Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Stayin’ Home

Dear Mothers,

Oh, it rained last night and I could watch it through my window in bed. I love the rain and it makes me sleep so good.

I felt so ornery last night, too. Boy, have my eyes been opened! I don’t go anywhere hardly. I am mostly home. But women my age come to visit? Well, some are my good ol’ friends, I love to have come and visit. I miss old Aunt Toot if I don’t see her every now and again. I love my friends. But some of these women, I am praying all kinds of road blocks so I will never have to see them again. They don’t know my heart. They have this big idea that I was oppressed by Jim and, now that I am free, I will want to run out and howl at the moon. (Practically.)

Their homes look like funeral parlors. White carpet and mirrors and fake flowers all over the walls. All new everything! To me, these houses look like dumps. They look like funeral parlors. I feel like I will turn a corner and find a casket to view a dead man, all dressed out in his Sunday suit. How are children to play there or the dog to feel welcome? I don’t want to live in a tomb, thank you. I love the life I had here with Papa and his crazy wild children. I raised my family here and my carpet may be old and stained. But, ya know, I am not worried when my grandbabies come to visit.

And worldly women want me to get out of the house? Whatever for? I never ran out and about when Papa was here. So why run now? I mean, I go to the store and do what I have to do, as I always did. I am at peace and a lot of women hate that.

Man, I didn’t know the world was as bad as it is. I mean, I have been enlightened lately, let me tell ya. And these women think because I am poor that I will jump sky high or do anything to get some of their cash? Ya know, all they are doin’ is pulling on the tail of a ferocious lion. The more nonsense they show me, the bigger bite I am gonna take out of Satan’s face.

These women don’t know me very well, do they. I am like a spiritual gangster with spiritual guns in every pocket. I have been polite up to now. Well, I usually am polite. I just feel sorry for some of these women who think gain is godliness. Especially women from big churches. (Not sayin’ anything about the small, humble churches.) I mean, I will let these women go and, of course, I could care less what they think. But when they start runnin’ in on my territory? And they start takin’ up my time mentally and physically? Um. Well, I am prayin’ about it and God will fight my battles for me.

It’s been good for me, as it’s opened my eyes to what is out there. I thought I was kinda hard on the worldly church and was often ashamed of myself for what I said. Well, scratch that! Mercy! I was being very nice, believe me! Ya know, there are whores in those churches after your husbands? Trust me! Let the Holy Spirit lead you. And if He tells you to get out of the church and go home and have home church, then run home as if a fire was chasing you! And I am tellin’ you what? Run from these women preachers! They are the deception that will deceive the very elect.

I am convinced that unless you keep your home holy by staying out of the world, you will not make it. Stay out of the world. Stay home and cook and bake and make a home. This is what will save your spiritual life. I am stayin’ home and taking care of my little David Baby. He has saved me. The money I get from taking care of this little baby pays for my utilities and food for the month. Papa paid off the house. We have some giant doctor bills that Medicare didn’t pay but I think I can get some help through the state for those. I am not worried in the least about them. If I can’t get any help from the state, I will just pay a bit each month. But I am not leaving to go get a job. And I know this makes the devil HOT. And he is HOT, anyway!

And, ya know, dear Mothers, you have to watch out for these worldly Christian women out there. They are lethal! Ya know, the news media and all take a dim view of the stay at home mother. They think we have all been beaten half to death and abused sexually and this is why we want to stay home. Well, I will tell you who has been abused. It’s these women preachers. Almost every one of them have a testimony of being abused by a man.

See, there was a remedy for their hard lives. They needed to forgive their oppressors and go on. Not make a religion out of it! I mean, I have never seen so many men hating women in my life. Good Grief! If I, as a woman, can’t please one man in a rightful Biblical way, then what good am I? These women are making sex toys out of themselves to please their husbands. I mean worldly Christian women. I was really giving a lot of these women more credit.

And ya know, a lot of my Sisters in Christ have lovingly given me money to live on. It is precious to me, and I couldn’t have made it otherwise. But I won’t take blood money. That’s money with strings attached. Like “Here,, Dear, is some money and this is only the beginning.” That kind of money is like clouds without rain. Well, yes, as a writer, I am in the wilderness to be tempted. “Fall down and worship the devil and all of the world will be yours?” And I can truly say with Jesus, “I don’t live by that stuff. I don’t live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.” I really think that any of us who want to do something for God will be taken to the wilderness to be tempted. I pray I pass the tests put before me.

And then, last night, I was taking care of the baby in the living room. I heard a knock at the door and I was getting ready to answer it. But then this guy comes on in. He is a relative that has serious mental problems. He comes in and I try to be polite to him. And then he starts ranting and raving. I told him that he would have to quiet down because of the baby, and he screamed all the louder. Then he told me that if I said anything more to him about being quiet, he would scream even louder to scare the baby. I told him to leave and he did! I almost had to call 911. If my boys heard about this, they would be so mad. I am surprised Jim didn’t come back from the dead and punch this guy in the nose.

Well, I have my life cut out for me as a widow. Starting a New Revolution isn’t as easy as I thought would be. I probably scare folks to death that want to do anything for God. Well, ya gotta take this stuff, as always, one trial at a time. The Lord won’t take us through more than we can bear. And I am not the only one trying to start a Revolution. You can bet your sweet life that there are women who are suffering in the back woods somewhere prayin’ for the Revolution. I think in the mountains, especially.

The homeschooling movement started mainly with the hippies. It never started in the church. It’s gotten popular with the church, but it never started there. In the beginning, we homeschooled under much oppression. They put heavy burdens on us and tried to scare us off. I bought books for my kids out of the grocery money. It’s a wonder we didn’t starve to death. So I ended up with smart, skinny kids. But I would rather be poor and honest then bite the golden bullet of the world and accidentally shoot my heart and soul out.

I mean, this life is short lived. Only what is done for Christ will last. I am not giving my soul to anyone but God. And the world can call me abused or codependent or scared of whatever. I don’t care! Let ’em laugh and call me names. They ain’t my God and I don’t answer to them. May God bless ’em and show them His mercy. Because so far, all they are doin’ is makin’ a lady alligator mighty testy. She ain’t gonna turn and go their way but she does have big teeth, and the full armor of God.

The Revival

Ya know, revival in the body of Christ will start in the hearts of the pioneers of faith. There are trail blazers out there who will walk before us. They will make a clean path for the rest of us. I hear the cries of the women in the mountains, interceding in prayer. To me, it sounds like the cry of a fiddle across the sky. I hear their cry to God to bring the Fathers’ hearts back to their children.

Who will take the lower seats as wives and mothers to prepare a place for the family of God? Which women will forsake the Christian feminism to walk alone with God? Who among us will not give up and will take a stand to do what the Word says to do?

I don’t want to miss this revival. It’s gonna be a good one. I can’t wait to dance in the streets and declare with the pioneers of faith that the Christian home is being raised up from the dead. I may be old but not dead! I am gettin’ on my dancin’ shoes. I can’t dance as fast or jump a high as I used to but I plan on dancin’ and singin’ and shoutin’ as I never have before. I plan on givin’ this wicked world one more kick in the — before I go.

It’s a call back to the land. Back to the home and the garden? I have heard worldly preachers preach from the pulpit about miracles and they say, “This isn’t home and garden stuff.” Oh, yeah, well, yes it is home and garden stuff. Just like the homeschool movement was home and garden stuff, too. Life don’t begin and end at church. It begins and ends in your own heart as you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.

Jesus Christ is cutting edge. He isn’t forgetting the aborted babies. He sees them every day. He talks with them every day in heaven. About 1.5 million of them enter his gates in glory every single year. They are human beings who walk and talk with Him. He is the only Father they will ever know. God’s heart is broken for what He sees being done to the little children. His heart is to bring the Fathers home and for the Mothers to care for His children. How many John the Baptists bodies are dead at the dump as we read this writing? If you think God is forgetting all of this, you are very deaf and dumb spiritually. His heart is that the family would be reunited in Him.

Some of you are hanging in there against all odds. They will be some of His mightiest warriors. You have suffered with Him and will see many miracles. You will see His glory. We won’t see the glory in the body of Christ because we pray for it? We will see it because we obey Him. Some of you are cutting edge and hear the voice of the Father. Your visions are crisp and clear and you step daily upon the water and you walk. He is pleased with you. He calls you as wives and mothers. He calls you to the place in Him where you “see” His heart is broken. Some follow His word only. But some of you follow His Spirit, too. You see His heart and you look through His eyes. You know what He wants.

I am ready for revival! And it only takes a spark to get a fire goin’. Let the spark of His heart spark your heart today. Cook and bake and clean and love your husbands and children as never before. Believe God for a miracle and a revival for our Nation. Let’s get on our aprons and long flowered skirts and dance the victory dance. Tomorrow we may die but let’s kick up a good fuss today.


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