Sunday, December 17, 2017

Danny Elvis

Dan called last night and wants all the kids to gather here this afternoon so he can tell them all good-bye. He is going to NYC to stay with Christian Joy awhile. Suzie, his wife, started being unfaithful to him a few months after they married. So I guess they got a divorce. Jimmy sent Dan an airline ticket so Dan is off to NYC on Saturday. To lose Dan right now is not good for me. But I must let him go. Hopefully, he won’t be gone long.

A few days ago, he came over and we spent some private time talking alone and had supper. “Mom, I am not coming right back, ya know?” I said, “Will you be gone a year?” And Dan said “Probably.” Oh, Danny Elvis, don’t make it big in NYC. I have always said my kids were so good looking, I hated for anyone to see them. Christiane Joy was in Seventeen magazine when she was young. Danny is especially handsome. And, of course, my kids have all been prayed over all of their lives and have a special anointing. The world picks up on that! But Dan has to find his way. And he has to learn to discern between good and evil.

My children are warriors as Jim and I were. They will find their way.

I need to go to the store this morning and buy vegetables for our dinner today. Yesterday I made a rhubarb pie. I had told Papa last year at this time that I would make him a pie every week for the rest of his life. But I never made that many and so will make them now for his children.

Papa’s tulips are in bloom in the front yard and, oh, the lilacs are so fragrant in the back yard. Both magnolia trees are in full bloom. Also the apple trees and the wild plum. “Oh, Papa, I miss you most in the spring.”

Anyway, I have to get about my business. Have to go to the store. I have a big roasting pan. I will fill it with potatoes and carrots and onions and fried hamburger over the top. Then tomato soup diluted over it all. Mary says she loves this meal so much that she dreams about it at night. This makes me laugh as I write this. God knows I need to laugh.

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