Saturday, February 24, 2018

All is Well

Well, I need to get busy. The clocks have to be turned ahead today.

All of us were exhausted yesterday. We had cleaned the living room over and over but, in the end, we had to leave it alone. The children have toys all over the house which is honey to my heart. Still, if folks come by, they would fall over the toys.

Oh, the food galore has been brought in. No one will go hungry today. For lunch today, we will have lasagna and French bread brought in by Mary and Russ, my mentors. I don’t know who will be here. But I need to take a bath and get cleaned up and clean up the house.

Christiane Joy is still asleep. Boy, she brought her boyfriend home and he is staying here, too? I hate to tell Christian this but that guy is a Christian, I think. Or one in the making. He is a simple guy but he is like Jesus among us. I call him my chauffeur. He is so quiet in his manners and our girl seems to think her Jason is what life is all about. I told them, “No sleeping together in my house.” And they let me know without me asking that no funny business is goin’ on. I told Jason that if he ever hurt my girl I would come after him, as that is “all” I would have to do now that Jim isn’t here to hold me down. We all laugh over that.

Yesterday I folded laundry and put Jim’s clothes in his drawer. It seems so strange that he will never wear these clothes again. Life happens and we think our lives won’t ever change but they do. I think of the scriptures and the Virtuous woman. The Bible says that she did her husband good all the days of HER life not his life.

The old home place is still here and the children are all well and the grandchildren. All is well … all is well.

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