Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Seeking Him

Wow, I have been prayin’ this morning — panicky with grief. And I know that I have to have an answer from Jesus. Without His touch or anointing, I won’t make it. He has the answer to everything. But my gift is writing and somehow as I write, He shows up. I am the old ox that plows the field and gets to eat the hay as I go.

“Oh Father touch us with your understanding.”

Isaiah 49:25 says that God will contend with them who have contended with our children. Such heartache is around us. The anointed Word of God is our only hope in this world. His anointing. His voice that speaks out of the wilderness. Oh, He is our Secret Garden. We are called and blood bought. The world and its voice of reason has no part in us. We must hide away to hear His voice from the wilderness.

John the Baptist stands before us in the spirit. He stands clothed in animal skins and he looks wild eyed, as he is a warrior. He lives on locusts and honey. His mother Elizabeth didn’t raise him much in the church but in the wilderness. He was set apart to preach the coming of Jesus Christ.

Oh, we daughters of God throw ourselves out into the world. We are so uncovered and Satan comes in and tries to penetrate every part of our spirits. Stinging Arrows shoot at our hearts and pierce our souls with half truths and deceptions. And we think we can hear God in the middle of Satan’s parties? We think we can flip back and forth in and out of the world. And yet Jesus Christ must be our anchor.

Ya know, back in the old days of my marriage Jim lied to me every time he opened his mouth. And ya know, I was always confused wondering what the truth was. And God told me that I should act on everything Jim told me as if it were the truth — and I did. And God delivered him of that stuff. And this is why I am so peaceful about Jim’s death. I know in the past years that I could trust him with all of my heart. Now, with so many lies and half truths about Mary, I must choose to believe her by faith and let God honor my faith.

This world is not our home. We are strangers and pilgrims here. We are in the world but not of it. We are a peculiar people zealous of good works. We as women of God want to please Him. Many of us live in our secret chambers and gardens more than a Mother with many children to care for. But our inner man is our life. The meek and quiet spirit must rule our hearts and minds.

Ya know, I think of Martin Luther King’s wife and how she carried on her husband’s dreams, long after he had died. She lived the rest of her life honoring and submitting to her husband’s memory.

I think of Laura Wilder and how she honored Pa and Ma Ingalls all of her life through her writings. Laura brought them alive to us through her writings. And because of Laura, Carolyn her Mother was able to teach millions of people what she heard from God’s still small voice in her cabin in the wilderness. Carolyn lived such a life that God had to have her published for the world to know her. Pa was such a loving father and provider. But you knew for sure who was holding that shootin’ match together. It was Carolyn. Carolyn Ingalls knew how to pivot and live from that meek and quiet spirit within her.

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