Saturday, February 24, 2018

Oh Laugh It Off!

Dear Mothers,

Well, last evening John’s family came over. They are a barrel of laughs. We had so much fun! It helped me to laugh about losing my only source of income, my babysitting job. I hated losing the baby. I will do OK and it won’t be long and I will find another child to watch. But Johnny was telling me about making a giant sling shot in case I would ever have this situation again. He was telling me that we could make this GIANT sling that you would hook between the sides of the door and pull it back to your waist, then let it fly. And I could shoot rotten cantaloupe and watermelons at my enemies out the front door. Sounds good to me!

John got me to laughin’ on the phone a few days ago about what I just went through. So I started to say things, pretend things that I would say to the guy who was trying to come and kidnap the baby. Things like, “Say your prayers, you filthy animal.” Then I would shoot him with my B.B. gun. John thought I was so funny that he turned the phone to the speaker phone so that our son David, who was at John’s, could hear what I was saying. John said, “Mom, David laughed so hard, he almost had an accident.” Well, it’s either laugh or cry — do or die — right?

But, anyway, as we sat down last evening to eat our supper, I asked John to say the blessing. He said. “Lord. I am glad that Mom is OK.” And he blessed the food — then at the end of the prayer, as matter of fact as could be, he said, “I love you, Dad.” It was natural to John. It was as though he had gone to heaven with his prayer and while he was there, he saw Dad and just said, “I love you, Dad.” I sat still after the prayer and thought, “Of all of my kids, John has always stolen my heart.” John gave me more grief when he was young! And he and his family are such a blessing to me now.

Later on after supper, as we sat in the living room, John told me funny stories about where he works at the restaurant. They have a blind dishwasher that does a better job at doing the dishes than the ones who can see. If you all only knew what goes on in those restaurants you wouldn’t ever go out to eat. But John told me all about everything goin’ on where he works and I laughed myself silly.

John is a very talented comedian — it’s nice to have one in the family. But ya know, this is how I have made it through life is by laughing. I am not proud of that. But to me, it has been a necessary evil.

I know I am supposed to be sober and grave as a proper Titus 2 Mother. Better luck next time, ladies. But my friend Char told me that laughter is the highest form of faith. Well, ya know, if you can laugh when you are scared spit-less, it shows that you may have a little moxie left. And I talk big in front of my kids so they won’t think I am scared. But I don’t want my kids to be afraid that some crazed maniac is gonna get me while I babysit. And the guy never did come, anyway, but his girlfriend was afraid he would. But the girlfriend and her baby are safely hidden away now, so there is nothing to worry about.

I have enough money to live on and my kids wouldn’t let me go without. But I just want to take in a child and bless them. I need to make the money too. I am not worried, as I know the Lord has a wonderful plan.

C, a good friend of mine, came over Sunday and K was here, another precious friend. C and I got to laughing about how I won her to the Lord. C is on the letters group. So here is the story of how C got saved. If I get this wrong, C, just push reply and tell it like it is. Give ’em Hell, Sister.

Well, anyway, this happened many years ago — maybe 1969? I was at the welfare board and was about 23 years old. Jim and I were separated. I was sitting in this waiting room reading a book called “Victory Over Circumstances.” Man, I was a new Christian and I was in my usual “boiled oil” situation. Anyway, I wanted to be left alone to study this book as I was in dire straights and needed VICTORY OVER CIRCUMSTANCES in the worst way.

So I am sitting there reading and C comes in and sits beside me. We had never met at this time. So she asks me what time it is and various other things. I thought to myself, “I hope this lady ain’t gonna bother me.” So I thought if I asked her if she was saved, she would think I was a nut and leave me alone. So I said “Are you saved?” And she says, “I think I am.” I said point blank, “Well, if you don’t know if you are saved or not, then you ain’t.” Somehow I talked to her enough to give her my phone number.

So when C got home from the welfare board that day, she went into her kitchen to pray. She says to the Lord, “Lord, if I am not saved, then show me how to be saved.” After she said that, the kitchen lit up with a Holy Light and C asked the Lord to save her. She became miraculously saved and has since won many to Christ.

If she ever introduces me to anyone as her Spiritual Mother, I have to laugh. C, if you want to give any more of your testimony, I know the ladies would love it. Just send it to Annie the moderator. I can’t get any emails from C, as my e-machine won’t pick it up.

So, anyway, I have to get about my day. I have to go grocery shopping and do some gardening.

Peggy Sue (my yellow cat) is playing the piano. She plays it with her paws and I keep trying to get a picture of her, but she hears me sneakin’ up behind her and she quits. Oh, what a laugh!


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