Sunday, December 17, 2017

Papa’s Prayers

This morning, I was reading a big Bible I got at a sale a few years ago. It has a lot of study helps in it. I don’t usually read this one. But I noticed in the back of it a three-page prayer Papa had written about our family. He prayed for each of his children. And he said he knew he didn’t have long to live. This was written about 3 years ago. At the end, he blessed me and told the Lord that I was his life. When I read that, I understood why I would never remarry. It has to do with Papa’s prayers. His prayers can’t be answered if I go give my life to another man. I may need another husband but my kids don’t need another Dad.

This being a widow is hard to fall into for me. As I go, the Lord teaches me the why and wherefore of it all. Jim lives in heaven now. But his and my prayers will go on as long as I don’t ignore my children and run to another man. Do I want to build on my own kingdom or on another man’s kingdom?

The virtuous woman does her husband good all of her life, not his. The Bible speaks of the young women needing to be married as they left their first love, Jesus Christ. They began wandering about from house to house or from Bible study to Bible study. Telling lies and fables and speaking things they shouldn’t speak. I think, “Oh, Dear Jesus, help me to be one of the widows that has kept her heart faithful to God. Help me to put my life into Papa’s children. Answer Jim’s prayers in Jesus’ name.”

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