Saturday, February 24, 2018

No Other Gods Before Him

Dear Kitchen Saints,

Oh, wow, it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.

This morning as I prayed, the Lord set before me life and death. He said I could either be happy or sad today. The choice is mine. I could either lay Mary and Brandon on the altar as Abe did or I could make gods of them. Isaac was chosen of God to do great things. He wasn’t a son Abe wanted to spare. He was the son of promise. Abe and Sarah had walked by faith to receive Isaac. Laying Isaac upon an altar was the hardest thing in this world for Abe to do. But it was a test for Abraham and he passed and God sent Abe another sacrifice.

So many of us as homeschooling mothers have given our all to our children and they are not easy to give back to God. But we must give them back to Him as He knows how to take care of our family Jewels. He won’t let us down if we have faith in HIM.

He will set before us life and death. Heaven or Hell — faith or fear. This day, what will we choose. Whom will we serve today? God or Satan? If fear and confusion is first place in our hearts (our minds) then we are serving Satan and making a god of him. But if we choose to serve God in our temples (our minds) then He will rule and reign in our lives.

The kids that give us the most trouble, we pray over the most and they end up being the greatest of blessings. I have told you many times of my beloved son John’s testimony. Lately, as I prayed with Nancy she said, “Had Jim been here, this wouldn’t have happened with Mary and Brandon.” I had told John this. And he said, “Mom, I don’t have the fire Dad had. But I am a full grown man and I will take care of my sister Betsy (Mary Elisabeth).” Imagine the worry that took off of my shoulders.

Mary is hiding out from Brandon. I am prayin’ he will find her. He is a good hunting dog, and a loving Shepard. I know that. I don’t know where she is, either, but have her cell phone number. But can you imagine how much I don’t need this? This is enough for Jim to storm out of heaven and come back to life.

But ya know, God tells me this. “No woman when she warreth entangles herself with the cares of this world.” I am here to do a great work for the Lord. I don’t know if I will get it done or not. But it is a fight of faith. I am used to fighting in faith. We plant faith seeds and then we allow them to be aborted. Our seeds of faith have to be left in the ground. They have to be watered and prayed over. What digs them up? Mark 4 says it is the pride of life the lust of the flesh (worry) and the deceitfulness of riches.

Will we choose this day worry over faith in God? Will we look at our homes and say, “There are giants in the land too big for me to handle.” Or will we say, “Yes, there are giants in the land but we can get through them with the help and grace of our almighty God.” Will we be faithful Mothers or will we fall near the end of the race and not get back up?

Jim and I had prayed so much over Mary and Brandon. Brandon had asked Jim’s permission to court Mary and Jim gave his permisision. Brandon had a good job and was a steady worker. And when Jim died, Brandon didn’t work again. By the way, the Lord healed Brandon of the Chrones. Either that or he is in remission. He was a rack of bones and I had to look away from him and say to God, “If he lives, he lives and if he dies, he dies.” And he lived. No one knows how. But he seems to be fine. Gained weight and looks healthy. But I stand on the scripture “What God has joined together let no man separate.” Mary and Brandon were joined by God, and no man can separate them. I didn’t raise Mary fuel for Hell and didn’t, with Jim, give her to a man who won’t be a good husband to her.

I stand alone on God’s word. He hasn’t let me down yet and I know He won’t. He is on my side. When Satan comes in as a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against him. I know a standard is here and I expect many miracles.

Suffering Saints

Yesterday I went to the store and, oh, the angels were everywhere around me. I could feel them watching me. Their eyes were upon me. As I went to pull into my driveway, a dove sat right in front of the car and wouldn’t move. I was half in and half out of the driveway. I finally got the car in as I prayed.

The Lord will hover over a broken and contrite heart. He broods over many of you who fight back tears to read this writing. He is near to you and knows your heart. But I can say truly, “It is well with my soul. Yes, His grace is sufficient for me. I am not afraid of what man will do unto me. I am not moved by what I see but only what I believe.”

I was a faithful mother. I didn’t plant seeds of adultery and fear into my home. I planted the seeds of Godliness. I am not going to dig around in an unfaithful mother’s garden and try to get food. I will reach into my own secret garden of faithfulness and eat of the Bread of LIFE.

Mothers, don’t let the devil tell you that your prayers were for nothing. If you have long suffering and patience, you will see the devil eat dung. You will see God’s hand move and He will answer every prayer you have prayed. He holds our prayers in golden viles. He counts our tears. He is touched by our grief and He has carried it for us. He will answer our prayers for His own sake. He walks with us and wants to be glorified. We are not lost street children. We are Mothers in Israel. He knows what it means to weep over His own rebellious children. But He never gave up. His Father’s heart was long suffering to those He loved.

And ya know, while the church is hoopin’ and hollerin’ and havin’ a good time, the remnant cries out for some real answers. If you are broken hearted today, dear kitchen saint, rejoice. Your redemption draws nigh. I am beleiving God for many miracles today. Not just for my own family but for all of you and your homes.

Mothers, ya know? When we are in such a dire place, it is good? We have nothing to hold onto except His Presence. And, oh, He makes a lighted path before us. He has made one for me. Let me tell you about it in the next email.


PS As I was reading this and getting ready to send it, the Lord said to me, “You won’t give up on this, as you never have, and you will see Victory as always.” I laughed real loud at the devil. I bet the neighbors heard me through this open screen door. Good Grief. But the Lord told me, “You are still a tough old dog and you will chew on this until you see MY glory.” Yes, Satan is building me another testimony. Whose laughin’ now, devil?

Lazy Days of Summer

Oh, as children, we kids loved the summertime. Getting to go barefoot and playing in the garden hose. On the weekends, we went on picnics and went swimmin’ in the lake. Our family went to Minnesota and swam in Leach Lake. Then we would be all day pickin’ leaches off of our bodies. (Are you reading this, Julie? Now you know why I am not afraid of bugs.) But we loved the hot summer days.

Later on in the season, I would go stay with my aunt on her farm. The mornings would be busy with housework, etc. Then in the afternoon, my aunt and gram would watch TV and snap beans to can. It would be too hot to do much work, and I only remember a few fans. And ya know, the farm families ate with the season. If the garden beans were ready, then we ate beans every day with a meal. When the tomatoes came on and the mothers were canning them, we ate tomatoes with each meal. Then corn on the cob and we ate that until fall. We never tired of these vegetables because we didn’t eat them fresh in the winter. But the cucumbers were so good. One recipe for them is very simple and what we all ate growin’ up. Just slice your cukes in a bowl and put in about a cup of water. Then put in about a fourth cup of vinegar and about fourth cup of sugar. A pinch of salt and some black pepper. Now we mixed these cukes up with an equal amount of sliced onions and green peppers — the longer they sit in the fridge in all of this mixture, the better they get. And then the housewives just kept adding more vegetables to the bowl as they continued to set them on the table for each meal. We ate those all summer.

When my children were little, we would hurry about and get the house cleaned up if we knew it was gonna be hot. Then, right after lunch, I would walk my children to the library. When we came home, I would put a clean sheet on the floor and they could spread their books out and have plenty of room. Then I would fix a box fan right in front of them so they would be cool. I would get out their bed pillows and they would rest and read for the afternoon. I loved those lazy, quiet days of napping with the childrn next to the fan. I would read, too, on the couch.

One thing I enjoyed, too, was making things for the refrigerator for the hot days. I would make a lot of Jello. The Lord is telling me today to do this again and to make a nice cool summer home. It is His grace to me — it is His faith idea for me and I can’t wait to do all of this. To have macaroni salad and some cold canned fruit in bowls to eat for lunch is fun. It’s nice to pull out homey things to eat with cold sandwiches. To have a jug of cold ice tea ready made in the fridge is what I grew up with.

Often the Mothers would sew in the afternoons when it was very hot. To sit and do handsewing, patching or knitting. My mom and aunt would make doll clothes with me. Then, about 2:30 or so in the afternoon, they would start picking up their sewing and putting things away for my dad to get home. Mom would have iced tea or something cold for Dad to drink and, of course, supper was always at 5:00.

Then the evening was family time. Visiting with the family or with neighbors and friends. The evenings would be so hot and we would all sit on the porch until the evening cooled off and then we went to bed. We had barely any fans. But the Lord has given me such JOY today as I think of the Old Fashioned summers. I have a window air conditioner now. But I have to work to keep this house cool.

Baby David will be here this morning. PTL. I am so happy that I get to help with Baby David who is only 7 weeks old.

Papa’s presence is always with me. It used to be that he had to wait for me to get done on the email. Now I write to him first and then I write to you all. I write to him in heaven on just plain paper. I know the Lord gives him my words.

The utter sweetness that is in this house is so worth keeping. Lord God, please keep me as I keep house.

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