Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Heaven on Earth

I will get Baby David later this morning but I have a bit of time to write. I got up early this morning and have been reading the gospels Matthew and Mark. Here are some thoughts I have had and prayed about as I read.

It is so neat how Jesus so easily healed the sick and raised the dead. But ya know, Jesus wasn’t like us. He had lived in heaven before He came to the earth. He was the Son of God. So everything He did on earth He had the backdrop of heaven. He pivoted from heaven. Heaven was more real to Him than the earth. He knew the earth was just a place that would pass away. He understood eternity. So when He saw demons, He would right away cast them out. He didn’t think “Well, God is trying to teach me something.” He just saw it all for what it was and got right on it and got rid of the problem. He didn’t pivot in His thinking from the earth or how it is run. He always looked at heaven as He made His decisions.

Heaven is a real place, ya know? It’s where Jim is and now Richard. They are happy there and healed. Thank the Lord! But the Lord’s prayer has in it. “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus was showing us heaven by the way He acted. And by the way He brought heaven to the earth for us to see. The lame walk and the blind see. Nothing is wrong in heaven and there is no sickness or crying and sorrow. See, on earth, we as Christians have hell beneath us and heaven over us up in the sky some place. We as believers are not earthbound and someday we will go through death or, through rapture, fly up to heaven. The earth and Hell has no bondage upon us. As we receive Jesus as our Savior, we go with Him.

I don’t know if the rapture will come before the Tribulation or the other way around. Frankly, I don’t care. When Jesus comes, I am ready to go with Him. My oil is in my lamp and I am waiting with joyful anticipation for my groom to come get me. I don’t know if we will do a few errands first before we go on to heaven or if we will go straight there. Don’t make any difference to me — I am with Him now and will stay with Him. I mean if He still wants me when the time comes. But I don’t worry about the tribulation or the lack of it. I plan on Him taking me with Him whenever and however He goes.

He is now conforming me to His image. I hope after my prayer time today that I, too, will pivot from heaven in my thinking, rather than from the earth. As I plant my visions in heaven and I see an evil demon attacking someone, I hope I will just rebuke it quickly. And in so doing, I will be showing the earth His kingdom and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Oh, the Pharisees and the religious men of the day in the Bible were always worried about if Jesus and His followers followed the rules of religion. But Jesus made them mad because He didn’t live by the rules of the church or the earth rules. He lived out of heaven. In heaven, God doesn’t use heartache to teach us something. God doesn’t allow heartache and sorrow there. Everyone is healed in heaven and everyone is happy and satisfied and full of Joy and peace. Jesus doesn’t allow sorrow and crying in heaven. And on earth, He didn’t allow it either. This is why He fed the hungry and healed the sick and cast out demons.

Oh, yes, He went willingly to the cross to suffer and die for us. But He was the perfect Son of God. The lamb that was slain for OUR sins. He didn’t die for His sins of unrighteousness. He suffered for us. He paid a price for us. And as we receive, Him we start our lives even now in heaven. Eternal life begins when you ask Jesus to become your Lord and King. He is not the natural King of the earth as Satan is the prince of the power of the air on earth. But we as daughters of God bring heaven to earth as we make homes and temples in the wilderness for Jesus. We show the world heaven.

And ya know, Jesus tells us to take His yoke upon us and that His way is easy and His burden is light. You may say, “How can we have a light heart when we are in sorrow?” It comes through Jesus’ way. Jesus says this in His word because, again, He is speaking out of His heart as He has been to heaven. He knows that this life is but a vapor on earth. It is here and gone as a flower is lovely and then it dies so quickly.

This earth is not eternal — it will pass away. Heaven and Hell are eternal. Those without Christ will die and go to an eternal fire of Hell. But no one on this earth is going to stay here forever. When our bodies wear out and can’t be here anymore, then we die on earth and become alive in heaven or hell. So our eternity will last for hundreds of years. Thousands of years. Yes, our years will go on forever. And, Jen, you will live with Richard and you will recognize him and be able to embrace him. And he is healed now and can run and leap and skip and laugh.

Ya know, all of our family felt Jim’s presence after he died. I asked each of our children what Daddy had said to them. And they all said to me, individually, that Jim said, “I want you to be happy and go on with your lives.”

See, when Jesus says “Take my yoke upon you as My burden is light,” He speaks with part of Him in heaven. He sees the earth in a different scope than us. We wail at Jesus in sorrow and prayer because we only see in a glass dimly. We don’t know Heaven — we only know earth and the sorrow here. But He wants for us to read His word and understand Heaven.

Heaven is another country or another planet. We shouldn’t be giving our lives for money or fame and glory on this earth. Only what is done for Christ will last. We are to lay up our treasures in heaven. Our rewards come in heaven, not in the earth.

One time, I went to this rich lady’s house. She had it all. She showed me all of her new appliances and all. It was one showcase of material gain after the other. And I was young, about 23. Heck, I didn’t hardly have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of. But God told me, “Connie, one of these days in heaven, you will show her your showcase of jewels.” I mean this was over 30 years ago. Even now, all of her appliances are probably at the dump.

Why lay up treasures on this earth that will decay and rot away? We need to put our energy into doing good works and laying up our treasures in heaven. What kinda nonsense is there in putting a child in Daycare and running off to get a job? Why put the family jewels in the street and run for the plastic? Talk about foolish!

Jesus had discernment, as He knew Heaven where no demons could come. Lucifer and his demons were thrown out of hell for rebellion. Some of you women who refuse to submit to your husbands will have a hard time in heaven not submitting to the man Jesus Christ. He is a man, not a girl. Marriage on earth is a training school for the real marriage in Heaven. Your eternal husband will be Jesus Christ. If some of you rebellious women get to acting up in heaven, I think the Lord will throw you out like He did the rebellious angels and Lucifer. Rebellion is as witchcraft and you Jezebels will get kicked out.

I am tellin’ you what. There are some mean women out there runnin’ around on this earth. They are putting a lid on the men and on God. It is a wicked web of hell on earth. Feminism is is giving women a fuel of fire that cannot seemingly be quenched. This is making men to be like wild animals. And they will gain control as they are the stronger of the sexes. And they will make slaves out of women as they have never known. They are slaves now as they have talked their way out of raising their own children in a palace of protection to the street to make money. One of these soon days, the Fem party will be over and the Feminists will curse the day they swallowed that lie.

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