Friday, February 23, 2018

Follow God’s Word

Dear Housewives,

Oh, mercy! In the mornings when I start my day, I ask the Lord what to write about. If I am fresh out of ideas, all I have to do is watch Christian TV for about 5 minutes and my blood is boiling. What does get me goin’, though, is this. The world news is saying the same on one point as some on the Christian TV and that is about preparing for bad weather. That seems to be a warning across the board. That I am taking seriously. But one Christian show was on yesterday and this woman was on there talking about wife abuse. She wrote a book. It seems wife abuse these days can be just about anything. If your husband insults your cooking, then that is verbal abuse and you should walk out on him, even in the Christian circles. This is like someone pounding a post into my heart with a hammer.

This morning, a Christian show was on about finding another mate after you have been divorced. I wonder how the church can say some of this stuff with a straight face. This show this morning was talking about being crushed from divorce to start with, and then going out to find another mate who has gone through the same thing. And this wasn’t good to find someone else like yourself. Well, no, duh. But they still are for all of us who are single to run out and find someone. But ya know, what kind of a Christian man is out looking for a divorced, emotionally wrecked woman to rescue?

A Christian woman of dignity and honor isn’t going to be out there in the street waiting for Mr. Right to come pick her up. The virtuous woman is whole in herself and waits upon God to rescue her and be her Husband. Then if God sends her a husband after that, then fine. But the truth of the Bible is that if a woman is a believer, she shouldn’t leave her unbelieveing husband if he is pleased to dwell with her. But if he leaves, let him go as we are called to peace. But the Bible doesn’t say that you as a believeing wife are free to remarry. If you want to remarry, then remarry your husband.

The Bible says that we are called to peace. See, when Jim and I were separated, I didn’t want to go through life without a husband. I didn’t want Jim at the time. But I would not disobey God’s Word and go look for another man. It’s clear in the Word that we are to be married for life. It is clear that the Christian wife is to lead her husband to Christ through her holy behavior. Some of these horror stories on TV these women tell are horrid. But I can say clearly that I went through all of what they did and more. And I didn’t have to sin. I didn’t have to go against God’s Word in order to keep food on my table for my children or to keep myself safe. I was a true believer in Christ.

See, God knew my heart and knew that I wanted to please him. I was young and wanted a man to love and care for me. My heart was so broken by Jim at times that I could barley breathe. I didn’t eat for days, as I couldn’t eat, my nerves were so bad. But I would not sin against God.

Many times the winds of temptation came over me. But God would make circumstances happen as to rescue me. I didn’t have the will power at times to do right. And if it wasn’t for His unseen hand to rescue me, I would have failed Him. One time, an old boyfriend came to my house while Jim had been missing for a few months. I had really liked this guy, and was sort dipping in my walk with the Lord as I was young. But the Lord sent a dear Christian girlfriend to the house at the same time. Ray kept trying to get my friend Janet to leave. And she did leave and he did, too. Then he came back, saying he had left his keys at my house. I was about 23 years old. But the Lord had spoken to Janet to come back, too, and she did. And she stood with me until Ray left and didn’t come back. The devil had a plan for me that day. Jim had been missing for a few months and came back that afternoon to my great surprise. He would have found me with Ray.

His Word Is Our Truth

See, I loved the Lord, even as a young Christian mother. I came to Jesus when I was 19 years old. I had a horrible life before that. To find Jesus was the greatest happiness I had ever known. Oh, I loved Jesus with all of my heart. But ya know, I was young and wanted things to be right with my husband. And I had a horrid marriage! But I sensed a greater vision in my heart. As a young deserted wife with a child to raise, I sensed something greater would come out of all of that, many years later. I knew I would write books. Even at that time in my life, I sensed so much deception in the churches.

When I found out about submission, I was about 25. I wanted to make out fliers and hand them to the women at the Baptist Church. Because at the time, many of the women had never heard of such a thing.

I always felt like the last straw at church because, back then, divorce wasn’t rampant like it is today. At our church, I was the only one separated from my husband. This was in the late 60s.

I studied my Bible all the time and was always asking the Pastor questions at Bible study. He didn’t know what think of me. I was usually the foolishness that confounded the wise. I was very innocent and didn’t mean to upset whole churches but did manage to do so. And, oh, some people couldn’t wait until I left. But I had a vision that someday I would be a teacher and writer and I just wanted to make sure that in my temptations and trials, I did not sin against God.

Yes, my trials were hard. Rock Hard. But my heart’s desire was to be effective in my life for Jesus Christ. I could see, even as a young Baptist mother, that a lot of hogwash was being preached. I didn’t want to feed the sheep more garage. I wanted to give the sheep the truth of His Word.

Often, as a young Christian mom, I would become bitter and hateful towards God. How often I thought He had forsaken me. Oh, I would curse God and dare Him to make me die. I couldn’t help it. I was so all alone and felt so forsaken. My heart ached — my whole body ached with depression. But I would see a Christian mother who was down and my heart would go out to her. And I would say to God, “Lord, forgive me for my sins so that I can minister peace to this dear Sister in Christ.”

How many times, out of my brokenness and dispair, my heart went out to hurting souls. I knew I couldn’t heal their souls, especially when I was in sin. So out of my despair, I would repent of my sins so that God could use me to bring peace and the message of Salvation to a hurting lost soul. I didn’t live a holy life on my own. No, I didn’t. But I loved God more than my marriage. I wanted His truth above the world’s. I allowed God to make me into a new creature through many trials of my faith. Often, Christ spoke to me in my tantrums. “Connie, be still and know that I am God.” My point is that all I did was obey God.

The truth of His Word is so much easier to follow than this warmed over half baked goulash you have as Christian teaching of the day. And God Bless the local church. They do a lot of good works and the poor need to be fed and clothed. The church of today plays a part, yes. But Bible truth is no longer taught in most churches of today. So if you have to go to church out of obedience to your husband, then go. But at home, search the scriptures on your own and follow the truth on marriage and the family.

I have many church friends and I love them and they love me. At Jim’s Memorial, so many church friends were so precious to me. They have wept with me and walked with me and they are so dear to me.

His Way or the Highway

And mercy sakes alive! When I first got saved? I would stand with a beer in one hand and a cig in the other hand and preach the Gospel at he same time. (Ain’t ya proud of me.) And I cussed, too, and used the Lord’s name in vain. I forgot about that! Well, tell it all, Connie. I had hot pants on and high heels. OK, I said it. Bright blond hair, too. But God saw something in me, I guess, worth keepin’.

Right after I got saved, I worked in an office and got mad at this lady and threw her around the room and tore up the whole office. I was a maniac. But God kept me. I loved to street fight.

Once I got saved, it was like trying to stop a locomotive with a bike. I did really love the Lord. I wanted to be good but it wasn’t easy for me to do. I would stop smoking and drinking and then do something worse. My first Mother’s Day after being saved, for about 2 months, I had to go to jail. Oh, I cried and cried and thought God would never get me under control. I loved the Lord so much but was such a hellion.

I had worshiped the devil just before I got saved. So he didn’t want to let me go? I mean no one I knew of at the time worshiped the devil. No books had been written about it at the time. THANK GOD I DIDN’T WRITE ONE. But I knew Satan as a supernatural god. So when I met Christ and knew Him as the greater power, I knew Jesus was truly a powerful Lord. I praise the Lord for His overcoming power and anointing. She who had been forgiven much loved much.

And, oh, when Wild Man and I first got married, we fought like dogs. It’s a wonder we lived to tell it. Once he thought he had killed me but I had just fallen asleep, as I was sick and tired of it all. He packed his clothes and went to a neighbor’s and told her to come see if I was dead. I woke up laughing! Mary L says, “Jim had to go through prison to be married to me.”

So. Lest any of you think I was a saint, then, no, not hardly. But I can read! And ya know, if ya want the Lord Jesus Christ, then follow His Word. Walk with the Lord in truth. It’s so much easier than playing religion and tryin’ to walk with one foot in the world and one foot in the church. Don’t play with God and make His Word work for you and your life. It’s His way or the highway. Either you love Him and want to follow Him or you don’t. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

If you are deceived in the matters of family and home, then you are very deceived. God’s Word is built on the foundation of family order that is built upon Jesus the Rock. The church is to be built on family authority and order. Jesus is the Rock and we are to build our house upon the Rock. If we love Him we keep His commandments. You can’t live a life of sin and say you are following Jesus. If you don’t love your husband who you can see, then how can you love God in heaven who you can’t see? Your husband is the teacher God has sent to teach you His ways. Submit to your husband as unto the Lord.

Solid families make up solid churches. Many of today’s churches are made up of single, divorced hooligans that refuse to be under any authority. And that is not the way the church is to be run.

Our homes are to be our colleges as Christian wives and mothers. And one day, you young moms graduate and become the Titus 2 Mother. She comes no other way than through living it out in her own home. I had a dream and vison of this many years ago as a young wife deserted and forsaken. God knows His stuff. If you want Him and you want to go His way, HE will make a way for you.

This Christian life is hard to live. It’s supposed to be hard, Darlin’. If it wasn’t, we would live it on our own and we wouldnt need the Hand of Christ. Then we would be full of ourselves and not full of Him.


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