Saturday, February 24, 2018


Dear Mothers,

I have been around the most insane women lately. Jim always kept me under his wing. But I have gotten out lately and “Whoa Nellie.” Let me tell ya, the feminists are alive and well. They are like demon possessed rats that panic after food they are forbidden to have. I quietly come along and get in their way and they run over me like I am a blade of grass. My spirit is an open book and they mow me down like a riding lawn mower. In God’s defense, I give them my testimony. Each word I say is like trying to fit DEAD dry bones together and to make them walk. Like trying to make a rock rise like a happy loaf of bread. As I talked to this wild eyed woman, I felt like, “Mercy, what is wrong with this bat out of hell?”

Some of these women who are in the church are crazier then I thought. I mean, they talk all about worship and they sing and worship the Lord? When they get back up off the floor from praying, the first thing out of their mouth is, “My daughter has no identity because of her husband.” Where is these women’s foundation? What is it built on? Not on the family.

The skeleton of a married woman’s faith has to be her connection to her husband. The older married woman is to be the example to her married daughters and sons. She isn’t supposed to be trying to get her daughters to be out of submission to their husbands. Man, if your own mother is trying to get you to stay out of submission to your husband, then you don’t need the feminist rats in the world to do it.

See, as married women, we must come to Christ and give him our life. But we need a guard and covering in this life. And our husbands are the Lord’s helpers to guide us and protect us. Jim is gone now. For those who just came on, my husband died April 1st. But I still stay under his memory of what I know he would want. But our husbands are who the Lord has given us to direct us on this earth. Some men are not good priests of the home but they are still who God gave you to answer to. God told the children of Israel to follow Moses. Well, Moses was never perfect but he was who God chose. If the people went against Moses, then it was as though they went against God.

Women are not to take authority in the body of Christ over men. No woman has the right to come in your home and take over. Any friend who comes to your house should recognize right away that your husband is the head if the house. When Jim and I were separated many years ago, I didn’t allow anyone in my house who didn’t recognize Jim as head of my home. I taught my children to honor Jim, even though he wasn’t there. This was before Jim was saved. I had decided to walk by faith and I didn’t let up.

But, see, God leads us in righteousness for His sake and for our sake. A married woman cannot just be uncovered. She is not independent like a man is. She is the weaker vessel. She is to be covered and to blend with her nest. Wild Man gave me this house and it is such a comfort to me. I am so glad I don’t have to go out and work, as the Lord is taking care of me. Jim became a good man and so many folks have honored him by caring for me. Jim’s children have honored him and me. Our children are here for us.

Emily stopped yesterday and gave me enough chicken to last me the rest of my life. I am fixing some today, as I think Dan and Mary will come sometime today. Our kids’ friends have been so precious and if I ever needed anything, I know they would get it for me.

This young man next door has insisted on mowing my lawn and he does an excellent job. He mows twice a week. He is amazing. But, yes, I must report that I am well cared for. As soon as it warms up, we will be out planting the gardens that my boys plowed up. It was almost down to freezing last night.

The last words Jim said to his boys was, “Take care of your mother.” Somehow, Mama won Wild Man’s heart in the end.

The Foolish Women

Some of you women are so foolish. Life don’t have to be as hard as you make it.

Some men are rascals! Jim was the worst rascal. Oh, mercy. Just read my testimony. But, oh, that Wild Man of mine. What can I say? But, ya know, some men have had mothers they couldn’t trust any further than they could throw them over their shoulder. And when they marry, the wife seems to get the punishment. See, the wife cares and the mother never did. So the husband wants to hurt the wife. No, it isn’t right! But we have a society now days that is mentally sick. But where sin abounds grace much more abounds.

Darlin’, just dig your heels in and decide that you will have a home for Jesus Christ and don’t let up, no matter who tries to throw you off. Yeah, I know it’s hard –. hard for us, anyway, huh? God knows it’s hard. But just make a decision that you are going to go God’s way. That you are going to believe God for your husband and family.

God’s word says that it is not God’s will that any should perish but that all should come to knowledge of Christ. So you know it is God’s will that your husband know the Lord. And God tells you how to win an unsaved husband. Read 1 Peter 2 and 3. Likewise ye wives submit to your husbands. The word “likewise” is referring to Jesus Christ on the cross. When He was reviled, He reviled not again. Christ’s obedience to the cross saved us from sin. Can you lay down your own life for your family? If you will lay down your life in obedience to God, then you, too, will share in Christ’s glory.

See, there is so much talk in the religious world about His Glory. Women with hard hearts and unclean hands lift up their hands to Jesus and call for His glory? It ain’t gonna happen. You have to submit to the cross to see His glory. God is not stupid and He is not going to pour down His glory upon hearts who are proud and arrogant. His glory will come as you stay upon the cross. Pride and a love for success and money will not bring His glory. We don’t deserve His glory, anyway. If we get mercy from Him, we should be happy. We were miserable sinners on our way to hell. And Jesus came and walked willingly to the cross and died for us. Had He not died for us, we would go to Hell. But He willingly died a horrid death at Calvary’s cross to wipe away our sins. He died in our place. And this is preached in the church. But what isn’t preached is that Christ is our example.

We ain’t here to get 10 steps to success. Our success as believers is to be His servants. Our success is to die daily and to take up our own cross for Christ. As we give up our desires and we lay down our lives, then He can give us the desires of our hearts. If we seek Him first, then we will see His glory. But it ain’t gonna come out of the air and onto your head just because you came to church and prayed for it. It comes on the servants of God who act like Him. The ones who are willing to suffer for the truth.

He shares His glory with no man. Even our desire to serve Him is God given. No man comes to the Father except the Spirit draw Him. So we, as servants of Christ, can’t take any credit. But, no, you won’t share in His glory until you have shared in His sufferings. Until you have laid down your life as He did. Then you won’t have to cry out for His glory as it will come, anyway.

And, also, the silly things I see, too, is that these Christians think they all have to get together and call Christ back. If you can find one skinny preacher with the truth, that is enough to call the Lord back. Jesus Christ ain’t gonna do nothing outside of His word. And Jesus responds to the truth. One man of God with the truth can move mountains.

It’s not how loud these church people can yell or supposedly praise God. If my kids are livin’ like Hell and praising me at the same time, then I would call that blasphemy.

Love Connie

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