Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Peace in the Home

[In response to a question about how to keep peace in the home.]

We had 4 boys and 2 girls. I know what it was like, having to start work the minute my feet hit the bedroom floor — yes, up and out of bed early in the morning — and run like crazy until you went to bed at night. It’s hard on a mother with a big family. I cooked and baked from scratch. Had a garden to tend in the summer and we home schooled. Gee Whill-ickers! Talk about busy. And ya know, I am sure I made a lot of mistakes. Also my home was real peaceful at periods of time. Like when the older 3 kids were out on their own and I had the 3 younger ones to homeschool. Then the 3 younger ones grew up into their teens and then the house got wild and then it got lonely as the 3 older children got out on their own. But the mainstay in all of this for the wife and mother is to continue to submit to her husband as unto the Lord.

When you are raising children, the children won’t be perfect. They are learning to be Christians, and it isn’t peaceful when they are making mistakes and staying out late and rebelling. It’s hard but if you pray, dear Mothers, then God will answer your prayers.

Fighting the good fight of faith for a Mother isn’t fun and peaceful. Your peace has to come as you pray and trust in God for your children. You have to get up in the morning and say, “Ya know what? I have homeschooled these children and I have done ny best to raise them for Jesus. And now I am going to walk out my faith that each of them know the Lord. Maybe in different degrees of faith.” But your confession of faith has to be that you taught your children the right way and now God must act. His word says, “All of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.”

If your husband isn’t walking with God, then still, by your obedience to Christ, your husband is sanctified and the children are holy. You have a Christian home, dear wife, if you are a Christian.

Ya know, in all the homeschool magazines, there are these perfect families. Well, thank God for them. But Good-night! Don’t we wish we were like that. But a lot of these parents are so easy goin’ by nature, and their kids kinda follow them naturally. Well, Jim and I weren’t hatched from eggs but we were shot out of fiery cannons. It’s not fair for us to assume our kids are going to be nice and happy to sit and read history books all day. I mean just because we want them to.

I mean, I wanted my kids to be perfect, too. And I thought they would be if I homeschooled them and taught them the Word of God every day. And ya know, just because a kid ain’t perfect at 18, it doesn’t mean the party is over. We are going to be praying and mothering our children until we die. But the way the Mother is to keep her heart quiet is by submitting to her husband as unto the Lord. And sometimes the husband is wrong. And that is a hard spot for the wife.

Generally we submit to our husbands daily. But sometimes if he gets way off we have, to just flip our gaze away from him for a moment and pray. But the meek and quiet spirit doesn’t come out of a woman because her family is all perfect. The meek and quiet Spirit is your submission to your husband and your trust in God. Jesus Christ has to always come first. He is the main man. Then submit to your husband.

Fear can cause a lot of damage in a home. It can cause things to really go nuts. But a mother who has faith will cause the worst of homes to become places of joy and peace. Fear will cause so many problems. It’s the air Satan breathes. You must hit the floor each day in faith, dear mothers. Keep your hearts for out of it is the issues of life.

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