Sunday, December 17, 2017

Just Writing

Dear Mothers,

Well, Mary stopped by yesterday and we had a nice visit. She looks so much better than when I saw her last. I was so happy when she called Brandon on the phone. It being Father’s Day, I knew she would think of Brandon. He isn’t working and is staying with his folks. Mary told him that when he got a place to live and a job, she would come back to him. Things are looking up and I see the Lord working. “You were a good father to our baby, Brandon,” she told him — and he was.

Mary is staying with a bunch of girls in a house and cleaning houses to make some money. Mary brought a girl over with her and she seemed like a nice girl. She said she was a Christian so when I prayed for the girls before they left, I let them both have it with both barrels. It was a scream! Mary had told this girl about me so she braced herself as I prayed. But the girl was almost slain in the Spirit. Mary told her, “Well, I warned ya — Mom is intense when she prays.” I prayed my Spirit into Mary so God only knows now what will happen to her. Mary told her friend, “I saw the goose bumps arise on your arms when Mom was prayin’ for ya.” I put my hands over each of the girls’ ears and prayed that they would only hear what the Holy Spirit said to them and not the world. And I prayed that they would have mouths to speak out about Jesus.

Mary hugged and held me close when she came in. I hadn’t seen her in a good month. It’s been hard. How do our children get so off when we are diligent mothers to pray for them and love them? As Mary was here, she went upstairs and got a couple of Jim’s shirts and brought them down and asked me if she could have them. I told her she could. We both held his shirts and put them to our faces and tried to smell a part of him. We cry so easily for him, as if the tears are so waiting to drop from our eyes. Mary got out all the pictures of Daddy that she could find and showed them to her friend. She told me “Mom, Daddy wouldn’t want me to go back to Brandon until he has a job and a place to live.”

I called Aunt Toot later in the day to tell her about Mary. Toot said that if I had been Mary, I would have pitched a tent on the road for Jim to come home to. And I would have. Oh, I loved that Wild Man. Heaven is just over yonder and I will see him again.

I know I am supposed to be writing but at times I don’t want to. God’s hand is so strong upon me to write. It’s as though I have no choice. For some reason, I am such a target and if I don’t get up and build the house for Jesus, then the devil starts to tear it down. I am going to be so glad to get to heaven and be done with these battles set before me.

Mary doesn’t have any of her things with her. Well, just a few things. Most of her stuff is in storage. But she says, “Mom, the one thing I keep with me always is your book. And I have friends read it.” I think “Oh, my gosh — that book. The secret weapon.” I know the Lord has all of this more under control than what I can see. I expect many miracles to come out of all of this. Jesus comes to bind up the brokenhearted and to set the captive free.

I was looking at some of my old writings from 2000 last evening. I used to have a little group on the email of about 10 ladies at the most. Half of my space was taken up with the list of names so I could only write like a half a page on my email machine. My group was called Mother Home Journal. Anyway, I printed off a lot of the writings and saved them. I was reading them last night and they are so full of the joy of homemaking. I miss my homemaking.

As I stand before you all and this email machine, I wonder if I will even make it to the end of my forest. Will the Lord ever be able to say to me, “Well done faithful servant?” I get to thinkin’ sometimes I am so ornery and I have probably said too many ornery things about the preaching in the churches of today. God probably wants to tie me to a wailing wall.

Part 2

Can you believe there is a second part here of this hen scratchin’? Well, I gotta be funny or I won’t be at all.

Dan keeps calling home and to his brother’s from NY to tell all of us that everybody in NYC is stupid. Just a bunch of vegetarians. I had a joke on the tip of my tongue to tell David on the phone yesterday as he was telling me he had just talked to Dan. I said, “David, I have a joke about all of that but I better not tell it. You poor kids will never remember me for anything good but just for my dumb jokes.” But I had to do it. I said, “I am not worried about the vegetarians but what about the fruitcakes with their nuts in backwards?” I told David to never tell anyone I had said that. He laughed and laughed over that and I know he will tell everyone I said it.

So much for being the straight laced Titus 2 Mother. Well, what you see is what you get, huh? I think I have done enough damage here I had better go and start my day.


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