Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ruby in the Den of Lions

Dear Mothers,

I was praying this morning and saw Ruby in the lions den. I see her as she is lined up with the other saints and she trembles and cries with fear as the King of Darkness and Wickedness throws her and the other saints in the hungry lions’ cage. Ruby cries out in fear and anguish of soul. She prays that her life will be spared and yet she hears the martyrs’ bones crack as she listens to the lions eat them. She falls asleep in a corner as the lions sleep after they are full. Then she is awakened by another saint’s cry as another disciple of Christ is devoured. She is awakened to the smell of the blood splattered about her. The lions stalk her and intimidate her. They walk about seeking who they can devour. And Ruby thinks each day she will be next and yet her life is spared. She thinks surely this will be her last moment on earth and yet she wakes up the next day. And Ruby feels the Lord about her and she says, “Surely God’s hand is upon me as the lions have not devoured me.”

God showed her that the saints about her were called to die but Ruby’s time on earth was not up yet. That she was young yet and had more to do. And Ruby looked to the side of the cage and there were about three small steps and she walked up them and was quietly out of the lions den. The steps were there all along but Ruby never saw them. But God opened her eyes and she saw them and she walked out of the den of lions. And I said to the Lord, “Lord, why did you spare Ruby’s life?” And God said because she is like Dorcus and the saints cried out to me to save her life. They cried out, “Don’t take Ruby — she is comforter to the comfortless.” And God said that His heart broke to hold Ruby in His arms and to use her to comfort the comfortless.

The cries of the broken and contrite hearts called out to the Father. They showed Him Ruby’s handiwork of mended hearts. And they cried out to the Father, “Keep her, Lord, as the apple of your eye.” And God raised Ruby up and she became strong and as a weapon in the hand of the Father. And Ruby’s life was spared as God needed her. And God took the things out of Ruby’s path that kept her in fear. And God gave Ruby a valiant spirit of courage. Yet Ruby’s heart was scarred and maimed. And the Father told her to speak out of the weakness of the scars. And Ruby became confident in the Father’s love and she went on in the anointing of the Father’s delivering power. And God wore Ruby upon His hand as a Ruby ring. And He shared His life with her.

God took her out of the lions den like he had Daniel. He took her out of the prison like He did Joseph. He gave her victory in order to use her for His glory. He set her free for a purpose. Though 10,000 fell around her she did not fall.

So, dear Mothers, this writing can apply to different things. Just apply it to your own lives as we, as seekers of wisdom, are Rubies.

Ruby’s Golden Bridge

And Ruby, as she walked out of the lions den, saw a Golden Bridge. And the bridge was spiritual and was built over screaming demons. Wickedness cried out from under the bridge. The demons cried out the laws of the earth. The laws of sin and death without Christ’s victory upon the cross. They spoke of what we can see and hear and begged Ruby to fear and to look with physical eyes at all of the obstacles set before her. “Don’t run the race, Ruby, as you are sure to fail.” And there were demons who were especially called of Satan to accuse God’s chosen people day and night. And the wicked cried out from the depth of the waters. “There is no devil — this is all your imaginations.” But Ruby didn’t watch or listen to the demons and God spoke.

“Ruby, this is a spiritual bridge — don’t walk on it without prayer. You can make it half way as you pray but the bridge will break in half if you don’t fulfill your calling to minister to the saints. You are not strong enough to make it, Ruby. You have to write the words to walk on the bridge.” I could see it was a bridge of words from Jesus that made the Spiritual Golden Bridge. And the bridge of words brought Ruby over the bridge as she obeyed the Lord and she wrote His words to a lost and dying generation. And Ruby didn’t give up as she could see that, as she gave, she became the Lord’s Bridge extended. And that, as she gave, she was building her own golden bridge over her own obstacles in life. And Ruby took to her heart new courage and she ran with confidence the race set before her. She quit shrinking back in fear and she ran with new visions in her heart. And God’s anointing broke her yoke of fear. And Ruby ran over the bridge and over new and bigger bridges. But Ruby was not out of breath and her hair glistened with anointing.

She became zealous of good works and God saw her. And He asked her to be His wife and Ruby said she would. And Ruby ran her race with new strength as Jesus was Ruby’s strength. And Ruby found the secret of the golden bridge over demon voices. It was to pray for enough power to feed a million when you only have yourself to think of.

And I think this is what the Lord is saying in this parable. This story is written to speak to the older Titus 2 mothers who are struggling in their own families. And it is to the young women to pray for the older Titus 2 mother. It’s only by the grace of God that I stand here and write. If God don’t make my bridge, then I have none to walk on. At times, I am only a heartbeat from being eaten with fear. I don’t get encouraged from the world but only from the life of God in me. I am a Titus 2 mother teaching a message that the devil fights every day. It is my death and my life.

Jill stopped by yesterday to adjust my iron lung. Thank God for her life and testimony. She saves my hide and a lot of other people’s. So I know she will live a long time, as I keep her plenty busy prayin’. One thing she said yesterday that I loved and have hung onto. She said, “Connie, some of the things you write and know, flesh and blood hasn’t told you.” My writing is out there, for sure. But it is the stuff I have lived on for years.

For me, it is like binding a leather strap to myself and up to a horse drawn plow. Daily I plow a whole field of the Word of God. Often I hit my shoulder in front of Satan and I tell him I am strong and can plow another field. That he ain’t taken me down. Well, on my good days, huh?


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