Friday, February 23, 2018

The Mind of Christ

I just woke up and I looked out my side door here and I see Papa’s red rose bush has bloomed. What a gorgeous huge red bloom. June is the month when most of our roses come into bloom. I will go out and cut it later and put it in a vase for the table.

Yesterday, as I wrote and prayed, just on paper, the Lord gave me a teaching on prayer. It’s stuff you all know but it has a different way, I guess, of looking at it. OK, here it is.

The Lord gave me a picture of it. He said, “If a woman is praying for a pound of hamburger to feed her family and the Lord answers the prayer, how does He answer it?” God is a Spirit so He doesn’t go to the store and make the meat fly out of the store and fly down the street to the woman’s house. He is a Spirit as He isn’t here in the physical like He was when He came to the earth. So He puts thoughts in another sister’s mind to go get the hamburger and bring it to this Mother’s home who was praying for it. So He puts thoughts in His children’s minds and this is how He leads them along. But first we must touch God with our prayers to Him.

Without faith, we can’t please God. And God only responds to His own Word as this is Him talking to us. So we must pray in faith according to His Word. Just like when we talk on the phone there is certain rules to follow. We may think the phone should work without us turning it on, or pushing the “Talk” button. But just because we think it should work like that, it won’t. And you can yell at the phone all day long and curse it until you are blue in the face and it won’t go on. You can feel sorry for yourself and cry and wail but it won’t go on until you follow the rules and turn it on and push the button that says “Talk.” Well, that is how you get hooked up with God. You must push the “Faith” Button and this pleases God and He hears you.

Faith is always in the NOW. If you have faith you believe it for this minute and you see the answer in your spirit Now. And you act on the Now faith. So if you are prayin’ for hamburger, you get your fryin’ pan out and anounce “Supper!” OK, so God will speak to another sister who has an extra 3 bucks and is willing to bring it to your house. By the way, this sister is also a woman of faith and has her faith button pushed “ON” as well. But our minds are the heads of our spiritual temples.

This is my point that God works through our minds to run His world. This is just a simple way of telling you what the Bible is saying. Like the Word will say “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” How do you delight yourself in the Lord? You delight your mind and you think on Jesus and His Word that says to cast your cares upon Him. So it is your MIND that you delight. And how do you receive the desires of your heart? You receive your dreams through what? Your MIND. Often we receive through our Spirits — we feel a touch from God or an anointing. We feel a spark that sets us free. But we won’t understand this anointing unless our minds explain it to us as our minds are touched by the Spirit. Our minds have the knowledge of God and we need our minds to instruct us. Or to explain what is going on in the Spirit realm.

The Lord tells us in His Word that He will guide us and direct us and lead us. How? Through our minds. Or through Him speaking to someone else’s mind to give us a word of knowlege or wisdom. We don’t receive Jesus through our legs or our arms or our feet. We receive Him through our minds. Either He tells us to help someone or them to help us. But He is a Spirit and He deals in the unseen things.

Jesus is in heaven and on the earth, too. He can be all places all at once. This is why He went back to heaven after being on earth in the physical. He could do more as a Spirit than a physical body. He could only talk to one location at a time when He was in the physical.

So if the Bible says “Protect your heart for out of it are the issues of life,” this isn’t meaning the physical heart or a physical organ. It means protect your mind for out of it will come the words of life. Or it is talking about our memories. How, if we don’t watch what we take into our minds, then it will come out as we talk. Or our minds will lead us to do the wrong things as we have put wrong things in our minds.

We hear so much preaching on not confessing the negative. And I go for that, too. But I think it all starts in the mind. But our minds are what God speaks to when He speaks to His children. He guides the earth through our minds. Also our spirits but the mind is the organ that explains it. God in heaven probably just speaks in the Spirit to the angels. But He has to speak through our minds and our spirits. Our minds are the spiritual organ that makes things happen under the laws of God, and with “Now” faith.

If you aren’t walking out what you prayed for, then you are walking out what you didn’t pray for. So you are canceling out your own prayers. So you are praying for your wayward husband to get right with God. You pray for hours that he would come to Christ. Then your Aunt Goose calls and says, “So what is that miserable piece of hide up to today?” Then you start sayin’ “Oh, he didn’t come home until 2:00 this morning and he quit his job again and I don’t know what we will do.” Well, Darlin’ you just dug your own grave. You were right with God and you were on your faith as you prayed and now you just threw it all in a hole. As Aunt Goose keeps talkin’, she is filling your heart (MIND) with sin and unbelief. And out of it will come the issues if life.

By faith you are to see the answer and to call things that are not as they are. No, you don’t lie about it. You just act stupid when Aunt Goose is around. If she calls and says, “What is that no account bum up to today?” you say, “Gosh, I don’t know — I haven’t had a chance to ask him.” As you avoid the question over and over again, they get sick of ya, and then they leave ya alone. Let folks know that you don’t gossip. You are a woman of worth and your price is far above rubies.

OK, so you pray in faith all morning and then Aunt Goose ruins it all in a matter of 5 minutes. And you get off the phone and run in the living room and fall on your knees and tell God that He never does anything for you. And just before Aunt Goose called, you and Him had it all figured out and you were walkin’ in faith. But see how much trouble God has with us? We are to be of one mind with Him. He leads through our minds. But if you won’t keep your mind on Him, then he doesn’t have time to work.

Then there is the imaginations of our hearts or our “MINDS.” We are to cast down vain imaginations. Well, we don’t have imaginings in a physical organ. It is our minds that imagine things. Vain imaginations are images in our minds that are against God, or that make us the god instead of Jesus Christ. They are images of vanity and pride. We are to cast this stuff out of our minds, and any thoughts that are exalted above God.

In other words, we must have Minds of Christ. Minds that God can communicate with. He cannot communicate with a mind that is talking with the devil and exalting Satan. Like prayers that go like this. “You must hate me, God, as I never get blessed and you always bless my friends, etc.” This is not a prayer that is talking to God. If you went before the Queen of England, would you go in and start cryin’ and beggin’ and sayin’ how much everyone hates you? No, that wouldn’t be proper or respectful. Well, God Almighty is certainly more important than the Queen. But ya gotta talk His language to Him. You must come before Him with faith. Because He won’t let you into His will if you are in unbelief. You have to make up your mind that it’s His way or the highway. Then pray according to His Word.

And having done all to stand we must stand. We must hold in our minds the mind of Christ. Just as Moses held his arms up as the battle was being won, we must hold the mind of Christ in our minds until the battle is over. If you are in the heat of a spiritual battle for the life of a family member, don’t give up.

Hold the Word up to the devil, the promises of God. He attacks our minds and we must hold in our minds the weapons of warfare. We take on the full armor of God. The helmet of salvation to protect our minds. The breastplate of righteousness which protects our spirits. We gird our loins with truth. OK, truth isn’t held in our loins but in our minds. We must hold in our minds the truth about our loins or our wombs or reproductive organs. If we don’t have the truth on that, we won’t get anywhere as women of God. OK, then we are to shod our feet with the peace. OK, our feet only receive peace through our minds. Then the shield of faith. Faith is received through the mind and spirit. But the mind guides the spirit, and the spirit sometimes guides the mind but the mind is usually the steering wheel. OK, now we have the sword of the spirit, and this is the Word of God. This is the mind of Christ. Everything is guided and decided by God as He directs us through our holy temple the mind.

The Lord God, as Lord of all, must sit on the throne of our hearts and be our King. He must be able to use us as He decides. It is His will that all of our households would be saved. It is not His will that any should perish but all should come to the knowlege of Christ. So as you gather your weapons for battle, remember that if you are fighting for souls, this is also His will that you win. He will fight with you. He is not against you but for you. But he wants for you to be faithful to Him. And not gossip and speak against Him and His will. And you don’t owe Aunt Goose an explanation. She will get the picture after she sees your family healed, saved and delivered.

Stand up, Girlfriend, and separate from the girls and get a spine for God. Having done all to stand just stand! Stand up in your mind and hold the Word “All of my children will be taught of the Lord and great will be their peace.” Let the storms come but don’t let down — keep standing and holding up the Word of God before the devil and his demons. Hold it there, and hold it there as Moses held up his arms until the battle was over.

Satan can’t stand for long in an atmosphere of faith and the promises of God. Cast down every imagination that exalts itself above the knowledge of God. Keep casting it down and protecting your faith and the Word of God in your Mind. Protect it — fight for it and you will see His glory.

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