Saturday, January 20, 2018

Study to be Quiet

Dear Mothers of the Home. Good Morning! Praise the Lord for another day to cook and bake and sew. To submit to our husbands and to care for our precious children.

I am thinking of my precious little grandbabies this morning. Oh, they are both so cute. They were very excited when Aunt Chrissy came, as she always brings them cute little clothes. She brought them two tops apiece this last time. Baby Rose ran in the our house and said, “Gramma, look at my new coat.” Her Mom said, “Kambree (her real name), that’s not a coat — it’s a sweater.” But Baby usually has the more lightweight sweaters or sweatshirts. So she thought the heavier sweater was a coat. But Baby Rose is so thankful for everything. She is just a delight. Romeo is all boy and wouldn’t try his sweater on. We love this little rascal just the same.

But this morning, as I am up early this morning, I think of the scriptures that say in 1 Thess. 4:11 That ye Study to be quiet, to do your own business, and to work with your own hands Verse 12 that you may walk honestly toward them that are without and that ye will have lack of nothing. Boy, those scriptures there are loaded. STUDY to be QUIET? We should study the meek and quiet spirit that 1 Peter 3 speaks of. The holy women of old adorned their inner man with submission to their husbands.

My friend Jill and I used to speak of the inner man as our dime — I don’t know why. But if something hit us in the inner sanctuary of our hearts, we would say, “That hit my dime!”

The inner court of our Spirits is what we need to keep quiet. We need to STUDY to keep that part of our souls quiet. That inner court is where Esther came before the King. That was a physical inner court. But we as God’s people are made up like the temple made of hands. We have a outer court and inner court and a place for the holy of holies. Decisions are to be made in the inner court. We have an outer court where we commune with other believers. But the inner court is where Jesus is and we aren’t to act on anything in the spirit that doesn’t come out of the inner court. Out of the meek and quiet spirit.

Our nervous system as women is in the inner court. In this place of submission to our husbands, we live and breath and have our being. When we get fearful and crazy and nervous, it means we have come out of the inner court. We are out there running with this and that person’s ideas. We have forgotten our husband’s heart and his ways. It’s very easy to run out of the inner court. This is why we have to STUDY to learn how to stay under our husbands.

I get out of that inner court and I am like a scared rabbit and wolves chase me like they haven’t eaten in ten days. And the Lord will let me get chased about until I am about dead then He says, “Oh, Connie, come over here.” And he shows me a rabbit hole to take refuge in.

We as wives and mothers are called to be keepers at home. We are to study to stay in this teaching. And why? So that we can walk honestly before those who are without, and that we would have lack of nothing. I know some of you work part time. But just make sure that your heart is at home. The Bible says that the strange woman is the one who won’t stay home. Jim said a few days ago about the women on TV, “Boy, those women are strange.” And they are. God has called us women to study to be quiet. To work with our own hands and to mind our own business.

The Bible speaks of the widows who are worthy to be taken in by the church. They were to live honest lives. Did they care for the saints of God? Were they full of good works? Had she brought up children? All meaning works in the home. Was she faithful at home? Did she live an honest life and follow the Word of God? The Bible tells the young widows to marry again and bear children. The Word says the young widows are the ones under 60.

We are to STUDY to mind our own business and to submit to our own husbands.

And, ya know, Jim is the easiest guy to get along with. My home is very quiet and peaceful. But sometimes I am crazy inside and so nervous I could jump through the ceiling. And wouldn’t ya know, we don’t have health insurance and if I did go nuts, I would remain nuts forever. But we women don’t have to go nuts — we can stay under the Lord and in His place of peace. We are to study to do this. This is to be our Bible study. It is to learn how to stay in submission to our husbands and to be quiet and to trust in the Lord.

See, God has a plan for us. And when we submit to our husbands, He begins a plan and then as we jump out of submission, then the plan is aborted. We need to keep ourselves under submission so that God can complete His plan. As we submit, this is as a seed planted. When we jump out of submission, we are digging our faith seed back up.

What takes us out of submission to our husbands? It is pride. “My husband doesn’t know what the hell he is doin'” type of stuff. Or “Husband doesn’t understand where I am and if I tell him, he would blow up.” No, you don’t need to tell your husband every feeling you have. But none of we women are above the laws of God just because we are more spiritual than our husbands. We are called to stay under our husbands’ spiritual covering. We are to STUDY to stay in peace. To walk peacefully as servants of Christ.

Another woman’s home is her business. We are not to meddle in her affairs. Now on this group, we have many sisters who need to be taught to be keepers at home. Teaching them the Word of God is not meddling or tattling. The Bible tells the older woman to teach the younger to love her husband and children and to be keepers at home. But when ya get out of this teaching, then you get into tattling and gossip.

We as Mothers and wives are to represent our own husbands in what we teach or say. As we run out of our place of peace and rest with our husbands, we get into all kinds of deceptions and mostly our nerves get so shot in the head. Our temple is our minds. And the devil attacks us as we run out of our places of blessings in our husbands. And to be continually in and out of submission is to be double minded and unstable in all of our ways. And it takes a lot of trust to stay submissive. Not trust primarily in your husband but trust in God.

Man, I get so upset at times with my older kids. But I have to trust in God and stay in my peace with Jim. Jim can trust the Lord for the kids most of the time. So my place is to be under him and trust in the Lord, too. And as I cook and do my homemaking, I am walking honestly before my kids and showing them the example of holiness. We live on little money and my kids have more money. But as I walk in submission to Jim, I show our kids how to be responsible with the affairs of life. Not by what we say but how we live our lives.

I had to learn everything from books as a young bride. My folks were responsible people but they condemned me to death if I made a mistake. But as older mothers, we have to encourage and to lift our older kids up by our examples. And much of it is that we build up the homes of our loved ones by our spirits. We sure can feel it when folks are cursing us and we feel it when our older mothers are blessing us. The older woman is to teach in faith as she herself submits to her own husband as keepers at home.

We as mothers have a job to do. To teach the younger mothers homemaking. But our first job is to STUDY to be QUIET and to mind our own business. As we stay in submission and we don’t run back and forth, then the Lord can give us many miracles in our homes.

It’s not good enough to be submissive for a week. We must keep that spirit of submission in our hearts and let it bear fruit. Mark 4 speaks of the faith seed being planted and how the seed is killed because of the cares of this world and the love of Money.

As we groom our inner man (woman), we are keeping ourselves strong and virtuous. Our inner court is where we go alone to God. This is where Esther went to talk to the King. And in this inner court, many miracles will happen. It is a place of great power. It is a place where I have won many victories in my life. It is a place to go to ask the Lord for a miracle.

You must bow to enter this inner court. You must bow to your husband and to the Lord. It is here that “If you live, you live and if you die, you die.” It is a place where we often come as women when we are fresh out of any other ideas. We finally give up and let the Lord take over.

Strongholds are broken down in this inner court. It is a place of power where you stand before God as Esther did. She saved her people there in that inner court as she stood before her king. And we will save our families in no other way. We must come to this inner court, too, and give Him our all and all. We must plead with the Lord to save our families, our seeds of promise. The prayed over children of our wombs. How precious they are to us.

Dear Mothers, live for Jesus and submit to your husbands. Hide in the hallow of His hands. Plant seeds in your inner court and let them grow into fruitful gardens. Every wise woman builds up her home but the foolish tear it down with her hands. Don’t pull rank out of fear. Stay under the shadow of His wings and bear much physical and spiritual fruit for Jesus. Study to be quiet.

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