Saturday, February 24, 2018

Up in the Night

I couldn’t sleep in the night so I am up doing some wash and cleaning up the house.

Yesterday morning, Christine, John’s wife, came over to help me with some house business. She brought Baby Rose to see me and Romeo. What a riot! We had lunch and then Amy brought the little baby I babysit for, David Jake.

For lunch I fixed fried cabbage with hamburger, onions and green peppers. For the little ones, I fixed cornbread with applesauce in it. Baby Rose eats a lot of fruit so I had that for her. Romeo loves fruit, too. Rose ate some of the cabbage. I let the children eat out of the plastic doll dishes. I have a little kitchen set for them with the sink, stove and all. I let them put real water in the sink and wash their dishes. They have a ball. Oh, a little water won’t hurt anything! They spill a little of it on the floor but I don’t care. I just clean it up. I have 2 little square inch sponges they use.

They get all the toys out. A friend just gave me an easel with a blackboard on one side and a clear white side to draw with magic markers. Then you can wipe it off with a damp rag. They enjoy that for a while. Christine tries to pick everything up before she leaves but they keep getting more out. They help pick up, too, but, oh, what a riot!

Romeo is 3 and Baby Rose is 2. And I guess I forgot to say our son Jimmy and Aleks had their baby. Annestasia Sophia. All went well and Jimmy, who is almost 40, was so happy and Alecks, too. But I have never seen Jimmy so delighted. He couldn’t sleep the first night as he was so happy. He said, “This is what life is all about, isn’t it, Mom?” I said, “Oh, yeah!”

The night Alecks went into labor, I could sense Jim’s joy. I knew something was going on about a baby. I thought maybe Mary was pregnant or something. I didn’t think Alecks was due yet. Well, she wasn’t due but went early and the doctor thought she would be late. Well, I sure sensed that Papa knew all about it. Well, he is in heaven with God and knows a lot of things.

Today I will get David Jake early at 9:30. He was just a month old April 3rd. What a sweet baby he is. He fills up a lot of the lonliness I feel for Jim. Amy, his mom, is such a sweet, precious mother and so easy for me to deal with. Isn’t the Lord good? He knows what I needed. I didn’t need any drama with having a mom who wouldn’t pay me or always late, or hard to deal with. Amy is like an angel, and so is her baby.

Well, I guess I should get back to bed. I needed to vacuum but will early tomarrow morning. My Mom always says, “Why do you have so much housework — it’s just you that lives there?” Well, when I cook, I still make a lot of messes. The other day, my friend Barb stopped when I was making pies. I invited her to sit at the table while I rolled the rest of the pies out. Well, the flour just flies and it went all over her black shoes. So she had to keep wiping her shoes off. “Oh. Sorry!” I kept apologizing. But I can’t help it — I always get flour all over when I make bread or pies. It just flies in the air. What are we gonna do with me, anyway?

Well, I still have my bucket of horseradish outside my side door here. I wish I could get that fixed today. John had dug up the roots for me and we put them in a bucket of water to soak the dirt off. It’s so cold here in Iowa, we haven’t been able to put our tomato plants or pepper plants in. This is the coldest spring I can remember. I had the furnace on yesterday for a short while to take the chill off the house. My tomato plants are safe and happy inside for now. I used to plant my tomato plants too early and they hated it and would politely die on me.

For Mother’s Day, I kept feeling that somehow Papa would send me roses. Well, our son David (Rose’s dad) bought me a rose bush called “Secret.” I knew it was from Jim, too. Oh, Papa loved flowers. He loved roses. And I have Rose of Sharon at the side of the house Papa planted last spring, a symbol of Christ.

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