had to have a dream from God to even believe that Mary was a virgin and yet pregnant. Joseph believed God and went out with Mary in faith. Had they not had this faith, God would have had to find someone else to do this holy act.

About every major event in the Bible happened with a miracle. To get a miracle, you have to have faith. God is a supernatural God and this is why our faith pleases Him. He can’t contact us if we don’t have faith. It’s like if you call me on the phone and I have no phone (faith), then how will you get to me? Faith is the phone. God can’t call unbelief. He can’t get through.

But today keep the promises first place in your mind and heart and don’t let the devil talk ya out of it. Some of you won’t make it without the miracle working power of faith. You must arise out of your ash heap and arise to take up your bed and walk. Some of you just won’t make it without this faith. Stir up your faith and encourage yourself to have hope and then to have faith.

Faith is always Now. Believe that you have what you ask for and you will receive it. Read Mark 11:23 and 24. Walk out your faith and clean the house for the wayward family to come home. Declare that you are believing God and that you will raise your children for the Lord Jesus Christ. And nothing less will do. Declare openly to Satan that you are a covenant woman. And don’t forget to declare it to all the flesh you come around during the day. Don’t let he devil gnaw at you and get the promises to die in your heart. OK, so now you have announced the word of God and you have believed God and now you say, “It is done.” When Satan comes to bug ya, just say, “Devil, you are too late.”

Covenant Mothers

So declare openly to Satan by faith, “Homey, you are late. I have made a covenant with God and my family is saved, healed, and delivered and ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.” And, Mothers, as long as you hold onto your seeds of God’s promises, ain’t nothin’ Satan can do about it. Because God’s covenant with us is His Word. And if we obey it, then He will bless us. His Word is alive and quicker then any two edged sword. If you will stand and not give up, you will see His glory. His Word, laid out there on the line, will produce a hundred fold return. But ya have to keep your foot on it until you break the back of Satan.

I mean, if you have a snake come in your house, tappin’ him with your broom won’t kill it. How many times do you beat a snake with a butcher knife? Answer: until he dies. Ya know, Jill and I have talked about Jane’s conversion to Christ. Well, she used to be in a gang. And she says that when Satan comes after her, she rebukes him and automatically does gang signs at him. Some of these women who have been in gangs and lived like hell, I think, have a better understanding of spiritual warfare. Well, we are in a battle for our lives, dear Mothers. Some of our kids know this better then we do. Our nice little Christian ways ain’t gonna work as they used to and shouldn’t. The world is changing and, in order to blast Satan off his perch, you had better get some war like tactics goin’ on.

Cryin’ and feelin’ real sorry for yourself may impress you but the devil ain’t gonna feel sorry for ya and let your loved one go. No, when you cry and feel sorry for yourself, this is music to Satan’s ears. He rests when you cry in pity. But what scares him spitless is a Covenant woman that he knows ain’t gonna let go until she sees the glory? Whoa Nellie, that is scary for him. And when Satan is cast out, he looks for another place to rest. So he goes to a house of a woman who is living in unbelief and fear. Fear causes Satan to take residence and to rest and relax. He figures you want him there as you have given him some mighty fine air to breath, FEAR. He loves fear and it causes him to lock into the walls. The Bible tells us 365 times not to fear. It’s because it creates an atmosphere for Satan to dwell in. But faith causes Satan to go nuts. He becomes restless and confused. And that’s the way ya wanna keep the old dragon, confused! Pretty soon, since he loves to rest, he will leave your house and go find a place where the women cry and feel sorry for themselves. He loves that!

And, yes, in earlier writings, I said I cry and scream out to God sometimes, as I get so full of anxiety and fear. Well, if this is just between you and God, then it is a part of praying. It is casting your cares over on the Lord and He gives you a game plan. Yes, sometimes we have to cry our grief out to the Lord. But self pity is different and leads to depression, and we can’t have that. This is just unbelief and will lead to much worse problems. But in prayer, when you cry out to God, you are looking for a solution. And sometimes we do have to cry before the Lord. I do, anyway.

But, too, you railin’ on Satan and all without the Word of God will just cause the devil to laugh at ya. But if you have the Word of God out of the holder, then you can take that sword of the Spirit and beat that dragon senseless. Satan has no place in your home and your on going battle is to keep him out with the Word of God.

We have a lot of opposition as Keepers at Home. Jen, did you see in one of the Keepers at Home magazines from New Zealand about that Juanita someone who is supposedly a prophetess? And she said women should pray against women who are teaching that husbands should be the head of the home. She said it was to oppress women. And Joyce Myers is getting really bold lately about speaking against the home where husband is priest. The world would love to destroy the true Christian home.

But as Christian Mothers, we need to flex our spiritual muscles and get downright tough and hard to get along with. Get ornery and declare, “Just because my dumb kid is stupid and wants to go to hell, it don’t mean I am going to agree in the spirit with that.”

I used to tell Dixie things out in her farm kitchen. Like I would be mad at Jim and say something wicked about him or about myself. Dixie would say, “Well, I am not in agreement with that.” (Remember her saying that, Jill?) As I would rant and rave about something that had happened at home, she would say about 24 times, “Well, I don’t agree in Jesus’ name.” She was a piece of work! If rats got in her barn, she would take a baseball bat to them and kill ’em. That woman was fearless. She stood on the Word of God and didn’t let go.

And ya know, it isn’t our being tough that will get us anywhere. It is the Word of God that has the strength. But I do think bein’ tough and hard to get along with in the world is good. We don’t need a reputation for being a pushover when we are in a wrestling match with Satan for the lives of our families. But we do need to stand up strong for the Lord and for His Word. And let the tail go with the hide. If folks don’t like it, they can go to hell, right? ‘Cause that’s where they are goin’ without Jesus.

But ya know, my babies — mine and Jim’s babies — are my first thought every day and night. I want to win all of you to the Lord, too. But my own children is where I feel responsible. And when I stand before God in heaven, I best not be standing alone without my 7 babies (one miscarriage) and Jim. Because heaven won’t be heaven without Papa and his children there. NO. Just because my kids want to go to hell, I ain’t gonna let ’em go. God says that it isn’t His will that any perish and go to hell. And it isn’t my will, either, and my kids ain’t goin’. I am a covenant Mother and I expect the Lord to reward me.

Gettin’ Real

I have been prayin’ this morning, askin’ the Lord what to write. “Gettin’ Real” keeps comin’ up. And I just laughed right now and said, “How real are we talkin’, Lord?” I am thinkin’ “I think Annie just came out from under the bed and I don’t want to send her back.” So. Well, what do I mean by gettin’ real? I am talkin’ about in prayer. The Lord has given me a lot to write about on prayer lately. I don’t want to go to another subject before I have said all I needed to say on this.

Ya know, God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. Now, if one of us happened to be out in the yard hoeing our garden and a bush started to talk to us, what would our first reaction be? “I wonder if I should tell my pastor? Let me see … I wonder if this is scriptural?” I mean, Moses had never talked to a bush before. But it’s a good thing he didn’t stand and wonder about it. How many of us would go get the water hose and try to put the burning bush out? And how many supernatural things happened only once in the Bible? Like the virgin birth or the parting of the Red Sea? If the Children of God had stood and talked it over, if it was scriptural or not, for a Sea to part then they wouldn’t have made it.

How many times do we pray and seek God and God tells us of a miracle for our family and we come off our knees and the devil gets us to deny it? A lot of the reason we miss God is because we won’t count what He said as true. He gives us a big revelation or vision of all of our children coming to the Lord. Then we tell the revelation to someone and they say, “Welllllll. YESSSSSS. But we all have a free will. We can’t make them come to the Lord. We have to put Jesus first.” Then they tell ya a big story about how this Christian mother had 10 children and she prayed for them and they all became ax murderers when they grew up. And then you don’t want your friend to think you are naive so you agree with her against what God had just told you. The next day in prayer, you say to God, “You must hate me to put me through this torment of having ornery kids.” And God had just told you that He was saving all of them. Jesus must think we Mothers are spiritually deaf or something.

Then there is Noah who is out building a ship on dry land for about, what, 120 years? I mean this guy had no friends, as everyone thought he had toys in his attic. His family loved him but no one else did. I am sure folks called him a religious fanatic, etc.

Oh, you girls would have laughed your heads off if you had followed me around in the 1970s when I was believin’ for Jim. The Baptist ladies came over and I said, “Wow, God just spoke to me that Jim was going to be healed and that God was going to use him for the glory of God.” I said, “It was so real and true, it seemed like I had just heard it on the radio.” Oh, those girls howled with laughter. I mean, Wild Man was at his worst and here I am standing there telling everyone that Jim was gonna be something for Jesus. And every time Jim left me and came back, I told everyone that he had been healed, saved, and delivered. I would stand up and announce it and folks would laugh and laugh. Well, God had told me that Jim would be saved, so I was saying what God said.

Then after I would tell all that, I would end up pregnant and then Jim would leave. Then I would end up at a family function, alone and pregnant, after I had announced all was well. I was always tellin’ everyone that Jim was gonna be a miracle. And they all said, “You’re the miracle.” And the men at church would say to me, “Well, Jim needs to figure out what he wants.” I would get really mad at anything they said against Jim. He was gonna be my miracle husband, one dang way or the the other.

Well, in prayer, God had told me that Jim would be saved, and I believed it over what the world said. I was never popular with the world but I became the apple of my husband’s eye.

Bein’ Real

My dad got so mad at Jim that he threatened to shoot him with a gun. Everybody with a lick of sense wanted to kill Jim.

The police couldn’t find him, ever. If I didn’t turn him in at times, then the cops could never catch him. I made the detective laugh and, in court, I had the judge and lawyer laughing. I told funny stories and tap danced (not literally) in court and, especially when Wild Man was too busy(?) to come to court, I went in his place. It didn’t work but I did it, anyway.

And ya know what? When Jim died, he had finished his course. I had claimed God’s Word that He would give me double blessing for all I had suffered. And God gave me extra. I had 26 years of happiness with Jim after 12 years of hell. God wouldn’t have let that wildcat go until he had blessed me with a double blessing. Satan didn’t take my husband. God did — and right on time. God’s time! And I am completely at peace concerning that. Had I not prayed for Jim and believed God for a miracle, I wouldn’t have had a marriage at all. See, we had the first few years together where we were half way OK. Then we had 12 years of hell. Then we had 26 years of blessings. We would be married for 40 years this October.

But, see, you will never do anything for God if you won’t take what he says in the prayer as true. If you plan to turn your household around, you have to take directions from God. If you are praying for an unbelieving husband, then you will get one when it is settled between you and God as the truth.

I say in my heart, “Brandon and Mary are delivered.” I plant that in my heart. And it becomes a reality on the earth because I am on the earth and His word lives in me. And I am going to carry that Word and Seed of Faith. I am not going to abort this seed with caring about what others think or say. I am not guided by the flesh in me or on anyone else. I am guided by the voice and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I am going to keep this Word of faith in my heart and bring it to the birth of a miracle. How long will I carry the seed of faith? Until it is born and Mary and Brandon walk out the anointing of God. We do what it takes to see His Glory, and we don’t stop until we see the answer.

With our faith, we create a frame and God fills it with the supernatural. We as Mothers are not supernatural. God is the only One Who can perform a miracle. But as Marys, we carry the seed of faith and give it birth. We hide the seed in our heart and we protect it and pray over it to be safe.

Fear will abort the seed of faith. The Word says, “Fear thou not for I am with thee. Be not afraid for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee. I will help thee and I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” This is how we Marys and Hannahs produce the seed of truth into the earth. We as mothers don’t lift ourselves up and preach the gospel. We take the lowly seat and we produce righteous seeds in the physical through the physical womb and also through the spiritual womb.

And this is how St. Augustine and some of the great men of God became who they were, is by the prayers of their holy mothers. Not Mothers who were popular in the world. But through Mothers who would walk by faith. Ones who spent hours in prayer and fasting. Mothers who got visions from God and walked in them. Mothers who would wrestle with angels for a blessing for their children. And, by golly, they won’t let go until the blessing comes. They won’t let go until fire comes out of heaven. Or until they see the unseen hand move upon their loved ones’ lives. They will pray in the pit of hell for their babies and walk through the valley of the shadows to guide their children home.

True Mothers of God are fruitful in the physical and Spirit. They won’t let go and no weapon formed against them will prosper. And true Mothers of God like St. Monica will produce sons like Augustine.

Are you for REAL???

But I have to tell ya the main point again. You have to listen to the Holy Spirit and do what He says to do. Even if it looks nuts and Christians call you dirty names. And when I was believin’ for Jim, the Baptist church thought I was the corn ball of the year. Why I tormented myself by going to church, I will never understand. I just thought I should go. Well, anyway, I finally got done beating myself up and I went to the Pentecostal church and was there a while. And they thought I couldn’t afford a divorce. So they took up a collection for me. I said I didn’t want a divorce. Well, they thought I had flipped my lid.

But, ya know, if you are believing God for a holy marriage, then why torment yourself by going to a church where many of the Christians are divorced and lovin’ it? You have to be faithful to God, not your church. You have to give your all to Jesus and His Word. I mean, you have to point yourself in the direction of what is going to help you get your loved one saved. You don’t go to the library when you were meaning to go to the store. Go in the direction of Godliness. I mean, if you have a good church that believes in family and standing for unsaved husbands, then Hurraaay for you! But don’t put the church ahead of God and His word.

You have to line up your actions and your thinking to the promises of God. I mean, when Jim would leave us, I didn’t start dating other guys and still go to church and tell folks I was believing for Jim to come back and be saved. You have to get your actions in line with the answer. No, I stayed home and made a home for Jim to be saved in and he was saved.

I mean, be real with God. Let God be God and every man a liar. Either stand for God and for Victory or stand for the world and their lifestyle. But a double minded man (woman) will be unstable in all of her ways. This is why we Mothers fall into fear and depression. It’s because of confusion. We don’t know whose side we want to be on. Our minds flit from one thing to the other because we aren’t stabilized on the Word of God or the spoken promise God gave us. Also the demon angels hit a woman’s head — her mind — because she is taking spiritual authority where it is her husband’s job. We Mothers are called to be silent and deadly. We are called to hide away in our homes to learn in silence and submission to our husbands.

We are to be set apart unto God for a holy purpose. That is, to bear fruit spiritually and physically. We are called to groom our inner woman, the meek and quiet spirit. We are called as Keepers at Home. Mothers of faith, keepers of the priests and prophets and handmaidens of God. We hide the spiritual and physical seeds as Mary did. We are the wise women who build our homes. We are to nurture and keep the godly seeds as we cling to the old rugged cross. And we don’t let go until we see His glory.


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