Friday, February 23, 2018

Common Sense

I have a few hours to write this morning. I prayed last night over some things I want to write about this morning.

Ya know, the husband is the head of the home. He is the priest of the Home, whether we say he can be or not. He has certain instincts as a man and a father that God has given him. Oh, yeah, he may smoke a cigarette or drink some beer. But that doesn’t mean he is all bad and can’t discipline the children. Some of you wives think you have to be in charge because you are a Christian and have heard from God. And certainly nothing good could come out of your husband, in a way of any sense, because he used to be on drugs or some such nonsense. Well, see, men are different.

If I hadn’t had Jim to tell me when to come in out of the rain, I wouldn’t even be here today. Jim had a lot of common sense and I was loaded in the Spirit. The cops could be chasin’ Jim and the Lord would tell me to submit to Jim, and I did. We saw many miracles. The devil was always setting me up for something and, because I was submissive, he never got to go through with his plans. I know one time, I kept listening to sermons on the second coming of Christ. I got so upset about it. If I looked out the window and a cloud covered the sun and it got kinda dark all at once in the sky, I thought the Lord had come. One time, I was havin’ a glory fit in the living room and our son Jimmy was about 9 and he grabbed my legs, as he thought the rapture had come and he knew I was going to heaven. Heck, he knew he was too ornery to go on his own, so he wanted a free ride on my legs. I would get myself and my kids so hyped up, it was crazy. One day, Jims says to me, “Connie, the Lord isn’t coming back today.” Well, He didn’t, either. Yes, I still believe in the rapture but I was going crazy and drivin’ my family nuts with it. Thank God I submitted to my husband. I was getting hysterical and Jim, in his authority, took the fear out of it. He believed in the rapture, too.

But, see, we women think that if our family isn’t saved like the church says they are to be saved, then we think they ain’t saved. Religion divides us from our husbands. But the true and living Christ unites us in peace.

Let your husband have the sons in the family. Ya know, if some of you women would get out of the way of your husband’s authority, life would be so simple. If your son is smaller than your husband and the son comes in late, or whatever, let the son answer to his dad. Often the dad won’t say a word, as he don’t want to fight with the mom. But, mothers, just stay out of the way. Give the reins of the home over to your husband. Let him know that you may not agree with him but you know he is the Priest of the home.

See, a lot of children know that Mom is gonna step in because of Dad’s temper or whatever. Well, Mother, why are you afraid of Dad’s temper — the kids should be afraid of the wrath of Dad. We moms want to get all religious about every act of punishment. Heck, those kids don’t care that Mom is theologically correct. Teenagers seem to be driven by a force we can’t handle as mothers. But if they know Dad is gonna turn blue, then they will be less likely to tease the bear and give him trouble. I mean, our kids go right up to a hungry lion and insult him. Then we moms try to rush in and help the kid get away with it. Why? Because Dad didn’t attend chiurch last week. Certainly Dad has no fatherly instincts until he kisses preacher’s butt. And preacher is sometimes worse than Dad, but he hides it better.

I talked to a very dear mother at the store the other day. I tell ya, what a tap dancer. She is a dear heart but wanted me to know she was absolutely theologically correct in all of her dealings with her daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock. She didn’t mention a thing about what the husband and father of the daughter thought. I s’pose he cussed that day and chewed too much tobacco.


Oh, wow, and if ya start out bein’ a mother and a conscience to your husband, you will be that all of your life. By the time the man is old, he won’t take any responsibility for himself and will act like a 2-year-old. But, see, it is your pride that makes you think you are smarter and wiser than your husband. But a wise mother will humble herself unto God and let the Lord take the husband’s sorry self in hand.

Your husband may not be wiser than you. But the soldier in the army does not have the place or authority as the sergeant. The soldier may have all kinds of worthy ideas but the plan can’t work as it is out of the holy authority of God. We as wives cannot pull rank out of fear and run ahead of Husband and try to run the home. We have no authority to do so.

Now, no, I don’t believe in child abuse. If the husband is abusing the child, the mother should step in. But a lot of times, the husband is a lot rougher than what we mothers would be. We have to realise that. God has a plan for our chldren. They have the dad that they were called to have. He has instincts and dreams for his children that we don’t know about. See, once a man knows that the wife won’t interfere, then he knows he is on his own. He knows if he falls, that he will have to pick his own self up.

Godly submission to an unbelieving husband isn’t “Yes sir. No sir.” It is as Christ on the cross. Jesus went willingly to the cross. No one made him do it. He did it for a purpose. He wasn’t on the cross because the soldiers scared Him into it. He gave His life for us. He had a purpose and it was to please the Father God. He was a servant and didn’t answer the soldiers back who mocked Him. He had a bigger plan in mind — He was dying for our sins. Can’t ya just see Jesus Christ sayin’ “I won’t be a doormat for any man.” Well, thank God He was a doormat, as we would all be going to hell about now. But He obeyed God and died for our sins. He was the doormat to heaven. But ya know, we have to learn to die to ourselves and what we want.

See, if you as a wife are just plain lily livered and are so codependent upon your husband, you won’t be anything worth the Lord’s time, anyway. A submissive wife is a wife that lives as a queen. Jesus is our King and Lord. A wife who acts like Christ is a Queen and is as Sarah’s daughters who are not afraid with any amazment.

I never submitted to Jim because I was too ugly to find another man to run off with. I submitted to my husband as the Word of God told me to. The church took up a collection plate to help me with a divorce. Well, I didn’t want a divorce, as God hadn’t told me to get one. I don’t move as the church tells me to move but as the living Jesus Christ tells me to move.

Following religion will get you into a lot of trouble. Look to your husbands and see where the Lord is leading them. Don’t ask your husband about his spiritual life — just let him share it with you if he wants to. But observe him and pray for him and be his helper. Yes, he ain’t perfect — maybe he is smokin dope or whatever. Well, that’s his fault! The way to keep him on dope is to nag him and produce fear for him to ride high on. We have some troubled homes out there. But it won’t get better if we don’t have some wives who are ready to lay their lives down to God and expect God, by faith, to save the family. The buck has to stop someplace.

When will we wives take on our place as submissive wives and have homes who are run by God? Settle it today to give your husband his place as Priest of the home. And when you do, a peace will fall and you can do your homemaking. The spirit of homemaking and peace can’t come until you, Mother, take on your place of humility and submission to your husband. You will be a wreck trying to run your husband and be his mother. Let him be a man and cover you spiritually. He may not be the perfect preist of the home. But you can’t take his place.

Abused Wives

See, some of these women who Oprah has hoodwinked on her show who are so pitiful — it isn’t that they were loving, submissive Christian wives and their husband took advantage of them. NO, they were lily livered to start with. Then they got married! Yikes! And when the problems came, they ran out the door. They were too fearful to stay and fight in the spirit realm for their marriage. They didn’t care about the children or putting God first. They put a good marriage and their happiness above the Word of God. And in so doing, they keep going from one man to the next. One abusive situation to the next. They spout, “Well, this next husband is the man God wanted for me.” Well, was he the father your children chose, too?

See, a strong Godly woman won’t run out. She thinks enough of herself and has enough confidence in herself to stay in a bad situation as she trusts in God to change things. She is a Queen and has dignity and purpose and she knows this. She understands that she is also a sinner and maybe down the road she will need mercy, too. Jim and I were nothing more than two good forgivers. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. And if you can’t be merciful to your own children’s father, then, Darlin’, you had better watch your back for the rest of your life.

Yes, some of these religions that oppress women ain’t right. They are cults and certainly this is not the Bible way. But even at that, God could use a godly woman like an Esther to pray her way out of that, too. Nothing is impossible with God.

Well, I have to blast! Baby David will be here for me to watch in a half hour.

Who was that queen in history that had a wild and crazy husband but she was kind and fed the poor in her land? I have that story someplace. But, anyway, now what would have happened had she turned tail and ran and gave up her place as queen?

Also, I have heard of so much child molestation by the stepfathers to the daughters. It’s not usually the real father.

Mothers and Wives, today let’s get some fire in our bones and steel in our spines and decide to go God’s ways and have real Christian homes.


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