Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Funny Story

I went up to see Jim this evening. Char and Jay, our neighbors, drove me up. The kids came this morning. Then Bonnie and Chuck came up, who are also very good friends. Anyway, they were teasing me about my positive confessions. Bonnie said, “I asked Connie how Jim was doing right after he had his heart attack and Connie said he was progressing. And I said, ‘Well, what is he doing?’ and Connie said, ‘He’s unconscious.'” We all laughed so hard over that. All the while, Jim is telling everyone that he doesn’t have to take any medication and won’t probably go back to work for at least 2 weeks. I laughed so hard I could hardly stand up.

Then Char started telling me about this old boyfriend she used to have who tried to borrow money from all of her friends and she didn’t know about it. I have laughed so hard this evening, I felt like I have been to a party.

Jim is doing good and they can’t barely keep him in bed. He takes no pain medication. But he takes his other meds. When I asked him this morning if his chest hurt, he said, “No, why?” I said I just thought having open heart surgery might hurt. He said it didn’t. I dunno — I know the Lord is keeping Wild Man.

I had to tell these funny stories before bed or I will laugh all night. I hope Jim can come home soon. I miss him.

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